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    There are a few major issues with the beta:

    In the beta the focus is on boats with a sprinkle of dragons. They need to have dragons and flying be the focal point with the boats simply augmenting it.

    It is far more strategic which isn't so bad but the pace is what is hard. You can only attack every few months really. For a playerbase who attack multiple times per day this is a very hard change.

    There isn't a clear goal or incentive to the beta. Most of your actions revolve around obtaining gold and building up islands which help you do something most aren't interested in...building ships.

    I get the idea of adding broad scale strategy to the game isn't the worse thing but the pace of the beta is so excruciatingly slow and the few moments of fun fighting are hardly offset by the months of being unable to do anything after.


    • CaptainC
      CaptainC commented
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      But we have a huge problem here people. PG has been working on this for months. They have invested a lot of time and money in it. And no matter how much the players hate it they are way to vain and proud to throw that pile of steaming 💩 Into the nearest 🗑 where it belongs.

    • SuavGlav
      SuavGlav commented
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      In poker we call that being 'pot committed'.

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    well often times people have to suck ir up and cut their losses.

    if this is forced onto people, masses will leave the game.

    and i dont care what people say, threaten to quit os stop spending wd will go on and pg will go on but let le rell you this, they said the same about kabam, hobbit and gaea, and il keep reiterating this point, if you divert from the main game which everyone loved and downloaded, then eventually it will crumble down.


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      Can't comment on the beta itself as I haven't been allowed to see it.
      The Original Poster is trying to create a call to action to force PG to rethink the Beta, here's the thing.... Beta testers are still playing it, still spending money on it.
      You can't change PG's mind unless those testers walk away from it!

      If it does have additional strategy I would see that as a step forward, since they have been removing all strategy from WD every time someone complains that they are getting beaten in some way or another.
      The boats, all I have to reference here is the event which was held some time ago, back then my Admirals kept going MIA and recently I saw a post indicating that Admirals still go MIA. So clearly PG is not fixing issues from the original event since they continue in the current beta version. That's not a good sign by any means.

      So for all those who are trying to tell PG the beta sucks... put your money where you mouth/keyboard is... walk away from it!


      • CaptainC
        CaptainC commented
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        YellowMonkey would you like to explain the problems with building & repairing boats? Or the Primarch and Poachers? Or maybe the taxes and fees that mean someone on your team now has to be a CPA to keep up with it all. That beta is still as buggy as a termite mound and there are many players not happy with it.

      • YellowMonkey
        YellowMonkey commented
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        1) not sure what you mean. Yes, building from scratch still takes some time. But if you attack or are attacked, ships can be replaced exponetially faster than they used to be able to.

        Heck, I have over 300k sailors and 17 MILLION gold. And that's after repairing ~20k ships within the past week or two.

        The most recent changes that pg made with the ability to acquire gold is a big improvement to repairing ships or building back up after battles.

        2) Primarchs and poachers? ... Love them!

        3) CPA? Since the game auto deducts the taxes(based on what we set it as) there really not a whole massive amount that our bankers do.

      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        This is half the problem YellowMonkey, those with no access to the beta have no idea what is going on. All we see out here in the War Dragons forum is hate, hate, and more hate. I have no idea if I will like what becomes of the game, but what I do know is that PG is taking way too long in opening it up to more of us. What I also know is that those who currently hate the beta are the ones attempting to guide PG in the way it gets adjusted.

        What if I'm like you and like the current direction of the beta, but don't get to voice an opinion because it isn't available to me, what if by the time it is released to the majority of players it has been turned into something which will only suite a small selection of the current player base because they are the ones who currently have access.

        I understand what beta testing is, and have done some for some reasonably big software companies (not games). I also understand PG wants the players to like what is released, but if they don't release it in small sections to the wider community so we can all have a hand in making it better, once the initial beta testers have helped to iron out bugs then this past year or so could be a complete waste of PG's time/money because we may all turn around and dump the game due to it not being what we have any interest in.

        The only information I get is on the WD forum, remember PG has a secret Beta testers area, we the rest of the current games player base are not allowed to see what is being discussed. So we get a very skewed version of the whole beta test experience.

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      Make it a separate game and leave this one alone or even better .... fix what is already good


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        Just imagine PG would had invested the time they did on this LAME GAME KILLER beta in fixing bugs and making the game easier for low to medium levels (by adding more backbreeds sapphire and up and reducing tower costs of the Lv 30-45) this game would explode in revenues.

        But idk who was in charge when it came to the beta idea. All I can say to that person is smh...

        Make it a new event, that's fine. That's a fair compromise for the time spent and the end result. But DONT TOUCH CORE GAME.


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          Give the beta to everyone and wait for the thousands of angry messages.

          let us run our dragons without sailing a stupid boat.
          let us make some wars.
          let us play like WE WANT.
          Make this an additional feature and let us decide to use it or not, like ballista, we can decide to have one or not.
          Or a kind of on going event, but as Warlord said, don't touch to the core game.


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            As another player who doesn't have beta, I am confused about what I am hearing. Once beta goes live will we still have matchmaking to attack for RSS and XP runs daily? Will we still have the usual events (for the most part) PVP, breeding, fort, etc...? And can we still declare wars? And all the stuff with the boats and the building and the team strategy over there is in a addition to that? Or are they completely taking away all the stuff we have now and REPLACING it with this other stuff??


            • Dakhunter
              Dakhunter commented
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              Beta is another thing on top of others things we already have. So besides xp runs, boring events, now we have world map to build ships

            • XxTrue1xX
              XxTrue1xX commented
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              To be blunt (in my own opinion) I believe that all the progression problems as well as game glitches you are experiencing could easily be fixed if PG would redirect their focus from expanding the beta to actually fixing these issues. If you apply what is happening now to when the beta is "released"(I doubt this would happen in the next few years at this point) that all the regular mechhanics in the game will come to a screeching hault and you will be much worse off than you are now. You will want to play this boat game bcs there will be no other way for you to get rss(timers, embers, shards, riders, dragons, ect.) and instead of flying dragons you will be looking at a terribly pixilated map while waiting hours for a tiny boat to cross your screen to arrive at an island full of gold. This is the future of WarDragons and this is why you should be against the beta. Again this is an opinion but i feel the evidence is there and that it is obvious how this will turn out in the long run if it is not stopped in tracts.

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            I suppose that my frustration, and the thing that will inevitably lead me to leave the game, is the lack of focus on player experience. My personal issue is that they can't fix events that they have been running for the last two years. Whether it bee a breeding event where tokens take 30 minutes to accumulate points, to event prizes that are wrong because they don't come out before league change and you get the wrong prizes, to game crashes during event runs because they load so much overhead in the game. If, after two YEARS or more of development, they can't launch a single event without problems, hiccups, glitches, crashes, etc. Why the hell would I stick around for a complete game expansion. Fix what you have first! Focus on your "customer"... yes, that's me, and all the other team players, including the ones you have alienated and driven away. I love this game, and I'll likely continue to bite, scratch, and scream, through the next two years of events... I fly dragons. If I want a boat game, I'll download one and leave dragons behind.


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            Totally agree with OP. Also important to put this here and not in beta forum so everyone can see it.

            It's been said before that, at best, the beta is free QC labour for PG in the development of an entirely separate and unrelated game. I'm sure some folks like it - so sever it from War Dragons and release it as a separate spin-off. I'll repeat that...SEPARATE spin-off.

            PG... You got your testers for free (or even paying you to do testing work which is inconceivable). Take it out, give it its own servers so we don't have to deal with the glitches it causes, and let us play with the dragons we love and the friends we love even more.


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              To be clear, we don't plan to release the worldmap to everyone until it's prove-ably "good". "Good" is defined by a set of metrics which would indicate that it "wouldnt tank the game".

              This involves both qualitative and quantitative measurements. This isn't to say that every single player will think it's better, but that we can show that in aggregate across the entire set of people testing the beta, on average we are making the game better by either broadening or deepening the engagement with the game. Examples: We read and build studies based on subjective feedback from players on the forums and surveys. We look at play metrics to compare how to see if players with the worldmap are more broadly and deeply with the game more than players in a control set. (number of times played per day, amount that teams talk to each other, amount that teams attack together, amount that players quit playing the game ----- all versus a control set)

              Our product and our company depends on "not tanking the game". Obviously there are many many different ways to tank the game aside from releasing a bad worldmap feature, but this is one risk point. We take it seriously.
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              • SuavGlav
                SuavGlav commented
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                If PG's goal is to not tank the game then the progression wall must be dealt with now. Exorbitant build times and dragon frag costs without a scaled resource infrastructure is going to stall the game long before you have a chance to release your beta to the public.

                There'll be no one left to release it to.

                You must listen. It has to be adressed.

              • Dravoz
                Dravoz commented
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                What SuavGlav said. I'm on the verge of quitting because the game, as it stands right now, isn't fun. Fix the progress wall now!

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              That's the biggest joke of it all.

              Other games pay their beta testers and let them try out every features what it has to actually TEST it.

              We who are in beta have to pay for

              - speeding up our ships from point A-B with 50 rubies one way.

              - Using speed ups for primarch (that's your boat where your base is on) level ups (Lv 15 is max and needs around 140 x 12 hours timers which aren't given back to us)

              - our continents have different buildings which need to be leveled up with rubies or speed ups and gold

              - to have a second primarch you need to collect 1.95 million gold to "summon it". And now listen. To have the third primarch you need to have 50 !!!! Million to unlock. To even have that you need to invest like $1k in your continent to level everything up and then you need to farm that gold

              There are so called poachers who give you 5k of a new currency where you can buy stuff from the merchant.

              I collected 130k of it and spent it on merchant. Guess what I got for it? 4 (four) 12 hour speed ups!!!! 4!!!! I can't even upgrade the primarch 1/5 level with that.

              if that goes live the game is dead


              • Charot
                Charot commented
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                If that's how it is, i don't see why it should be called war dragons. Why is the game named war dragons in the first place?
                This beta game is like some other rpg games. Where do dragons come in the beta game? It's like you'll focus on getting gold not dragons.

              • Indi123
                Indi123 commented
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                The good merchant was the gold chest one and now it's been made too expensive. I took almost 400k scales to an event merchant and got 16 IF and 8 energy packs. 50 poacher attacks for that... urgh. Anyway, the merchants are going now. Hopefully the new iteration brings something worth playing for. And I don't mean dragon riders. Core consumables like tokens and timers.

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              They don't let us test the features they have us there to track spending potential


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                XxTrue1xX : Are you part of the worldmap beta program? Have you played it? You should have received messages in-game explaining how to sign up for the beta forum.


                • #29
                  Dear WarLord:

                  I've been making mobile games since 2009. In my experience making new products & new features, I've tried both ways (with and without any monetization features when you're first developing the gameplay). In my experience, my learning is that it's better to put the monetization into the feature from the "ground up". Otherwise it is way too abrupt if everyone has been playing for a long time without any monetization at all and suddenly a bunch of monetization stuff gets grafted on. If you don't design your gameplay for monetization from the ground up, you end up with something busted. If you look at the various iterations on admiral speedup time, travel time, you'll see we've made tons of iteration on how monetization would weave into movement --- and we've basically removed almost all ways to spend rubies on travel in a meaningful way. But we needed the beta process to figure out what the right way to do it was.

                  That said: Our goal with the current worldmap beta is NOT revenue. With only 2500 players in the beta, even if they're all major spenders it's still not really possible to make revenue which meaningfully impacts our topline or bottomline. Frankly, it's definitely not our goal right now. We want to make something which is provably deepening and broadening engagement. If we built it without any monetizations features at all, we might get a false positive (because it's not representative).


                  • Dakhunter
                    Dakhunter commented
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                    so what about the glitches that keep reoccurring EVERY SINGLE EVENT that is MORE THAN A FREAKING YEAR OLD??? Care to explain about that? What about PERFORMANCE IS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE AT EVERY UPDATES? Care to explain about that???.
                    You (PG) put too much resources in the thing you call WORLDMAP and neglect the rest of the players who DONT HAVE BETA FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW, and MAKE US SUFFERING FROM THE SAME OLD BORING EVENTS.

                  • Warlord
                    Warlord commented
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                    Ok let's face the truth.

                    You received nothing but bad reviews for worldmap from all testers overall. I exclude yellowmonkey here bc one of 2500 is not representative.

                    This game was an easy access game.

                    Means: it has matchmaking, wars can be declared with two taps. I can join defenses and attacks by one tap.

                    I can attack with dragons and kill dragons.

                    That was the reason the OP and all others here downloaded the game.

                    Panda as a day one officer/leader of the number 1 team in this game said multiple times what's wrong with that game. And I can tell that he and his team maybe have the most experienced players there. (Not a fan duck you dreads but it's a fact).

                    It has NOTHING to do with the initial reasons why we all decided to play that game.

                    I see your points and I am aware that it can't be stopped to go live.

                    But answer just that one question.

                    Will we lose matchmaking and wars as they are now?

                  • VirNinja
                    VirNinja commented
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                    You are a for profit corporation. To say this isn't about profit is an out right lie. Everything you do is for profit. That in itself isn't a bad thing. It's how the world works. But you're statements about not being about money are a joke and it only goes to show that you think your player base is too stupid to figure it out. From reading your posts on multiple topics it's fairly clear you despise us. And guess what? The feeling is mutual... with the exception of yellow monkey.. he seems to be one of the few left that like you. You have created such a division between your corporation and your core player base that there's no way this game will ever be great again.

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                  DaBomb All teams who are in the beta worldmap are teams who willingly signed up to do it. If any team wants to be removed, in all seriousness, are happy to remove them immediately from the beta. We don't want anyone beta testing the worldmap who doesn't want to do it. We realize it's a lot to ask a lot of stress working with something which is clearly rough and "not done". We hope that it's a good experience working through the creative process with us --- and helping shape the future of the feature.


                  • iMacDude
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                    Since my comment wasn't beta specific, perhaps it was easy to overlook. My team is not in the beta but, based on the comments I have read here and many many other places, I'm glad that my team wasn't included. The fact remains though, beta or not, that the main War Dragons Application has not had a glitch-free event for almost as long as I've been playing which is just over 2 years. Even the reoccurring events, breeding, fortification, tug of war, etc. Not once has an event launched without 24-36 hours of glitch, lag, crash, or other issues. It compounds the frustration when we non-beta players hear about all the resources that are pumped into a beta for the application when we can't get ONE event to run flawlessly after two years. Not one! Good people, great people, people who spend BIG dollars on this game all chucked it because enough attention wasn't given to the quality of the game. Instead it was new dragons, new graphics, new chests to spend money on... and all with new crashes. Is there a forum where support statistics are posted? I'd be interested in seeing that. I work for the IT department of a large company. Lets see some stats or trends. People are really angry and I'm tired of people getting pissed and leaving because it doesn't seem like people are listening. Sorry for this rant, but It had to be said.

                  • Dakhunter
                    Dakhunter commented
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                    iMacDude, that's why I suggested abt the consequences for those engineers working in the event pod. Didn't mean to disrespect CampusLifer abt this. I know you guys in the event pod are working hard but why cant we have a smooth event for once?
                    I'm an engineer myself and I'm very surprised by the qa qc for those events. Always have a bug somewhere. Never had a smooth event for once.

                  • DaBomb
                    DaBomb commented
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                    Understood that it's voluntary. We were among the applicants, in fact. But what we expected was a final-stage product nearly ready for release that we would get to see and play with for a month or two to get the bugs out.

                    A 1+ year "beta" isn't a beta anymore. It's a team of unpaid lab rats giving you ideas for new content to develop and monetize... and those teams are in so deep now (and keep getting promises of it going live "any day now") that quitting seems like a waste of all that effort.

                    This is a community - people talk, share screenshots, trade team members. You don't have to be in the beta to understand what's going on. You also don't have to be a genius to see where resources and priorities are being directed.

                    You're leaving the vast majority of your player base behind... and choking off new members before they're properly part of the community. It's short-sighted and I'm not sure how many different ways we need to explain it before it sinks in.