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Game ends at level 184

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  • Game ends at level 184

    i think a lot of the probs with this game are that once you hit around lvl 180 the game is basically over. You don't get anymore xp, the transfer rates stay the same, you are getting the exact same things at lvl 400 as lvl 184. You haven't updated the game on this in over a year. Your mid level players think the game is great because they are still seeing increases when they level up. Going from lvl 185-400 gets you nothing. What's the point of leveling? Sure you add more tower levels so people can keep leveling but you don't give them more xp for dragons or bigger transfers to build these towers. When a big build or a big feed cost 1.3 million but I can only transfer 700k it's frustrating. Storage protection is horrible and does nothing. A lvl 70 storage should be able to protect more then 130k of rss. 130 k does nothing when I need 1.3 million. Oh but wait I can spend a ton of rubies and protect 400k but honestly a lvl 70 storage should protect 300-400k without costing me 1000 rubies per day! And it's only going to get worse with the addition of level 60 towers. You keep pushing these new towers that cost more rss and more timers but you don't increase the ways to get these items or add any new items. You could easily make 24 hour speedups. Or increase how many are dropped in chests. My builds are all over 40 days with all construction research completed. So tell me how 6 15min speedups is going to help me get to 40 days? Or 50 days? Or however many days a lvl 60 is going to cost? Or increase the 26k rss packs what does 26k do for a player who needs a million for one feed or build? Nothing! It does nothing! The game is tired and boring. If it wasn't for the people on my teams I would've quit long ago. Gold chests are so watered down with items no one needs they aren't worth buying. I have 140k of Ice turrets frags... i will never even need a fraction of that amount but things I actually need don't ever drop so I stopped spending money on chests. I used to spend $100 every week on value packs... I have spent zero on the last 4-5 events and I will continue to spend nothing on a tired broken game that you don't want to fix. You at pocket gems have created the cheating problem we are seeing. A year ago cheating was almost unheard of. But once you get around level 180-200 you either have to cheat or spend an insane amount of money to get anywhere. It's sad that you've destroyed the game to the point that people have to cheat to get anywhere. PG for the love of the game get out of beta and fix the things that actually need fixing!

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    Even with all your valid points PG will respond with"Here have some fire/ice shards or better yet take these Dragon/Base boost "


    • VirNinja
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      Or pg will say... I don't understand....

      See below 👇

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    Welcome new player. You've just discovered what pg are about. Did you join yesterday ?

    1, no more spending if tempted. Elite days different.

    No one needs to spend. No point in playing if you have to buy your way each week.

    2, Doritos and chill

    Pocket Grinch won't change. They don't care. They want your cash. Everything else is irrelevant from players POV, even if most suggestions improve game play game wide.

    Some say "yh but but if you stop spending, they'll be no mo war dragons".


    Be sure To post if you need help newbie, plenty here with experience on how to be formidable. You're welcome

    #thinkoutsiderthebox #dontbetheminority

    Commend my persistence ^.^


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      Originally posted by VirNinja View Post
      PG for the love of the game get out of beta and fix the things that actually need fixing!
      Whaaaat! Heresy! Sacrilege! Impudence!

      You're right though.


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        Well this is a bummer to know


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          Should have started out with ***SPOILER ALERT***

          Just ruined the game for me.


          • MikeGoN2GetU
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            No PG did that...

          • MrJonesy
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            No they didn't. I think you missed the sarcasm.

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          PGJared EggToken Echo CampusLifer
          Before this thread steers off track, the OP brings up legitimate concerns that have been individually mentioned elsewhere on the forums, but now are compiled into 1 post. The big theme of course is scaling. I know this isn't the first time scaling has been mentioned here to you guys but it's a very real problem and a very real concern that threatens the longevity of the game. I would hope scaling is somewhere on PG's priority list but if it could be bumped to the front 3 or 5 of the list, a lot more people are gonna stay in this game.


          • SuavGlav
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            Unfortunately with beta in the number 1 slot on the priority list and appeasing the whales in the number 2 slot, slots 3-5 are still gonna take them 6-12 months of meetings and discussions to get rolling.

            RIP War Dragons.

            Long live Warboatdragons!

            Buy packs.

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          I agree with OP.

          PG run a weird business model usually when you have a business and your core loyal customers want more product A or Service B you get it done and profit.

          Why spend all your time building pink and purple widgets if no one wants them and there is zero demand? That never works in the real world.


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            I partially agree with OP. I think it's pretty easy to build a 1M tower. Takes teamwork, but not that difficult to amass large quantities of RSS. On the other hand, scaling is a very real issue that has not been addressed. Dragons and Towers get bigger; drops do not. This aspect of the game needs work badly.

            Honestly the biggest challenge I see is collecting egg tokens. Sapphire and up take sooooo many tokens it makes progression painfully slow. Even with spending $100 a month and grinding out missions, it can take a couple months to get one dragon. Grinds game progressing to a painful halt.


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              Hi. Thanks for the feedback. There are people on the war dragons R&D team more focused on this part of the product than I am, so please excuse the naive question.

              I'm currently a player with a level in the low 100s. What exactly changes so much after level 184 than prior to level 184?


              • TakMannar
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                The problem isn't that anything changes at 184. The problem is that, after that point, nothing changes. No increases to anything but cost. The OP outlined it quite well.

              • VirNinja
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                Nothing changes after lvl 184! That's the problem! I laid out a ton of good points I'm not sure I can put it in simpler terms so that you can understand. There's a ton of people here all agreeing with me. How do you not understand? Did you read the original post? Did you read the replys? It's like talking to 6 year olds when dealing with pg.

              • elements1
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                I don't think food is a problem, I accidentally hunted 2M food last night 🤣 in about an hour

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              I agree with the OP. Is it the Sapphire wall? OR the Garnet wall? I had a lot more fun before.


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                just trying to understand.. so is the feedback in this topic sorta voices giving the same feedback as multiple "sapphire wall" threads that are out there? is there more things i should understand?


                • Frequincy
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                  OP in short form is to bring to light the game is stalling for high lvl players not just with breeding sapphire and above dragons but also not limited too

                  Reaching level 200- 300+ is a high achievement therefore rss packs , rss transfers ,mystic frags timers etc. Should scale towards lvl

                  We all understand PG has a business to run but as a consumer who buys a product no one wants to spend money (Gold Chest) and receive Dragon/Base boost or anyother item they may have a buttload of (fire/ice shards) which seem to delute chest ( not in the favor of the customer with $$$$) does that seem right or make sense
                  Fix gold chest drop rate of timers and sigils so that players feel they are getting their $$$ worth out of your product

                • Dravoz
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                  I'm level 260 and am in the verge of quitting (have stepped down as an officer of my team). I put thousands of dollars into this game (more fool me) but there is zero incentive to spend further now. $100 gets me 1/5 of what it did at level 100. There is simply no value for money at my level, so I refuse to spend. It's terribly sad that PG can't see what is happening right in front of them.

                • Blah765
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                  CL how many PG staffers are above say 150 and trying to breed Sapphire tier or higher? I wonder if it might be helpful to experience first hand the wall the community is so frustrated about even if it means artificially inflating a bunch of staff test accounts to get there.

                  In other words, what I'm proposing is setting up some accounts that start in the 150ish range and are ready to breed sapphires, then have them progress naturally just like the players have to.
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                Campus, as players level up tower in to the 40's and 50's, the game does not compensate this with more clocks and there are no new clocks to deal with the extreme time it takes to do anything.
                There should be 24 and 48 hour clocks. Breeding should take alot less tokens to get done.
                It should not take 50 days to do ANYTHING in a videogame. I would think PG would be worried that someone upgrades a level 50 tower, doesn't play for a month, and comes back to see if it's done yet. Everything takes way way too long with no way of speeding things up without spending a ridiculous amount of money.


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                  CampusLifer I'm going to try and put this into as few words as possible. And while my comments may strike Home with others I by no means intend to make it seem that everyone else's experience is the same as mine.

                  Call it what you will, I'm bored to tears. From level 6 to say 150 things move pretty constantly and quickly. You get new dragons regularly and even at times to quickly to level them fast enough. You see steady progress in building up your base too, but not overly fast if you're careful.

                  Then things go into a tailspin.

                  One tower build jumps you up a full level. But unless you've been saving clocks like a miser waiting for that tower to finish takes weeks. Same for infrastructure buildings like your breeding castle or forge but without the instant jump in level thankfully. So you don't build except during fortification events because it doesn't make sense to "waste" clocks unless you're getting prizes. And then you build more than you should usually to get those extra prizes and "help your team". The side effect of building to fast is simple. You soon find yourself unable to attack bases that give you maximum xp on your own and defeat them. The system is screwed up so that defeating a player equal to your level is barely worth anything, you have to look 20-30 levels higher which in most games is totally insane.

                  As for dragons you go from getting new dragons so fast you can barely level them to breeding between breed events to almost a dead stop. Not only does it take 2-4 events to breed a single dragon, it takes that many to level them high enough to breed. Trying to train your dragons takes constant begging for your teammates to help you due to the high levels of the bases you need to beat. And let's face it while we all try and be good teammates nobody likes to beg all the time of be begged all the time. So training your dragons, gets to be a drag. And once you work so hard to get them to breeding level you may get lucky and get another new one that's only good for breeding so you can keep moving up the chain. The maximum tower levels climb so fast and new towers are added so often most dragons are obsolete before we even get the chance to fly them.

                  I could go go on a lot more, but that covers a lot of my main points. So I'm bored. I'm sick of grinding away at a game where there's so little motivation to keep playing. And I'm also sick of the company who owns the game ignoring so many of our requests and pushing on with their agenda no matter what we say (see all the posts about killing the boats, which we all now know are tied to the new dragon riders so we know that's not going to happen). Thank goodness I'm only a training base now. I will hang in as long as I can, but basically unless this game makes a major change in direction I'm done and wish all the newer players luck sticking with it as long as I have.
                  What, me worry?


                  • Dravoz
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                    Well put. This game is dying.
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                  CampusLifer Here it is, in an easy to understand list:

                  1. Tower designs don't change from around lvl 30. That's just plain lazy.
                  2. base xp stops growing at around lvl 180-190
                  3. RSS packs don't scale up past 400k
                  4. RSS transfers don't scale up past 230k
                  5. speed ups don't scale up in chests and the highest are 12h ones, vs builds of 50+ days each.
                  6. research gets stuck at green tier, and even if you're rich af and out of things to breed, it ends at platinum
                  7. Event team prizes don't scale as promised by PG (D1 = D2, S1 = S2 =...)
                  8. no achievements available to claim after the "reach 200"
                  9. tokens and frag payouts never scaled up before either but frags are useless against 1100 frag eggs!!!
                  9.5. also, missions should most definitely scale at 140k-230k per dragon.

                  I'm sure I've missed some.

                  Not sure why I bothered writing this. I'm nearly certain nothing will change, for the better at least.
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                  • DragonHunter
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                    Yeah, couldn't agree more unfortunately

                  • m'Lady
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                    Ditto to what SilentOne said.

                  • Dravoz
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                    Don't forget diminishing returns for 'value packs'. $100 at level 100 gets you 5x as much as at level 250.