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Energy cost cap gone?

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  • Energy cost cap gone?

    I thought energy crate pricing was supposed to be capped at 20. It's not. I'm not sure if the cap is higher or not. I saw 30 and ran .

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    Next one after 30 is 68. And very little energy packs in gold chests.

    Months end, quotas to meet you know.


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      is probably because they just copy paste this events and last king of the hill event took place before the energy cap was a thing.


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        CampusLifer , EggToken , PGJared

        This needs to be looked at. The energy costs are what they used to be and not capped at 20 energy packs like they have been recently. Was this intentional? Or an accident? With a 24 hour energy reset, I'm not using any siege weapons when it costs me 68 energy packs to get 100 energy. That is nuts. All the prior PvP events were capped at 20 packs and this one has the longest reset rate and it reverted to the old system.


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          Well at least I'm not the only one raising this. I stopped after 2nd buy cos don't make sense to carry on.


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            Yes i realized too when i bought third time it was 30 packets.. alot , but at least the raid options allows you to reattack.


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              I think this was the same last time, and if my memory serves me correctly, they said the energy cost didn't cap for KOTH and that was intentional.


              • EmrahT
                EmrahT commented
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                Yea it makes sense... let us be honest and calculate... if you buy 100 energy in KoTH you can make 40 attacks! With the raid option.
                In other events this number is just 25. So at least 15 attacks more ... If you buy second 100 energy, same as before for 19.... you have 40 more...

                On one hand 50 attacks for 29 packs, and now 80 for 29 packs... after that 100 more means 75 attacks for 49 packs... on the other hand in Koth it would be 120 attacks for 59...

                If items used good intime... and if you prepare inside a hour 30 attacks... probably a bit more, ... you can use raid option and make from them 120 in not much time

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              You assume the value of an attack in one type of event is equivalent to that of an entirely different event.


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                Hey folks. The lack of cap on this event is intentional. We are looking at energy usage in events, but this one was not an accident.


                • GedOwned
                  GedOwned commented
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                  Thanks fir clarification