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I Remember When... (Nostalgia Thread)

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  • I Remember When... (Nostalgia Thread)

    I haven't been playing this game for long compared to some old-timers, but I enjoy hearing about the game before I started playing. And the nostalgia of big things that happened in the game (good or bad - *cough* sync errors)

    I remember when emojis could only be seen in black and white

    Add yours below...

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    I remember when this game only had two teams -- Lunar and Dragonscull


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      Fighting my hardest for Ladon. I love that purple divine


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        I remember when event prizes used to be insanely good...where 2k rubies were in some prize tiers that didn't require many points...and when the game reset every few months completely, I think that was before PG even bought the game...


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          i remember when there wasn't so much complaining all the time. and people enjoyed the game for what it is...a game.

          oh wait...

          CampusLifer PGJared Echo thanks for all y'all do. This game is a great distraction from work! Ha!
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          • Texreb
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            I feel like that was before PG took over the game😭😭😭

          • Cameron90
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            I feel like you haven't been playing long enough to remember that...

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          I remember when most wars were fun and teams liked to have wars


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            Peadawg <3


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              Have you tried reinstalling


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                When gold was the highest tier and only had a few dragons


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                  When the original blackblood was ran and when the infinite battles was on. Both fun events


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                    When defense counter didn't exist, wars didn't cause sleepless nights and ex-top teams could take the 250-250 tie to a new diamond team without losing their face. 😁

                    When you saw a Lv 50 player and thought he was a god bc you were a Lv 13 noob with no chance to scratch his base


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                      When the game was fun and hard work actually let you achieve something


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                        I remember Ashenvale Alliance, monthly player feedback threads, and feeling like my concerns mattered.


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                          I remember when gold chests had real loot - 5k eggs, 110 health pots 120 dragon attack, etc.

                          I remember when Bronze chests had rubies.

                          I remember when 'Treasure hunt was useful and you would spend 3 or 4 hours each of the two days for a few hundred chests.

                          I remember when events gave 2k rubies and 15 energy packs in a single tier and that was easy to hit.

                          I remember when some players bases were hard and you didnt cake walk them while asleep.

                          And when Divines were well Divine and special.


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                            I remember...

                            Green Tier being the top tier and Ettin was the absolute best

                            When Diamond League was created because the top teams in both platinum leagues (yes, just two) wanted to battle it out

                            Level 50 being a big player in Diamond League

                            10 crashes an hour and my iPhone 5 overheating if I played more than 45 minutes

                            When players could get 22k rubies from a single event

                            Darja being GOD and being disgusted someone could spend $100 on a game (lololololol)

                            Having events be every other week ish?

                            The War of Infinite Battles event and being both leader and flag bearer (highest level) the first time. I couldn't even play because my base kept exploding every 10 seconds.

                            Joining Rulith at level 6 and being amazed by the level 12 on the team

                            When I hit 1m medals ❤️

                            Falling in love with Dima, the sexy thing that she is

                            When chests were added to the game, and then when runes became a thing.

                            When the cloak research also made the cooldown timer on cloak longer

                            Joseph answering my support tickets 99% of the time, and being compensated when something went wrong. For instance, when I equipped fireball to my Hydron and it never fired but used the consumable, and Joseph gave me 5 fireballs as compensation.

                            So so much more...

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                            • Indi123
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                              I still love Dima!!! Most beautiful dragon in the game IMO.