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War dragons forum migration soon

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  • War dragons forum migration soon

    Will this be going to “Read only” when you start rolling out the new map to people in october and saves you having 3 mill people saying it sucks and no one wanted it, smart move got to show Tencent that your in control now they spent millions on a game that only looks at profit and not keeping customers happy.
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    My farm used 10k lumber for 1 pt and ranked 55,000 so I dont think there will be 3mm complaints


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      What a useless thread to begin with...

      First of all, the forum tells you the members at the bottom:
      Active Members: 658

      Secondly, as soon as the new forum is up and running, you can complain there.

      How is there anything about silencing players and what does this have to do with Tencent? Maybe certain individuals in this forum can make you a tinfoil hat.
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        And there we have it, the normal two idiots replying to every post as if we give a shit as to what they have to say

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      If you're talking about Atlas, they have said it's different than beta so we should at least see what it is.

      Also, this forum will be read only when they open the new one.
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        I hope so, thanks for clearing that up, atlas I await you then