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Bouncing around the leagues

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  • Bouncing around the leagues

    Since the restructure we have been bouncing around Platinum 1-4. Spend a few weeks working the way up the ladder. Have a day where 2 people leave and the entire league declares on us. Get pushed back down and repeat.

    I liked it better before the restructure.

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    Where are your teams alts? They should be available within minutes after you are down players and outside of app communications set up for getting a hold of officers who can add players.

    Secondly, or maybe firstly, why are people leaving in the first place?


    • gaza8143
      gaza8143 commented
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      Similar boat for us. Mostly people were just bored and then went inactive and were auto booted. Or they might of had a different primary language and coulnt communicate very well with us. Some random team hoppers put there as well.

      But in all cases were mostly able to plug holes with alts.

    • laserlight
      laserlight commented
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      Originally posted by Mechengg View Post
      Secondly, or maybe firstly, why are people leaving in the first place?
      Hahaha... How is this a question? People get busy with life, some people go inactive from a health visit to the hospital. Or there is my favorite(sarcasm), there's drama and several people leave right before war time starts. People get bored with the game and people have real lives.

      P.S. We had one team mate that decided to vent in LC when we lost two players and three teams declared on us...that expanded to around ten teams before a leader could jump on and accept two applications.
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    In some ways, I think this is working as intended... The teams who make it past platinum are the ones who are very assiduous about roster management.


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      Teams shouldnt have to rely on alts. Alts are cheating. One account, one player. Period.


      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        So in your mind I'm cheating because I choose to play two active accounts (260, 158) on two devices (iPhone, iPad) because that's fun for me?

      • TakMannar
        TakMannar commented
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        My biggest quandary of the morning, do I keep my mouth shut, or do I earn my first forum time-out....

      • Bash
        Bash commented
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        Any team above Gold uses alts mostly as stop-gaps when a player leaves. We do it and every officer on the team has an alt in case it needs to be added. Get into a leadership role and you'll see their value. Decisions are easy when you are not the one who has to make them.