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Added islands rising from the water

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  • Added islands rising from the water

    Love the game, but flying the same pattern is a bit mundane. what if we had a new season pattern for the base itself or, since that would make everyone reconfigure their defense, a new island that comes out of the water. An island with new castle like towers on it with a magic orb that blasts a magic beam on a dragon that can be of light or fire. It could be leveled like the mage towers. The tower could look similar to the Eye, in lord of the rings, for example. There however needs to be more content to the game. Does anyone else feels like this? It's the idea of adding more to keep players interested, I have lost members because the idea is initially great but once they hit a certain lvl it's all the same. An example of a ever changing game is, World of Warcraft, this game could be this big if the content was to improve.

    Thanks for reading this if you agree please pass it on.

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    I totally agree. I would love to see a new Island with New Towers. You can only upgrade same things so many times. Maybe once a year get new Island and Towers to go with it. They should be able to get it right in a yr. Give players somethingto look forward to.


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      lol I would hope it would not take a yr, lol


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        We get an ice flak 🤷🏻*♂️

        The bases arent diluted enough with all kind of towers and new content means new currencies and more spending. Result more rage quitting low to non spenders in game


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          I would love to see a variety of island layouts from which to choose. That would give not only defensive variety and more choice in base layout, but variation in the path the attacking dragon flies as well.


          I know from PG's posts in the past there is a monumental amount of behind the scenes work involved in adding a new island, much less expanding to multiple island layouts. Things like how the spells and breath weapons hit the towers, but don't hit the towers on adjacent islands, the variations in elevation, the placement of monuments, etc etc. Although it's easy to forget as a player, this is a 3D game, and that adds literally another dimension of complexity.
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          • Shiearia
            Shiearia commented
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            As a graphic designer and one who has learned how to code, I understand exactly what's involved, and that you are right. They already have the base code in the island that pops up in the original event island, in order to make people continue to play good content is needed,

          • gaza8143
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            I cant think of any other 3Dgame with only one map
            They could at least do different skins

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          PG had also stated about 1 and a half to 2 years ago that they were going to squeeze the first 2 islands together (so it resembles what people call now the long island).

          So far, this hasn't come to pass.