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Attacking your team mates

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  • Attacking your team mates

    I don't know if this was already discussed, but it would be great if we could attack each other - members of the same team. Why ? For training purposes, for base improvements and for ressources exchanging. What do you think ?

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    Yup. Could be without getting xp etc. Just for testing base layout.


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      Add to that the ability to see our own base as we can others as the full layout Tactical View screen.

      Unfortunately both of these things have been asked for and ignored by PG in the past so will likely be ignored in the future as well.


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        I would love to see this in the game! It has been discussed before and PG ignored the request



        • Sparkneo
          Sparkneo commented
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          It would be an improvement, for fun!! It would add a lot of fun to the game!

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        Yeah, I think it would be also very easy to implement. It is only the one line to delete "if in same team don't attack" that would do the trick. But does PG wants to do it ?

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          Not sure I agree with the rss being taken from team mates, however I like the idea of attacking each other to test layouts and defend against these attacks. Be good war practice.


          • Lx460
            Lx460 commented
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            I bet you don't agree with it. 😂

          • OldtimerX
            OldtimerX commented
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            You don't like the idea of taking rss from teammates because .... ? If I have rss and I don't need them, I rather ask my team mates to attack and get them rather to send them 229k at a time, arriving in 20 minutes.

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          I like it. When I get bored I can sit and attack me. 😂
          What, me worry?


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            You can do that anyway with all your alts! lol

          • CaptainC
            CaptainC commented
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            I only have the one alt. We're sitting in silver being advisors and xp bases currently. Someone has to tell a hundred newbies a week to build their bases up, not out and to trash the half dozen ballistas. 😂

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          This would be an awesome addition to the game. So of course that means pg will never allow it.