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Please Clarify

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  • Please Clarify

    A while ago Echo said the next tier was going to be level 60 towers...before people rage/rage quit. Is this true?

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    Soon find out during this fort event in 5 days time is my guess! ( release cadence is new drags on breed and then new towers 1-2 forts later ) Since baby Obsidians are off the charts strong the base towers need a massive buff.

    10 levels feels extreme. Even 5 feels too soon but I guess that is where we are.

    Ill never see them on my base thats for sure


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      Hey Panda,

      Perhaps instead of just asking for tower level we request what the approximate power % increases will be taking place over that many levels. If they are less drastic increases (say 5% per tower level rather than 15% per tower level) then it actually may be a better idea to release more levels rather than just 5. It will allow bases to be part way between current level and max level, and will hopefully drag out the building process to all max level towers out longer. This MAY also be a good feasible idea to help slow down the dragon releases, and make current tier dragons more relevant for a longer period of time rather than just a few weeks.

      Those are my thoughts at least, i hope they slow down the % gain or else we are going to end up swinging between overpower dragons vs overpowered bases instead of some transition period in between the two.


      • gaza8143
        gaza8143 commented
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        Mechengg I just think 10 is too many.

        L50 = 110 x 12 hr clocks.

        10 clocks = 1,750 rubies. 19,250 rubies per level.

        Never mind builder hut, storage, embers etc.

        If price stays the same 10 levels = 192,500 rubies.

        X 36 towers ( I exclude 4 farms )

        6.9mm rubies

        This is 247 $100 USD packs. Or 25k USD

      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        It would keep people from getting max level bases in 1 day lol. Slow down the exponential increase in tiers a bit, you will still have those who spend to get there ridiculously quick but at least it would slow down bases to kinda match slow dragon process.

        I haven't done the maths on them, who knows what the actual timers would look like or if this would be an even further point for increasing/scaling timers for higher levels.

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      I doubt it -in the last game I played our leader spent 20k per week. My concern is the gap from blue whales to normal whales to gold fish to plankon will be off the charts


      • CaptainC
        CaptainC commented
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        It already is my friend... it already is.

      • Panda
        Panda commented
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        And I just want to be a Japanese whaler

      • CaptainC
        CaptainC commented
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        I just want the money the whales throw away at Starbucks. 😂😂😂

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      Looool there where times when ppl were furious when new tower levels came out.

      All the forum cares nowadays is





      • xScubx
        xScubx commented
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        Altas is beta.... so ur questions been answered mid-October....

      • Spooky
        Spooky commented
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        He's already in beta.

        As for why a relative lack of fury, it hasn't been officially announced yet so only hardcore forum people are aware. And I imagine it will be more muted if its staggered like 53/56/60 instead of 50-60. But in reality, at this point, the direction of the game is absolutely clear. Getting furious about new towers and a new tier 3 months from Obsidians is sort of like getting furious at your partner for cheating on you again after promising repeatedly they would change this time, they swear.

      • Warlord
        Warlord commented
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        Xscubx really??? That was sarcastic I play beta for over a year.

        Absolutely spooky, but when they introduce boat wars tower level doesn't matter anymore. The direction of this game went from a 'work hard play hard' game to 'spend hard and then harder'.

        All those over excited non beta noobs will learn their lesson soon enough