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How do people deal with ....

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  • How do people deal with ....

    I know a lot of our active players are in the many line chats out there.

    How do you deal with playing the game when there's a steam of LINE messages poping up on the screen while you're trying to play?

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    I mute every LINE group chat I'm in. And if I'm doing something important (e.g. war wave), I turn off notifications for one hour (settings--notifications--mute--turn off one hour)


    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      I only mute the groups that Spooky and I are in together

      I actually mute all groups except my TEAM ANNOUNCEMENTS where only mission critical information comes through on an infrequent basis (few times a day max)

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    I'm trying to do my war attacks and I'm having a ton of stupid line messages talking about war attacks popping up on top me me doing my war attacks... and no one is in the war dragons app to help me do my war attacks cuz they're too busy yapping in LINE.

    I'm confused why everyone likes this so much ? can someone explain? why does everyone prefer yapping in this other app ?


    • TheBulldog
      TheBulldog commented
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      We all met through game and we took the component we love of wd, each other, and took it to a more stable platform and now spend most of our time there.


    • Indi123
      Indi123 commented
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      It's a lot more user-friendly than game chat. E.g. often upon logging in, game chats usually have not updated since last login. And it can be slow to type in as it lags. Also, the ability to use stickers and post photos/videos etc. You can mute spammy chats in the top right of each chat. You can also turn off notifications all together, or leave them on only for very important chats.

      It is a better way to get important messages through to individuals too. E.g. if you were an officer and a player is missing their war hit, they are more likely to pick up a Line notification which comes through like a text message (assuming they don't have all notifications off). From my time as an officer in my old team, a LOT of players didn't have their ingame notifications on. And as Jess said, separate devices for Line and game too to avoid interruptions.

    • DragumSnare
      DragumSnare commented
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      I'm on Android. Line is a lot easier and quicker to type on. We can also send video/pics. The game chat is laggy, takes a while to type out, and in the event that I need to delete more than one word, it takes quite a bit of time and effort.

      To answer your question about popups, Android has this neat feature called game mode. A little icon that sits on the side of your screen that lets you turn off notifications, calls, and can even block the menu and "back" key from being pushed (Early on it was very irritating to mess up a run by hitting that friggin back key by accident). You can also record video and take screenshots from it. When you swipe the top of your screen you can see you go messages (if you have the preview setting on in your line app) and you can swap over to see it when convenient.

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    LINE allows u to post pictures and videos. In the game we can't. I think this is why people like LINE. If this is not what u were looking for, nevermind.


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        Turn notifications off.

        Also, you should try playing War Dragons while on a line call.

        A LOT more fun!


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          I've been in teams where having the Line app is mandatory, I am an ingame only communicator so I don't last long in those teams.


          • Frequincy
            Frequincy commented
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            Same here

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          On android devices we cant use the in game chat feature ( backspace doesn't work) and a few other issues. Also in game it is hard to follow a conversation since it shows only like the last 20 lines


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            i mute all the rooms im in... Or just dont install Line on Phone . Use PC


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              Seperate devices. Line chat is on one device my game is on another device.


              • odie1993
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              • CaptainC
                CaptainC commented
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                Me too...

              • Asanico
                Asanico commented
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                Game on iPad, line on phone.

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              Just to elaborate a bit:

              Yes, just mute the chats when playing.
              Some of the many great things about Line for the game:
              - Perfect for Officers and Leaders to share information, spreadsheets, data, links, and whatnot; and if something is urgent it's very quick instead of having to wait a couple months for War Dragons to load completely.
              - Team members can get to know each other better. Great platform to share photos of pets, memes, etc. and have fun outside the game with teams. Highlights social aspect of WD.
              - It's very helpful for screenshots to be shared across a Line group to let people know of important forum notes, blog posts, help others that don't have Betas understand them and how they work.
              - One of the biggest things is WD crashes a lot and even when it won't load or has problems, Line works fine. Helpful for alerting the leader or people that can alert the leader about an absence or technical issue with the game.


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                The best is airpline mode, where you line call someone as you attack them in war. Usually only works once though...


                • Indi123
                  Indi123 commented
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                Also you won't get the banhammer by telling someone to gouge their eyes out with a stick and then use that stick to go f$&@ themselves if you tell them on LINE. It depends what mood Jared is in but you might get a day vacation if some thin skinned noob reports you.


                • Lx460
                  Lx460 commented
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                  It should also be noted dick pics are historically a large part of the WD subculture. We need an in game feature to facilitate that. Then we might not need LINE any longer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                • Sandberg74
                  Sandberg74 commented
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                  Would be cool if we could ban from Line actually 🤔

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                Do Not Disturb is a wonderful phone feature


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                  think we are missing the underline might need a new team if nobody is helping you war but yapping on line app instead


                  • Rakic
                    Rakic commented
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                    Most days I'd rather yap on LINE then play the game. It's more fun. I'd chat in the game but the chat function annoys me most days. Since I don't have any dragons to train and there is little motivation for war since most teams try to avoid war for numerous and various reasons. Not much reason to log in tbh. Pop in, back someone for xp, offload some rss, then feck off to do something else 🙌.

                  • MrJonesy
                    MrJonesy commented
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                    Well put!
                    If they're yapping that much and can't help ya with war, there's a problem, and I don't think it is you.