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Returning To The Game We All Downloaded

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  • Returning To The Game We All Downloaded

    As most of us know the beta has been out for quite some time now and the game hasn't reacted kindly towards it in the slightest. Yes, there are some individuals who enjoy it and the prizes they receive from it such as easy Xp, potions, and whatever else that's been added since i dismissed it. But WHY are we playing a lousy boat game when we all downloaded a game with the intent of breeding and flying dragons, with the addition of building a defense base (much like many other games in the app store). It is quite obvious why when i send in a ticket i get crappy answers, or when i discover/hear about new spell problems, or even the fact that the economy, as well as progression, is so slow that the only thing keeping me here is the 24k gold dragons with diamond wings and some name like Rhyo that i can only drool over. PG doesn't care one bit on why we are playing this game, they only care about expanding this beta into the new War Boat(w/ dragons) 2.0.

    I could easily list all the reasons why PG is a horrible company with all the things they have done to the game that i don't agree with, but that's not what will get anyone moving towards stopping this terrible beta from taking over our game that we all love to play. In my opinion, and to everyone reading this please also comment your thoughts, we HAVE to take strides towards rejecting this beta. Not only do you (reading this right now) but everyone who's in the beta, will be in the beta, or has even heard about the beta MUST spread the word over this cancerous cyst that is this "new boating option" that is clearly being planned to take over the game we have all put so much of our time into. You may not agree with me and think this beta isn't about to harm anything, but you have yet to think about the fact of when it is fully released. When all teams will be forced into participating in the beta to progress through the game how much will you really be flying your dragons you spent $300 on to breed in a single weekend? Yes, there will be resources in the beta to help you along but if you think that you have been blinded by PG's tactics. The reason for this Wall Of Sapphire, this reoccurring food shortage, the impossible levels you can only hope to achieve in 5 years time is all because PG has already given up on the game of War Dragons. The reason for all these errors, and problems that keep happening with repetition is because PG is putting all their money towards expanding this beta (and future betas) so that we will be sailing ships to level a dragon we will only be able to fly once for every $100 pack you buy.

    This being a very bold finger to point does not go without reason. Talking in a Line chat made me see this like i hadn't before and i am not one to sit and "hope" for change. I understand i have no influence over PG or any of the decisions they make regarding their "Road Map" or ideas for the future, so that is why i find the community's opinions to be most important in order to change our game. I want everyone's thoughts over this matter as a whole. Please comment your agreement or disagreement, "communication comes before compromisation". If i feel that others agree with me and my thoughts are not alone i would also like to make plans of stopping the beta for good. For now, i would just like to know if everyone is willing and in agreement to support steps taken to reject the beta before we are sailing ships instead of flying dragons like we have all wanted.

    Thanks for the read, PLEASE respond with your thoughts!!!
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    +1 Beta made some of my team mates quit or close to it.

    The world map has nothing to do with the quick easy access war dragon was when I downloaded it over 2 years ago.

    It is the worst decision PG ever made to bring this on air and I know that some of the finest and most experienced players will quit for good when this will be the core game.

    All beta testers told PG over and over to kill the concept but they keep pushing it forward.

    When you tell them it's crap then you hear only "wait for the next update you will REALLY enjoy it" and guess what? None of us really enjoyed any of the updates.

    All beta made was let us beta testers spend hard earn rubies for beta content which is irrelevant for the core game.


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      Im with you and agree fully with what you and warlord said. I dont think theres anything we can do to stop it though. Like warlord said, most beta testers have been telling them they dont like it, its too unrelated, tediously time consuming and frankly boring, and to scrap it and focus on the game we do like. It has fallen on deaf ears and will continue to, im afraid.


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        They should of just released world map as a spin off individual game or kept it as a major event.

        The core game has been completely neglected and already I spend more time on forums than I do in game.

        Three minor events in a row is super boring.

        I was going to try hang on until December but my in game activity is already at low activity


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          Wait......this isn't "Enviro-bear 2010" that i downloaded last year?

          Man have i ever been confused this whole time why i've been interacting with dragons and not bears/badgers


          • Warlord
            Warlord commented
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          I whole heartedly agree!! I was excited when I first joined beta. Then evolved into a liaison between teams. Then I realized the amount of work and time that had to go into beta was far more than the payout including enjoyment. Kill beta PG!


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            As has been stated in other threads, PG wholeheartedly believes Warboatdragons is the correct path forward, just as they believed other changes players hated at the time were. While they don't reject your opinions and feedback outright, the implication is it doesn't really matter what you the player think. They know what's right and you don't. Maybe you'll hate the new changes so much you quit. No matter; new players are coming in every day, so what they're doing must be working.

            Your opinions are irrelevant. Your potentional revenue is replaceable. You as a customer are expendable.

            Thank you for choosing Warboatdragons. Enjoy the experience you've been graced with.

            Buy packs.


            • XxTrue1xX
              XxTrue1xX commented
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              I do not think you are wrong but i don't agree with the fact that PG won't listen to this. Of course they will ignore pleas for changes in minor things such as wars, events, and progression changes if it's not on their "roadmap". This is much larger than these things and it will determine the future of this game. I am irrelevant moneywise but i find myself important if i can help this game return to its rightful course for the enjoyment of others. Not only the enjoyment of others but inadvertently will also help PG revenue in the long run. I am more concerned about the players' happiness than PG's because once the players are happy then PG will get paid. The people have to move before the company does in this situation.

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            Panda what's your opinion?


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              I don't have the beta and don't know much about it. But, I like the game as it is....if it starts changing too much....not a big deal....I'll find my game fun somewhere else. I've been here close to 2 years...I could find other places to play. Don't want too....but I will....just my opinion


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                i downloaded the game because i love dragons. not because i wanted to build and sail ships. nor do i want to see riders with buffs and all that shit.

                played the kabam game hobbit long enough to see all the new stuff they kept bringing (heroes, hero gear, mounts, gems, buffs etc etc) to just watch it destroy the game. it was then flogged on to gaea who totally killed ot now as they tried to rinse the game so much, mostly all spenders stopped or left and they couldnt renew the warner bros licence.

                hope this doesnt go the same way.

                Pocket gems, one piece of advice, before you kill what should be nothing but an enjoyable and fantastic game, listen to your players, cater for all, and do not go gung ho for wonga. that greed will end your games. people will stick up there fingers and move on.


                • YellowMonkey
                  YellowMonkey commented
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                  To comment on your "cater to all" :

                  No game will ever be able to cater 100% to each and every player. The goal isn't and should not be to have everything for somebody.

                  The goal should be to have something for everybody.

                  The entire player base will not 100% like the same things.

                  - Look at feed event. There are many that love it, many that hate it, many that just play and don't care.
                  - Look at runes. There are many that love them, many that hate them, many that just play and don't care.
                  - I could go on an on, it's the same for every event, it's the same for wars, it's the same for each and every dragon in game.

                  The point is, PG should focus on having something for everybody, not just making everything for somebody. (Meaning catering to the majority by having variety). IMO, this is what PG is doing and I think they are doing an AMAZING job!

                  There has never been any other mobile game that has keep me playing as long as War Dragons has. I'm thrilled to be part of the War Dragons player base and I have no desire to leave it.

                  Do I like everything about War Dragons? Absolutely not. But, the game very well "caters to all" by having enough variety (and bringing more) that there is something that everybody loves. Does this mean everybody loves the same aspects, features, events, or dragons? No. However, there absolutely is something that everybody loves in War Dragons! Otherwise, the player base would not be as massive as it is.

                • Warlord
                  Warlord commented
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                  That's the point monkey. We all love War dragons. Not Warboatsailing.

                  And in case you missed the memo. They will do worldmap as core game.

                  No more matchmaking no more war declaration just sailing and rebuilding boats for raids and (alliance) wars.

                  THATS what this thread is about. Duh

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                monkey, do you work for pg? im sure they must have paid you for the 'imo pg are doing an amazing job' because genuine players cant see that.

                of course people will dislike things others do like, but by forcing things on a player base they generally DO NOT WANT, ie, beta boats and dodgy riders, they are catering only for their bank accounts. not catering to the players who downloaded a wardragons game for the concept of flying and attacking with dragons.

                as if enough time is spent on training and farming amd helping, than giving more crap ro build and upgrade amd oh.. erm .. spend on.

                i mean look at the trash coming from rhese ss chests. pg are pulling everyones pants down.


                • VirNinja
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                  If yellow monkey doesn't work for pg then they should hire him lol he's on every post singing pg praises

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                If the game changes so drastically from war dragons to a boat game, couldn't we get refunds for bait and switch? I am going to call Apple tomorrow. I have my share of complaints about WD, but the money I have spent (5 figures+) was spent to get dragons and buildings and items related specifically to the game I bought and have played for 2 years. I get that PG has invented a new Game they think is awesome, and if they want to offer it to customers, they should. As a separate game. Or give players the option to morph to the new game if they prefer it to War Dragons. But to change one game completely to another unrelated game is inexcusable. The question is, if given the knowledge that War Dragons would turn into a boat game, would I have downloaded it? Would I have spent money upgrading my base knowing it would no longer exist? Isn't there a contractual obligation if you sell one item that you cannot turn it into something else? This is especially awful that without reading forums and without Panda's post, I would have known nothing about this. There has been no disclosure. I feel bad for my team. I rarely share anything negative with them. This is so vague we don't actually know what is going to,happen, much less when or in what manner. Every person who invests in WD by at least having an elite account should be able to at least see the game it appears WD is turning into.


                • SuavGlav
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                  Yeah no. Pretty sure you wouldn't have any grounds, but I'm not a lawyer.

                  Good luck with that.

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                Hi True. Do you have access to the "beta forum"? This topic has been highly discussed in the threads there. I've written walls of essays on the topic previously


                • XxTrue1xX
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                  odie1993 How did you hear of this? I talked to some friends of mine who are in the beta as of now and they have no idea how to do it but had some idea over how it was started. I don't see how they wouldn't let others into this thread if they are just joining a team with it or even if they don't have access to it but have had access to it. I am wondering if this could be altered to allow more opinions to be entered as i believe they are only getting opinions from continuous users who would only give positive(i think) reviews as they have continued to play it. If they were to allow new players the option to voice their opinions i think they would get an overwhelming view of what the people are thinking.

                  CampusLifer Could you consider this? I would love to join the chat even if i do not have access to the World Map as i said in my reply to your question. This would also go great with a full release of the beta as is when you send a Info Mail on how to apply for the beta thread or you could just make it public! Please consider this as an option!!!

                • Dakhunter
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                  The beta forum is only available to beta tester. If you join a team with beta, contact pg so they will authorize you to view

                • Indi123
                  Indi123 commented
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                  Yea it's true. You have to give your username when you request access so it can be verified you are in a beta team. I think comments should be reserved for beta only players, as a lot of it is on minor details or bugs and glitches and feedback and it would get cluttered if everyone could comment, but read-only access could be given to all forum members.
                  Or the major update sticky threads be posted in the Town Hall so everyone can see what is going on and give their opinion.

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                Originally posted by SuavGlav View Post
                Yeah no. Pretty sure you wouldn't have any grounds, but I'm not a lawyer.

                Good luck with that.
                Even if you said you were a lawyer, I wouldn't listen. Not too wise to take advice from an anonymous person on a game forum. Unless it is related to the game. I know many people who were told by a lawyer they wouldn't win a lawsuit and they won without a lawyer, acting in pro per. The's a funny thing. Very fickle. BTW what makes you think a player would not have any grounds? I can think, off the top of my head, of at least 4 or 5 causes for action. Mum's the word.


                • SuavGlav
                  SuavGlav commented
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                  Yeah I wouldn't take legal advice from an anonymous person either-- which is why i'm not offering any.

                  The crux of bait-and-switch is that the product you are given is different than the one advertised. What you spent money on were in-game currencies (rubies), items (forge packs), and bundles of the above that include chests which are random. What you received is exactly what you paid for, so no bait-and-switch.

                  What you can *do* with them and the ways in which you can use them to progress also have no foundation because you're not being forced to spend. If the app said "War Dragons: Fly Around On Dragons", cost $1.99 to download, and then was only boats you might have a case.

                  The closest I think they've come to crossing the bait-and-switch line have been nerfed seasonal dragons' runes or spell sets, and I'd be surprised if any lawsuits filed over those ever have or would make it in front of a judge.

                  So just based on my experience and opinion, I re-state: I don't think you have a snowball's chance in hell of making anything stick, but I wish you luck.

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                How can we go about participating in beta features?


                • War fan
                  War fan commented
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                  You can't. It's all PG's decision.

                  And the "boats" beta should have been out 6 months ago, and the 'salvage" beta should have been out 3 months ago.

                  Adding "features" to a beta means that the beta WORKS, so there really is NO excuse for not releasing it.

                  After all, they keep adding "features" to the core game, so what the "REAL" reason for not releasing the beta game-wide?

                  The answer: none.