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A Month of Flawless Execution

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    Hmm, so toxic behaviour from a player gets them banned, but toxic behaviour from PG is ok? Because that's exactly what it is: PG (or their paymasters) have been steadily poisoning this game and all of its once-great potential for the past year and more, to the point where more and more ARE quitting or feeling they have no choice but to resort to so-called toxic behaviour in the forums (which in plainer English I would describe as 'calling PG out').

    A term incidentally which I'd never even encountered until seeing it here, and I still find it an odd one.

    For the record, I've seen LOADS and LOADS of fantastic constructive feedback posted in these forums, but it's so rare to even get a response let alone any action that it is little wonder frustration is rampant.


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      I Just saw shen say shit on the LC. Clearly referring to PG. Can u please ban him on LC too....


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        Thanks for the heads up - we take all reports of inappropriate behavior seriously.

        We took the time to implement an in-game "report chat abuse" function. Please report inappropriate chats using the available chat reporting tool (by tapping on the player's name in the chat interface) so that we have an internal record of the chat, as opposed to just a screenshot.

        You can always report a player from the chat by doing the following:

        1. Tap on their name in the world or team chat
        2. Tap on the "Report" icon below the "Gift" icon
        3. Tap on the "Report and Block" button
        4. Select the type of abusive behavior and tap on the background
        5. Then enter a description and tap on "Report Abuse"

        This will automatically block the player and report his or her violation. Thanks for helping us keep a safe and fun community!


        • Cameron90
          Cameron90 commented
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          Oh good lord...I thought trolling was a TOS violation? So Baldrick will now be banned?

        • Baldrick37
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          Oh my, you took my message serious. Looks Like not Only the event team should be fired...

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        The supposed game block /report function in chat does not work. I see the same players/teams in LC constantly descending into depraved sex-themed convos every day. They get blocked and reported but the activity continues.


        • Rakic
          Rakic commented
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          Don't be so delicate...just block anyone you don't want to see. Sometimes the adults like to talk.

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        Originally posted by Igster View Post
        The supposed game block /report function in chat does not work. I see the same players/teams in LC constantly descending into depraved sex-themed convos every day. They get blocked and reported but the activity continues.
        It could definitely be improved. We're also bringing on more staff to help with analysis of these reports.


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          Out of curiousity. Anyone think the toxicity would end if the problems were addressed? I do my best to stay out of here now. Because I get depressed everytime I enter the forum. I enjoy the game. But I do not enjoy the fact that the biggest player issues have gone unsolved for so long. I really am not quite sure why we are adding a whole new world when we don't even have this one ready... sigh. I really hope I'm not forced to find a new game where the company truly wants to keep its players. We are the customers. We should be "driving" the road map. And looking forward to the new sights along the way. Many players are dreading these new sights for fear we will get lost In the shuffle. We have been loyal and we really want you to do the same pg. shenanigans is a good guy. And has been a loyal customer. He's voiced his opinions out of frustrations. In this situation I feel it would be better to communicate 1:1 with him and try to calm his frustrations. That would show you care. Not throwing him out. Just my thoughts. I was only a restaurant general manager in my younger years. But customer service is a priority even in that field.


          • SuavGlav
            SuavGlav commented
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            Any customer facing business holds to the adage that the customer is always right. Which is not to say that the customer should get away with breaking the rules, but that we absolutely should be 'drivng' the roadmap.

            PG shows no indications that the customer is even involved beyond grandiose and pandering gestures like Nyrdyr and the capacity of our wallets.

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          So what can the customers do to be heard, I wonder 🤔


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          Yea its not a happy moment for gaming, the gambling cancer just makes tooo much money, so we are stuck with this, there is no cure for cancer... The damage is done, i've spent more then i should in moments where i was exited about the game. I don't need to stop playing (until elite runs out...) But I vehemently will oppose spending by any one if something doesn't change pronto. If they don't, whatever, karma will catch up with them and i get to have fun complaining here. PG is just one silly company, ill take what i got, cuz thats how it is. i suggest you do the same and remove as much emotional stock from this game as you can. Your drags arn't dying, u can shoot towers any time, pew pew, the end.


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            Watch the new tier release in November at the latest


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              Rakic, the adults can talk all they want to but there will always be minors present. If these "adult" players can't be responsible enough to control their need to turn every conversation into a sperm fest they have no business being in league chat.


              • PogTheWarrior
                PogTheWarrior commented
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                Why is it the "adults" always seem to be the most immature?

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              Cheese and crackers