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Thanks for lowering the sigil cost

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  • Thanks for lowering the sigil cost

    Makes a very big difference, not having to spend 5000 on a stone is really nice, I am hoping this will mean getting 2 to obsidian may be possible this season.

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    yup I have to agree: adding one evolution stone tier while reducing overall sigil Count: THANK YOU PG!


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      But isnt the branch the same total cost? They just spread it out....


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        Cost last Season for one branch was about 27k, this time it's 25k


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          28k to emerald last season
          25k to obsidian this season I think


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            Originally posted by Whismerhill View Post
            28k to emerald last season
            25k to obsidian this season I think
            This is correct. The difference between Summer (28,4k) and Fall Season (25k) is a around 3,4k sigils per main branch.
            This does not take possible rotating branches or additional mini events into account.
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              Tbf we get now an obsidian for 25k so I'd say the saving is much higher than 3.4k for those who are already in obsidian tier.


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                I would also like to thank the fact that finally a good dragon is available in half price branch too!


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                  The lowered cost of each line is very nice.

                  On the other hand, if you also want the rider, does the total cost stay the same (dragon+rider)?


                  • MareZ
                    MareZ commented
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                    The Rider and each Divine are all in seperate branches.
                    Are you asking to get a 2 for 1 deal? lol

                  • War fan
                    War fan commented
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                    No, I was referencing the fact that the lowered cost of 1 line might be more than made up by going down the rider branch.

                    If you can get 2 dragon's full line per season, then you will probably get there faster with the lowered cost.

                    However, if you don't get more than 1 dragon per season, and you also want the rider, you might only get part way down the rider line if you want the dragon's full path.