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Silver Chests

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  • Silver Chests

    I wrote to PG with the suggestion of adding different things to the silver chests other than duplicated runes with very few glyphs
    and rune dust.
    My suggestion was to perhaps add rubies and healing potions in the silver chests since you very seldom if any, receive them in
    the bronze chests.
    How do you feel about this? PG suggested I post on the forum for other people's opinions.

  • #2
    No thanks, I would however prefer to see an increase in glyphs appearing in silver chests.


    • #3
      Am i wrong or do we NEVER get glyphs from silver chests? I thought we get runes and dust only 😳


      • #4
        No glyphs in silver chests - only in event rewards as personal, team or top ranked prizes.

        Back in the day silver chests used to have event items, I prefered this.

        Bronze chests used to have rubies a long time ago


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          I'd be happy even if silver chests gave me useful runes like healing mark and cloak, rather than pesky wind wall all the time.


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            gaza8143 You made my day lol. Now I remember when there were rubies even in gold chests. Sometimes if you were lucky and bought 10 chests you got the items almost for free! Anyone remember this? Good old times! Wait, sounds like I'm either getting old or have been playing for too long...


            • War fan
              War fan commented
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              I remember those days.

              To answer your second question: you've been playing too long (so have I ;-)