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Propositions for better Scaling

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    Both you and an employee responded to this thread.

    ive responded to some others


    • MikeGoN2GetU
      MikeGoN2GetU commented
      Editing a comment
      you mean Jarad saying "Sure, looks interesting. As far as whether we'd do it or not, I can't say. This is something that would require a ton of internal discussions, similar to suggestions around league restructures."?

      That is hardly an acknowledgment of the issue nor does it suggest he intends to actually address the issue by doing anything about it.

      Employee: Mr. Jones, if we outsource our production line we can save 35%.

      Boss: Looks interesting.. as far as whether we'd do it or not, i can't say.

      Employee: but we are loosing customers because our price is too high!, we have to do something!!

      Boss: I said looks interesting!

      Employee: So will you consider it?

      Boss: I can't say.

      Employee: Ummm..... Well what about

      Boss: Damnit Johnson i said interesting and that i can't say!

      Employee: well want me to see if i can come up with other cost saving measure or perhaps more incentive to win back our customers?

      Boss: Looks interesting.. but i can't say

      Employee: Sir i have been sleeping with your wife

      Boss: Interesting....

      OK i had my fun.

      My point is many people have proposed idea's to PG and I for one do not feel PG as a whole, listens or cares. Maybe you dont care about this game but a lot of us do. We are trying to help. more feedback and transparency would be appreciated.

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    Here's a thread where I wrote multiple page-long posts discussing the sapphire scaling:

    Here's a thread where I wrote a bunch of posts talking about realistic timelines for any major economy change:

    At this point, given that people are saying that no one responds to these topics, when there's actually threads where we've done a bunch of it... I'm going to close this thread and say "please continue the conversation in one of the three existing threads on game economy where employees have written a bunch of responses"

    Many of the people talking in this thread are people who spoke with employees in those threads. Please continue the conversation in those threads where employees answered already.