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Grogg skill tree

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  • Grogg skill tree

    The forum complainer back at it, 3rd thread today complaining from me so feel free to not read.

    As warlord solved my first thread issue so quickly, thank you, i have since found another glaring issue (maybe).

    so grogg the dragon rider can only be leveled by claiming grogg shards from the season branch, cool makes sense, whatever. Which means that dragon rider xp is irrelevant.

    Now if you take a look at his skill tree there are several skills to increase his dragon rider xp. So are these useless? What is the point of them if he can only be leveled with grogg shards?

    in my infinite stupidity I accidentally leveled up the dragon rider xp skill instead of the dragon skill, reading comprehension 1/10. Looks like I f'd myself on this one as I'm sure pg has no way of solving this.

    If you get grogg read carefully what skills you are leveling.

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    Excellent point. This is just a copy&paste skill tree of the beta riders.

    Rider xp makes zero sense on pay riders.

    Plus be careful what you level.

    A level up gives you 1-5 skill points but you don’t have enough skill points to max out (ie reach final research) ALL skills.

    So follow ONE path and don’t do multiple ones.

    In words: (figures are just an example)

    All skills need 150 skill points but you will have a maximum of 110. So when there is a 3 ways tree go for ONE not for all.


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      I really don't know, as I haven't done anything with grogg yet, but here's how beta riders work:

      1) Hire them
      2) You get 5 free skill points to use
      3) You need BOTH rider shards and xp to level them.

      Have you taken grogg past the first level or just used the free skill points once hired? I just assumed that you would need both grogg shards/skulls and to use the dragon grogg is bonded to in attacks to get rider xp.

      But, if rider xp is not required, then I think those skills for extra xp need changed.


      • NinAK
        NinAK commented
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        He's currently level 10, I checked both skills and though I was doing dragon xp but then when I checked later I saw I did dragon rider xp. Was pretty annoyed

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      Question is when the map gets realesed(if it ever does) can you gain xp from runs in there like other dragon riders? CampusLifer


      • NinAK
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        Support wrote me back saying that people with beta can level grogg without grogg shards just trough flying. Can anyone confirm this?

      • Texreb
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        I know that’s how they level all the other dragon riders, so would be nice to know..

      • Warlord
        Warlord commented
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        Negative. As I said you need xp AND rider stones. The beta rider stones are not compatible with gorgg.

        Take a screenshot and show them

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      EggToken Echo PGJared sorry for tagging you but I'm not sure if this has come to PG's attention since it was posted.

      I'm not sure which skill tree branch to follow now as I don't know if you're going to change the useless Rider XP skills into something worthwhile on Grogg.
      I don't want to spend skillpoints on Dragon XP now just to find PG making a positive change to the Rider XP skill later on.

      An update about what could possibly change would be much appreciated.
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      • NinAK
        NinAK commented
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        Support wrote me back again after I relayed info that their original ascertation was incorrect.

        They said something along the lines of, we aren't saying we aren't going to do nothing but at this time we will be doing nothing and keep checking because at some point they may or may not do something.

        It was super vague and the completely pointless messages they love to use. Pretty sure it just means oh well sorry we didn't think before we acted.