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  • Supported Android Tablets

    Kind of random, but I have been searching for a long time for even a mention of an android tablet that works well with war dragons. Does anyone here have an android tablet that does work well? I don't want to get one, just for it to be a dud in reference to war dragons.

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    Hi. This is what support told me a while ago.
    • The OS [Operating System] must be 4.4+.
    • Must have support for OpenGL ES version 3.0+.
    • Needs a RAM of 1.5GB or higher.
    • CPU frequency of 1.5GHz or higher.
    You can also just see if the tablet itself will download the game at the store, if possible.


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      I have seen all of those stats before, and I plan on buying from online. So I would like a recommendation from a player that is on a tablet, or knows someone that uses a tablet.


      • Warlord
        Warlord commented
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        iOS here but a friend plays smoothly on a Sony Xperia Z4

      • Master Euomp
        Master Euomp commented
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        Thanks Warlord! Hopefully someone pops up with one a little less spendy XD haha

      • Dakhunter
        Dakhunter commented
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        After the update, my z5 (stock firmware) still runs slowly with wd

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      Originally posted by Master Euomp View Post
      I have seen all of those stats before, and I plan on buying from online. So I would like a recommendation from a player that is on a tablet, or knows someone that uses a tablet.
      Why is it so hard to just do a bit of research to find what tablets have those specifications?

      All I was suggesting was to go to Best Buy or something and see if the test devices will download the game; and go ahead and purchase online from wherever you want.

      I'm on a tablet but it's right around the $650 mark. What I've mentioned worked for me to find a good choice that still runs the game.


      • gaza8143
        gaza8143 commented
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        Forrestt lots of Android tablets with those specs dont play the game. Either you cant download it or it is choppy. ( particularly on lesser known brands )

        We dont have the luxury of iOS where stuff just works

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      You can't solely go by those specs though as a person with around 8 android devices that run the game and probably 6-8 more that don't even though some meet those requirements. Also, some that meet the requirements you can download the apk and manually install the game and it will work but if you try to use the play store it will tell you that it isn't supported.

      Personally, I would wait for someone on here to confirm it works and runs well given the pitiful state of the android client and how often it crashes lately. Some devices have less trouble than others with these issues. If you search the forums, there are a few threads that players have listed their devices and how well the game works for them


      • Master Euomp
        Master Euomp commented
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        Thanks! I did go to Best Buy and they had a pre-owned (for 1 day then returned) S3 9.7 inch tablet. They offered $220 dollars off so I took it. Tried 5 other androids there that met the specs and didn't work, this one did though, so I took the discount and ran with it haha.

      • Jeff8682
        Jeff8682 commented
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        Probably a good choice. I am fairly certain I remember someone mentioning that tablet running the game pretty well(or at least as can be expected in android). Almost all Samsung products that I have are able to run WD with the exception of my first gen Note 8. Oddly enough the S6 edge runs the game better than my S7 Edge. Both phones are Verizon variants with complete factory only installs with the exception of WD and Google Play Games.

        After using your S3 for a few days, let me know how well it works. As my Note 12 is getting fairly dated, the game is almost unplayable on it now.

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      Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 runs the game pretty good.
      Last updates are going a little bit worse and the playing experience can't be compared with any iOS device.


      • ITIL
        ITIL commented
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        Is this the last update as in Android Oreo or game patching?

      • Vetusta
        Vetusta commented
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        Last game updates. I'm still on android 7.

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      I would settle for about half the performance of iOS at this point and a crash every hour or so and walk away happy. Trying to move around in beta map or click things is so slow on most of my devices that I hate to even enter that area.