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Game ends at level 184

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    Problem is also. If they allow to transfer 1.5 mil food per player everyone will dump and hitting those fat guys isn't worth it anymore.

    = kills raiding

    When I hit you and take 100-300k food from you be sure that it will get to a good use 😁

    Giving out more speed ups is nice but for what? I Solo Lv 520s with Noc undefended those $100k bases are the new Lv 50s so what's the point?

    Next dragon tier will make the Lv 60 towers irrelevant 🤷🏻*♂️

    Most of you who complain here aren't even close to Lv 50 let alone Lv 60 towers so what's the point?

    That everyone can protect everything and can level up easily that every Tom dick and Harry has a maxed base for few bucks?

    I'm a Lv 319 and ok with what I've invested.

    If you want to be a big boy spend big cash 🤷🏻*♂️

    We all did.

    Btw i initiated that we got more xp and higher transfer rates back then. I wrote some essays and was finally heard.

    I am ok with an increase to 270k per transfer and 200k instead of 145k max xp.

    But leveling faster will increase food famine. So maybe skip the xp it's good at it is. It was 51k before for 2 years.

    However I'm all for scaling food and wood packs for the big boys. 750k instead of 400k would be a reasonable amount for the legendary drop. 250k instead of 130k for the epic one.

    Start at lv 275 which is the level for max obsidians with that. And scale from 184-275 like you did with the Lv 6-Lv 184s.
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    • m'Lady
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      I'm a lvl 311, a spender, though I doubt I'm what you'd call a whale, and I'm willing to see changes that make it possible to get this size without spending a year's salary. I think of myself as a midrange spender.

      Your dragons are awesome, Warlord, and I know you are legit from your expert dragon videos, from which I've learned a whole new appreciation for my own dragon's potentials, and you spend, too.

      People would like to play this game who won't touch it because of the whales that have inflated it so completely. Designing for the whales is PGs prerogative, but it should be out there from the start that they do this. Maybe a developer disclosure or something... Can't imagine how you'd word that..... Though, ideally I'd prefer to see that design focus changed, quickly. We fall in love with the game, grow very skilled, see the poor return on prize ratios, scaling in absentia, grow bored, deal with it and/or have to leave. There's an unspoken reliance on gamer addictions and exploitation of those addicted which is less than noble, too. PG is far from alone in that. It's an industry issue.

      I've forged great friendships here in this game. CampusLifer, In my experience, it's not the whales who create the team atmosphere and social interdependence that keeps the loyal majority here despite being kicked in their patience at every turn. Scaling would address this yawning void that everyone is whining about.

      The whales don't need anyone but their wallets. Often they are at the top of the game calling the shots and reliant on none. They get exhausted by the pull on them to be helpful to those less than themselves and burn out, because the hours required to maintain their own gameplay are so demanding already. Naturally, they then gravitate to players that are also self reliant due to the size of their dragons and their wallets. Yes whales are in teams and wars demand cooperation, that is NOT the interdependence that I mean, though.

      This interdependent team aspect that I refer to is strongest in the low to midrange level players. They need each other for all aspects of advancement. The loyalty and bonds created in their interactions are a 'freemium byproduct' that PG needs to recognize and reward with encouraging content that returns us to the reward system ratios we enjoyed as recent as a year ago. Scaling for the new content included in that, as well. The endurance of the loyal majority is TRULY IN JEOPARDY at this point. Withdrawal of hope, born of these increasingly scaled down prize ratios, is an endless topic for conversation. Focus needs to be balanced to include both sides of your games aspects; profit of course, and the other side being that interdependent team play among the low to mid level majority being what glues that majority to your game, creating relationships and IT friendships beyond your game.

      Whales are beautiful creatures, largely because there is a mystery that surrounds them, hidden by the plenty of their sea. Team spirit and loyalty are also rare and beautiful, as the bonds of these are a very driving factor that bring us to enjoy more than we could accomplish and strive for alone. Don't ignore the gamer hearts that lie in the low to midrange players who clawed their way there by sheer strength of will and dedication to your game, as well as the community it provides them. Diminishing and outdated returns historically chase away investors in any venue. War Dragons won't be an exception to that rule.
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    I think clocks should scale as well. Not to the point where you dont have to spend a ton for a max base, but to the point where moderate spenders are getting more for their money. A hundred bucks to take one high lvl tower up one level is pretty silly.

    I feel the same should be the case for egg tokens too.
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    • Dravoz
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      This is a real issue. I wish PG would do something about it. I would like to progress at a reasonable pace, and am willing to spend moderately to do so. But at level 260, $100 offers terrible value. So I'm not spending. PGJared

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    Whaaaa? Derp uuhhh summtin uuuhh bad wit duuuh chore dragonz? You have the Dragons and uuuhhh lets see uuuhh oh the Towers too! Game is good!


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      I am approaching the end of my time in this game as well (i buy elite and nothing else) Was able to breed a sapphire dragon ok so have clear sailing to level 154. Can see garnet possibly happening. But then will be stuck at level 178 until I can breed an emerald. Which will take years. Not sure how long game will interest me when stuck waiting for egg tokens to accumulate.

      I feel sorry for all you high level players who leveled up your bases with your top level platnium dragons only for pg to then make you weak by bringing out new top level dragons. You now are stuck with strong bases and weak dragons.


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        I believe what the OP is referring to is there is no direct reward for leveling beyond 186 and any rewards are indirect. Level really doesn't add anything like it used to. Here's an example of 3 players to reflect what he means and I will use Amoeba's base stats to control against research:

        1) Level 250. Highest dragon Hauheset at expert. Can transfer 229,568 rss. 106,335 Max Exp.

        2) Level 186. Highest dragon Hauheset at expert. Can transfer 229,568 rss. 106,335 Max Exp.

        3) Level 158. Highest dragon Hauheset at expert. Can transfer 192,916 rss. 60,547 Max Exp.

        All three of those can get Hau maxed. But regarding rewards impacted directly by level, there is absolutely no difference between player 1 and player 2. In fact, player 2 and 3 probably will steal more rss in raids against similar bases than player 1. But you can clearly see the difference between players 1+2 and player 3. Player 3 gets much less exp and can transfer less rss. So leveling from 158 to 186 directly gives you increased rewards based solely on level.

        To sum up, prior to level 186 there were added rewards and benefits that you received as a player as you leveled. There are none beyond that. And being able to upgrade den level higher for obsidians isn't really a reward or benefit. Prior to mythic emeralds, you could max all dragons at level 190. But being honest, those den levels are essentially a novelty. Den takes 3 seconds to level and by the time anyone gets an obsidian, they will be above level 275 anyway so those levels are more or less arbitrary. Speaking from experience, the only "cap" you will ever face after level 186 that prevents progress is the builder's hut egg requirements.


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          On the subject of scaling, can I use the Super Speed Up pack as an example. I remember being lower level and I spent a shit ton more on this game than I do now, because I got visible and exciting progress that enticed me to spend more. I remember I and others in my team bought the Super Speed Up packs at 5900 rubies (didn't they used to be cheaper btw?) because it was a good return on investment.

          Now, let's look at what a Super Speed Up pack gets you for 5900 rubies, approx £35 of real money:

          30 x 12 hr - 15 days
          35 x 1 hr - 1.5 days
          20 x 3 hr - 2.5 days

          That's 19 days of speed ups for £35. Now let's look at a single tower upgrading from lvl 49 to 50. 47 days with research. So that's 2.5 Super Speed Up packs to increase ONE tower by ONE LEVEL. 14750 rubies.

          Where is the incentive to spend money when it is not scaled and the value is so utterly appalling??? Not to mention trying to keep up with cheats who are responsible for this artificial inflation and fast releases of new towers and dragons.