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Cheating daily

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  • Cheating daily

    So up in Sapphire there are teams daily that use the Airplane mode cheat and the "hit 2 mins before war starts so they can't defend" cheat. This is getting really annoying and you guys told the players you had fixed that, but clearly haven't. Can you PLEASE get you stuff together on this one? It is really souring league chat mood and many are cheating to get a leg up on other teams and I know these aren't the type of interactions you want taking place in war dragons...

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    Im ready 🍿🍿🍿


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      Yes, the starting wars a minute early thing is very frustrating, and it's even worse how so many players defend it, it's got to be fixed.


      • Owlrager
        Owlrager commented
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        I thought Euimo said you cant defend it?

      • War fan
        War fan commented
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        You can defend, it just doesn't count as a defend for war.

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      And another thread about this... but I still agree.

      Pre-War attack is no cheat but an unfair tactic imo (as Long as war start time favors one specific timezone).
      Airplanemode is an exploit which sucks in addition.

      The combination of both pre-war attacks in airplanemode is the highest art of having crappy teams working their way up while PG DOES NOTHING!


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        This is another loophole players are exploiting. It will eventually catch up to them just as the forge timer glitch did for so many players.


        • Frequincy
          Frequincy commented
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          If it does eventually catch up with a (ban) Id be surprised, but I'm all for it and think they should if they can't fix the code to work properly as intended PGJared CampusLifer PGDave

        • Owlrager
          Owlrager commented
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          There is zero chance that they will ban anybody for having used this tactic. Its not a glitch, its how the game is coded. The only reason theyre even attempting to change it is because so many people complained (which is fine, I agree it should be changed). That doesnt make it a cheat.

          Defenses are purposely coded to register at the start of an attack. Flames are purposely coded to register at the end of an attack. Using these facts to your advantage is something that every team can do, as well as counter.

          Its only 2m, its not like you can attack all day with no consequences. Just pretend wars are 24h2m long instead of 24h. Easy.

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        It's awesome in LC... we are now even seeing teams get accused of using airplane mode even though they lost a war!
        If you have the opportunity to do a large number of hits at once, that's an LC uproar and airplane mode accusations as well.

        Might want to keep an eye on this thread though
        Since it is openly discussing altering code, which could in fact disable airplane mode.


        • ITIL
          ITIL commented
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          It won't disable airplane mode; you just swipe from the sides instead.

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        There's an existing thread with lots of information on this topic. Please continue the conversation here: