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Attack and defense power calculations

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  • Attack and defense power calculations

    I' have been aware that the defense power calculation of the base is screwed when tower boosts are applied, and the community is aware of it also since I saw it on the other post for the proposal to increase QOL.

    basically, when the base hp and attacks are boosted fully, defense power on your profile shows original defense power*1.69, while on the attack screen it shows original *1.3.

    there probably is a glitch in the program that double counts the boost on the profile screen. (1.69=1.3*1.3) It does sound more correct that when only both hp and attacks are boosted by 30%, actual defenses ability goes up by 30%. I really haven't bothered it too much when I found this since it really won't have much effect in game play.

    However, I just calculated dragon's attack power calculation before and after the boost too, and found out this has been double counted too. (Attack power becomes Original *1.69 when fully boosted)Well probably I'm not the first one to find this, but has this issue been discussed? Because I think the actual dragon's attack power shall be +30% when fully boosted if it folllows the same rule as defense power calculation. And the problem I have here is that

    1. If Attack power is miscalculation, attackers are being mislead on bases that are raidable.
    2. When we use boost on dragons for assault event, the attack power that are being used shall be counted less and we should be getting more bonus points.

    I admit that I don't have a complete understanding behind the logic of calculation, so I'm sorry if this is already solved issue, or an irrelevant issue.
    PGJaredEggToken CampusLifer
    or if any other administrator could explain the logic behind calculation, it will be grateful.