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    iMacDude : I understand that you want events to be better. Here's how we attempt to deal with this. The war dragons team has different "pods" of people working on different things. There's a pod working on events and there's a separate pod working on "risky new initiatives which might fail" (e.g., worldmap.) The pod working on events currently has way more people working on it than worldmap. More specifically, for the majority of the time we've been working on worldmap it was just one engineer PGDave working on it nights & weekends on top of his other work as a passion project. Now, you could argue that we should destroy the worldmap pod and reassign all of those people to work on events --- but that means we have no one at all working on "risky new initiatives".

    Obviously I understand the perspective that there are problems which the things which already exist and that they should be fixed. I don't agree that we need to do that in exclusion to doing anything else. The reality is we need to do both.


    • Dakhunter
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      If you are saying you have different teams working on different tasks at PG, you should tell the HR to fire those who work in the Event "pod".
      First of all, you said there are more people working for event, which in theory, they should minimize all the kinks and bugs in event. And from time to time, we clearly see that they fail to do their jobs right. Same bugs or maybe new bugs on same old event (maybe the only thing those guys at the Event pods are good at is to breaking things that are working fine, and make more bugs) ---> Fire those guys. Remember, if it works, dont break it. leave it alone
      Second, you said that PG is into working on "risky new initiatives" --> blatant lie... Why not take a risk and make a brand new event (not recycle those old one, slap on some new currency and call it new (remember the mini event???))?? You might never know if we love the new event you make. And maybe, we'll see something worth spending again??
      So yeah... Please cut the crap with all the talk. More doing, less talking... That's how you show to your customers you care (which I dont think PG ever cares about the customers' feedback)
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    • SuavGlav
      SuavGlav commented
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      I must say I appreciate this response for two reasons. First, CL has again gone into more detail than is necessary to give us a little more insight as to how and why things at PG work the way they do. Second, this is the first time I have seen anyone feom PG refer to the worldmap beta as a thing that has the potential to fail. For the first time I feel they are not 100% intent on ramming it down our throat whether we like it or not.

    • ITIL
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      This is great insight into PG/world map - thanks CL.

      Though I ended up thinking of this...

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    Warlord We currently have no plans to remove matchmaking or wars from the game. They both took us (and me personally) literally years to create these features and they work pretty well. We would not remove those features unless we had something which we were sure is better. We don't have anything on our roadmap right now to even think about trying to come up with ideas to do this.

    To be clear, someone besides me probably would have responded "No, we're not going to take out matchmaking and wars" but I've learned to never-say-never. Maybe at some point down the road when I'm hit by a bus and a totally different set of people are working on war dragons, they might decide to do that -- so I can't say "never". But for sure right now there's no one even talking about doing that.


    • Warlord
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      Thanks that is a good thing. 👍🏼

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    Dakhunter I think I responded to that with my response to iMacDude above.

    War dragons is a large and diverse community with large portions of players who want very different things. Some set of players say they're bored and want new stuff. Other players get really angry whenever they see something new because there are old things which still aren't working perfectly. The reality is that we need to keep working on both.


    • Wings
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      That's all nice and great, but you are like a Microsoft employee explaining something during Apple event.

      Your customer are NOT happy and we haven't been, now for a year or more. It's a disaster, there is a disconnect and you don't listen to us.

      You had hundreds of thousands of happy players and everything was booming. Then you introduced BETA and all went to shit. It's not that we don't like NEW. It's that we don't like CRAP -pause- AND disgusting money grab.

      At this point you could literally send out and event email stating we need to pay $19.99 to participate in an event, and people wouldn't be surprised. Get it? That's how much you guys messed up this game!!!

      Beta never worked, it never will and you will kill the game! Period!

      I would gladly pay hundreds of dollars on a game I love. Instead I am hanging around and not spending a dime on a sinking ship.

      End result? No one is happy! GJ PG 👋🏻
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    • Dakhunter
      Dakhunter commented
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      Well, as you know, customers always complain just like spenders always spend.
      First, we have been asking to fix existing bugs in the game? Have PG done that? Some but not all. But after every update, you fix one bug, and release another 10 bugs... That's not very effective QA & QC per say. Remember the 3.40 update? You claimed to help improving performance of older Android devices? And what did that update do to Android? Making it even worse than before. We have been suffering it for over a month now and no one from PG cares to deploy a hotfix to reduce this issue.

      Second, We also ask for new event for over a year now. When I first played (a year ago), we got PVP (Tug of Wars, Conquer the world, King of the Hill, team gauntlet), breeding, PVP, fortification, Dragon game (mix of breeding, feeding, fortification, and blackblood). Then you took out the dragon game because of the food economy is always bad. Then you decided to bring the feeding back as a minor event, but instead of spacing it out with the regular routine (Pvp, minor, pvp, minor...), you got rid of a pvp and put feeding there. 3 minor events in a row... That's kinda ok. more relaxing time for us. But at the same time, its very boring because usually you only need 20 minutes or less to finish the event). Then you brought back the blackblood as a mini event (and of course its not free like before, now it cost our hard earn energy packs). hitting with the free energy wont give you much progress in event. so over a year, nothing very creative from PG in making a brand new event, out of the box. If you played the same event for over a year and spent countless of hours to grind to make some decent progress in your game growth, you could understand our boredom. Just drop whatever routine you are doing, think of some new event out of the blue. post the idea on forum first (REMEMBER THIS COMMUNICATION), gather the feedback (among the trolls, there will be some useful ones), implement the event with reasonable investment (no more miracle crap, no more extra consumables we have to buy to participate in event...). And PLEASE, PLEASE don't tell me PG is making improvement in the WORLD MAP because 90% of the players don't even have it.

      Some of the criticisms on the forum are mostly from trolls, but some of them are from your dedicated players. Since you have different teams at PG, why not asking to make some useful thing? Remember the light beam when you boost your base while defending? It's a cool feature but very useless. It makes the game very laggy on some old devices. so yeah, we don't want useless "improvements" which will break our game state.
      And sorry for all the harsh criticisms .

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    Dakhunter I'm not going to continue engaging with your conversation if you communicate in a way which involves telling me my colleagues should be fired.

    People around here might not remember, but for a long time we would release a new event every 3-5 weeks. The number of "fires" involved in events was actually way way way worse (we literally had a graph to measure how many fires we have per week). People on this forum might think they're upset now, but I actually remember it being 10x more upset during that period. The overwhelming feedback was that there was way too much new stuff going on and too many fires. The overwhelming feedback was that we should do fewer things around events and try to do each one better. The events team has taken this to heart. They spent a ton of time just cleaning up the process and the code to try to make the set of events run in a more streamlined and stable fashion. For sure there are fires now, but the number is definitely lower --- it's still not awesome but it's definitely better than it used to be (I used to get phone calls waking me up in the middle of the night multiple times a week about some sort of event explosion --- now it happens only occasionally). The events team is making new events (e.g., the recent Assault event) but they are doing in a much more careful proces than previously to try to keep the explosions down.
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    • Dakhunter
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      I'm sorry about this.
      And about the assault event, it's nothing new. It's just a recycled Blackblood event which was shelfed a while back. What we are asking is for some brand new event. Some might complain, some might enjoy it. Who knows. But just test it, and toss it away if there are so much negative feedback.
      And why cant bug fixes be released weekly or bi-weekly to make sure the game stable. I think this should be doable. I assume the bug list for WD is very very long. So you could do this for as long as you like

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    Just out of curiousity, how many of the players commenting in this thread are actually in the beta?

    I see a lot of comments saying how bad it is and that it will kill the game. When in reality, a HIGH number of improvements, additions, and adjustments to the beta has been thing that beta testers suggested.

    With that said, there's a lot here saying how bad it is and how it will end the game, yet, the same players haven't given any feedback on the beta forums. I can probably easily name 20 adjustments/changes/add ons that PG has done to the beta because the beta testers ASKED for it.

    With that said, if world Map comes out and finishes horribly, imo, it would be just as much the player's/testers fault as it is PG's.

    If your in the beta, and would like to see things improved, maybe try speaking up in the beta forums....with actual constructive feedback. Saying it's "crap" 100x without providing ideas to make it better will most definitely not change it how you like it.

    On a side note:

    - Look at forums for every event
    - Look at forums every time new dragons or towers come out
    - Look at forums every time new spells come out
    - Look at forums every time new chests come out

    Theres always going to be a group of players that don't like something. That will never change. Variety is needed (events, features, dragons, spells, etc...) when you have a player base as massive as PG has. Just because some are vocal about not liking one thing does not mean everyone feels the same.


    • SuavGlav
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      I agree with @YellowMonkey's sentiment that Nyrdyr should not be coming under scrutiny. It is one dragon with a specific marketing purpose and it fulfilled its purpose. It's not required for anything, it's a bonus dragon. If you don't like it just don't pursue it.

      That said, I think the negative feedback regarding Nyrdyr is transferrence because it's one more thing PG is working on *instead* of the core issues we want them to be addressing.

    • XxTrue1xX
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      I would like to expand on Dakhunter's comment on this. YellowMonkey you are totally correct the PG has made many improvements to this beta. No, i do not have access to it, but i was on a team who had it for multiple months so i stand by what i am saying here. Though they have made improvements it has not come anywhere near what is to be expected from an app called War Dragons. I haven't given any feedback on this beta as there should be none to be given other than to get rid of it forever. If feedback is what they want you can easily find all the comments of people saying it should be it's own app entirely or to just make it an event so it won't keep affecting the game. From what my friends tell me in game, the beta is only useful for getting the resources they can't normally achieve in regular gameplay(because it's broken and PG has its attention taken by pixilated boats), and i am seeing it turn into a vicious cycle...

      Moving to Dakhunter's comment on the progression of the game compared to the beta. What do you really think has been taking PG's focus for the past year? Yes, events take regular maintenance and occasional glitches or bugs need to be dealt with but where is PG spending their time? Obviously it's been on this beta and i find it very apparent that it is stopping PG from keeping the game simple. Think of it this way: this beta/new section of the game is a game-wide chest dilution. The only problem with this dilution is the fact that it gives PG another excuse to make everything in the game cost more, all the towers take longer to build, and all of the dragons more difficult to get. They are not caring for the prices they keep jacking up because in their minds they can justify it as they expect the majority of the playerbase to be able to earn all the prizes in these things. The mini event, Assault, was introduced this season and guess what happened? Lines are more expensive! technically if i were to max the prizing in the Assault events i could of made those sigils up no problem but i can guarantee you that only the spenders who have no need for these sigils were able to accomplish this.

      I just looked back at this reply and realized at how long it is... I hope i don't start boring everyone!

    • YellowMonkey
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      XxTrue1xX unfortunately I can't agree with you. Especially on your topic of the Assault event. I was able to rank 9th globally in annihilations and achieve top prizes without spending.

      IMO, spending is not required to do well. You can do well with activity alone. Those that can't or don't want to put in the time have the option to buy their rewards. But, in no way is spending required to do well in events AND is most definitely not required to have fun playing War Dragons. To get every divine, yes spending is required. But, every divine is not needed to do well in the game either.

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    CampusLifer Offtopic. Maybe something for the creative team.

    Anyone remember the Halloween theme? That was really cool. I'm kinda bored to look at the same base design over and over again. And I know many feel the same way. Why not giving a base design aligned to the seasons?

    Maybe worth bringing up in one of the next meetings. Snow on the base during winter season would be awesome.


    • Dakhunter
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      I remembered it when i tapped on the water, we have the starved whale. It's much better to have couple of theme so we dont have to fly on the same base over and over again

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    Warlord thanks for the feedback. I think the art team is actually pretty excited to make some new environments


    • Warlord
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      Thanks for considering and your availability here. You could also stay on mute but you at least reach out and hopefully bring some new thoughts stated here to the ppl in charge of those work streams. Thanks!

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    I enjoyed read you comment (#31) and it is very eye opening for me. Since i do not have much experience in the creation of games and dealing with feedback and such i would like you opinion on how to get this fixed. I'd love to hear what others would think would be fair as well!

    Since there is obviously a large group of people disliking the Beta why don't we settle it like any other event in the past? Whenever an event received backlash there would be fixes made or even to the extent of having the event never repeated. I assume that once the team understood that those specific events where not liked in the least that they quit working on hem. Who would want to work on something that no one likes when you could easily start fresh?! I like the idea of fixing the beta but i also think there should be more decisions made on the side of the customers.

    What if we made a voting system for all the players in the beta at this very moment? We can have them vote on keeping the beta(and having it go live), making the beta an event /mini event to rival assult, or putting a nail in the coffin. That being said i would also want to have the polls be very public and to see how many votes are going where, and this is simply because of the voting for nyder's spell set going off the rails. Out of everyone i talked to i found it very apparent that no one voted for thise spells. I am not saying PG picked whichever spellset they thought would benefit their wallets but i just don't trust PG for the decisions they've made over the fiture of this game. With this poll i think there should also be a separate poll for people who are NOT in the beta to occur after the first poll has ended. This poll should have an informational section that describes the mechanics of the beta as of now (written by a biased source, and seen by both sides) and another section to explain what PG plans to do with it in the future to make it "better". This is so that the people without access can voice their opinions too. This should only happen with these specific details, else you community, who is educated on what the mechanics, will most certainly not be very happy for a blindfolded vote.

    I understand this is a lot for a single player to ask for but i think the community would aggree with this. I don't how how it can be done but i do not think it will that difficult for your team to do, as i have seen amazing things come from them! Hopefully all of PG will understand what the people want and give them a chance to speak their minds. I know this is a lot but i think this is the future of this game and i am very passionate about it.

    Thanks for the read!


    • XxTrue1xX
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      CampusLifer I do expect a reply to things like this. Even if you accidentally missed it or forgot about it... Please take the time to provide more answers here! That is what we are all here for and it's time for the answer to be revealed so we can make our decision to stay with the game or to move on and encourage others to do the same. I eagerly await your answer!

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    I have never had access to the beta. When it first came out, I wanted the beta. I wanted the beta for my team. EVERYONE did because it was kept to a small crowd and offered greater rewards. Then after the beta came out everyone still wanted beta because it was great for XP. Now that it's been out, I haven't heard much positive about it at all. In fact, I really DONT want the beta. PG has this magical way of stating people want it based on numbers completely out of context. Large numbers does not an awesome game make. It's WHY they are using it, or were, for that matter.

    I am here to say that I completely agree on the subject that this will be our terrible reality if it doesn't stop. The ones that play it, and the ones that blindly want it, are to blame for the perpetuation of a terrible idea. I WILL quit when this beta takes over. And if I get the beta it will be ignored.


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      Wow CampusLifer so you couldn't answer a small number of simple questions with a Yes or No response ( but you could close that thread and send me here where long winded discussions have long winded replies which still do not answer the simple questions.

      Stop beating around bushes. Stop hiding behind your data analysis. Of course the Beta will have more engagement and more involvement from the few who have access... that's simply because there's actually something to do there, you add new content, you ask them to do things to test features. What do we get in WD? Oh look new dragons and bigger towers which the majority of us can't currently touch anyway. Old and glitchy events which we are sick of, poor responses from help and PG staff. So why would that increase engagement in the current main WD arena.

      Congratulations on killing a good game is all I have left to say.


      • SuavGlav
        SuavGlav commented
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        I'm concerned that we feel entitled to answers from CL; as far as I know her presence on the forum isn't required period.

        It's been nice having her input, but I can't help feeling like she's taking a lot of flak in the absence of PR interaction around here...

      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        My thread was deliberately made separate, it was a short set of questions which required a handful of yes or no responses. CL posted a long winded non-response reply, added a link back here then closed the thread. I initially tagged a number of different PG employees, none of who cared to give a simple yes or no answer. I am in no way targeting one employee other than to indicate the response from that employee wasn't what I was asking for and the questions have still not been addressed!

        Some of CL's responses are very informative and very useful, but others they are creating more frustration in forum members because we are not being given answers to our questions.

      • Chromat1
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        I mostly ignore CL comments. She works on security and cheaters primarily i gather. People are happy to hear anything from PG but she is certainly not the one we need to speak with as i dont believe she has any say in development whatsoever, just an employee who personaly feels to fill the PR void.

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      The concept of any kind of importance of some Boats in a game about FLYING DRAGONS is just plain silly! Seriously how did this idea gain any traction? Why not put in some clowns or gardening, or candy puzles, what are you guys thinking?! Heck just cut to the chase and put in some actual slot machines. This boat idea wil not fly to use a puny haha but sink titanicaly.


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        Hi SilentOne. I didn't answer you questions in explicitly with Yes/No responses because I thought it was clear from the blub I posted in this thread and in that thread. Here's the blub I've twice posted in response:


        To be clear, we don't plan to release the worldmap to everyone until it's prove-ably "good". "Good" is defined by a set of metrics which would indicate that it "wouldnt tank the game".

        This involves both qualitative and quantitative measurements. This isn't to say that every single player will think it's better, but that we can show that in aggregate across the entire set of people testing the beta, on average we are making the game better by either broadening or deepening the engagement with the game. Examples: We read and build studies based on subjective feedback from players on the forums and surveys. We look at play metrics to compare how to see if players with the worldmap are more broadly and deeply with the game more than players in a control set. (number of times played per day, amount that teams talk to each other, amount that teams attack together, amount that players quit playing the game ----- all versus a control set)

        Our product and our company depends on "not tanking the game". Obviously there are many many different ways to tank the game aside from releasing a bad worldmap feature, but this is one risk point. We take it seriously.


        > Stop beating around bushes. Stop hiding behind your data analysis

        When I talk about data analysis, I'm not trying to be evasive -- I'm trying to be transparent. It's how we do things. Like most good businesses, we really do try to make our decisions based on hard evidence as often as possible. We do both qualitative and quantitive studies for "evidence" to prove if things we're doing are helping/hurting and how much.

        > Of course the Beta will have more engagement and more involvement
        > from the few who have access... that's simply because there's actually something to do there, you
        > add new content, you ask them to do
        > things to test features. What do we get in WD? Oh look new dragons and bigger towers which
        > the majority of us can't currently touch
        > anyway. Old and glitchy events which we are sick of, poor responses from help and PG staff.
        > So why would that increase engagement
        > in the current main WD arena.

        I've already said this in this thread, but I guess it's needs to be reaffirmed: Until very recently the "worldmap project" was one single engineer working by himself --- and working on it nights & weekends after his other duties. If there are things you think have been underserved for a long time in the "main game", it's not because all the resources were going to the worldmap -- until recently it's been one guy (PGDave) working by himself.

        I don't agree that any study of the effects of worldmap engagement are biased the way you're describing. If we were not working on the worldmap, I don't believe we would be doing anything meaningfully different than today with dragons, game economy, events, or customer support. e.g., the engineers & artists working on worldmap are not going to help improve our customer support response ticket queue.

        > Wow CampusLifer so you couldn't answer a small number of simple questions with a Yes or No
        > response ( but you could close that thread and send me here where long winded
        > discussions have long winded replies which still do not answer the simple questions.

        I know you want short answers, but unfortunately the world is a complicated place and simply "yes/no" to complicated questions is a fallacy. Either way, I guess I'll try to address your points again even though I think I've already answered them in this thread.

        > It seems pretty clear on the forum that there is a reasonable size group who loves War Dragons as we play it today.
        > It also seems pretty clear that the majority of those who like War Dragons as we play it today do not want it to be replaced by the boats on the World Map.

        The forum is one qualitative measurement we use to decide if the worldmap project should move forward. We're working as hard as we can to take the feedback on the beta forum, make adjustments on the worldmap to address the issues, and convince the set of beta participants that we've built something which is engaging.

        It seems like you don't like metrics, but that's really what is going to decide it. Any sort of major change is going to have some set of people who don't like it. We'll decide if the change is good based on metrics. If we fail to ever achieve a set of features which are "better than status quo", then we won't merge it into the main product. Subjective feedback (forums, surveys) are one of the metrics for measuring it (but not all). Let's say, for instance, that empirical evidence across thousands of players actual play session data shows that players with the worldmap quit playing the game at a rate of 5% fewer people per day than players without the worldmap. That's pretty strong evidence that we should move forward.

        I'm really not hiding behind something when I talk about metrics and --- it's really how we actually make decisions.

        > Will you or are you already considering creating the World Map as a totally different game for a totally different audience?

        Short answer: Yes.

        Long answer: We're not currently seriously thinking or planning to make a new game based on WorldMap, but if you ask "will you consider creating worldmap as a totally different game" --- I mean, yes, I guess so? Maybe we'll do that if the project fails. It's very hard to predict the future. If your question is "can you please stop working on worldmap as a feature of war dragons right now and immediately move all of those people to go make a new game" -- the answer is "No, not right now. We're excited about war dragons and want to keep trying to build innovative new features inside of war dragons"

        > Will you also return to making War Dragons a better experience for us?

        Short answer: Yes

        Long answer: Look, I guess that depends on how you define it. I think I would argue we've had the vast majority of the War Dragons R&D team working hard to do that already. I'm sure you would argue we're not doing enough.

        Until very recently, only 1 person was working on the worldmap --- so I don't think you've been missing out on massively "better experience" because of the tradeoff of that one person working on worldmap by himself. If what you're asking is whether we will work on making War Dragons a better experience, the answer is "yes, and that's what we've always been trying to do". If what you're asking is "if you scrap working on worldmap, will everything suddenly change and everything I ever wanted to happen suddenly will start happening" --- then the answer is "no". It's pretty much totally unrelated -- there won't suddenly be a huge surge of new activities to work on the things you're listing because: (1) The vast majority of the war dragons R&D effort already goes into the stuff you're talking about. We already have teams of people actively working on dragons, events, and game economy. (2) Even if we totally cancelled the worldmap project, it's a very small part of our development staff and they're not necessarily well-suited to go join the teams working on those other items you've listed. e.g., I'm a pretty competent software coder but if you told me to go open up excel and rebalance the game economy for sapphire dragons I won't do a very good job of it.
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        • SilentOne
          SilentOne commented
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          Thank you CL I appreciate this response very much. Good to see the idea of a completely separate game is a possibility.
          I personally hope that is the direction which the World Map goes in.

        • A1R
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          This was by far the best post I've seen PG submit in over two years. Thank you CL!

        • m'Lady
          m'Lady commented
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          excellent reply! Thanks for gathering all that again in one place. So appreciated !

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        XxTrue1xX: We more-or-less doing what you describe. Every now and then, the beta participants receive a periodic survey asking them a bunch of questions about how they feel about the worldmap. We use this to track whether they say they want/don't-want the thing they're testing. We're working as hard as we can to take all the feedback in these surveys and beta forum, and change the feature to address everything they say they don't like.

        That said, surveys are only one metric we're looking at. It's not the only metric (as detailed in previous posts).

        Example scenario [not real, totally hypothetical made up situation for the sake of conversation]:
        • Survey results come out "meh". It's ok, not great. Slightly negative opinion overall.
        • But looking at metrics of actual play data, it turns out that in aggregate averaging across all players in the worldmap test set compared to control group, we see that these players talk 30% more to their teammates, coordinate more attacks together, and people quit playing the game 5% less often per day.
        To be honest, we'd probably move forward with the feature in a situation like this. We'd keep working to improve subjective opinions in the survey results, but we'd take the play session metrics very seriously that we're on the right track to move forward.


        • odie1993
          odie1993 commented
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          regarding the surveys, if they are anything like the surveys that are sent out on non-beta issues, then those have always been skewed to get a positive response on something because you never include an "all of the above" option when you the question relates to what don't you like about a specific issue and list 4-5 options then it is not a proper survey. the results are skewed because people can only choose one option. you need to add an "all of the above" option or make this a short answer response to get proper feedback on issues, dragons, events, etc.

          Oh and thanks for the lengthy responses on this thread. I do appreciate it.

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        Hi. One thing I want to address: It feels like people who post on this forum are expressing outrage if I don't respond to their post, or if I don't respond quickly enough to their post, or if I try to respond to new posts by pointing people to things I've written previously.

        In an ideal world, I would write a long, carefully considered response to every post on this forum. Speaking realistically, that's not something I can sign up for. Each person can ask me a question in a couple of minutes -- and it just took me a half-hour to write a response. Multiply that by the fact that there are hundreds of players posting on this forum and only one "me". Then, take into account that my actual "day job" is fighting cheating & writing code for our security layer. As much as I enjoy posting on these forums, I need to limit the amount of time I spend posting here so I can get some coding done!

        TL;DR: I'm sorry I can't write proper responses to every post directed at me. It's not realistic for me to do so. Please don't take it personally.


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          Thanks CL much appreciated as always.

          Just one thing to give a better understanding to what you said re "strong evidence" pointing at quitting game.

          The rate of quitters is way lower in beta bc there are the oldest and maybe most experienced teams in this game. Some are noobs but the majority exists since this game started.

          Those teams (I exclude the platinum noobs) are either high sapphire or diamond teams and in the core game highly competitive. The players are playing this game on average for 3-10 hours DAILY bc they love it.

          OF COURSE the quit rate of this group is super low. But that has nothing to do with beta.

          Just want to make this crystal clear before you pull wrong data there.


          • odie1993
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            Editing a comment
            very good point. You cannot use the quit rate between beta and non beta as a proper metric.