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Winter Season Proposal - less dragons, more fun with the ones we have already!

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  • Winter Season Proposal - less dragons, more fun with the ones we have already!

    Hi there,

    don´t hate me :-) I know that fall season didn´t even start ... but I´m trying to think one step ahead.
    Because most likely the design for next season is done, so I highly doubt that there will be any chance for us to influence it.

    Anyways, what do I want? I am enjoying Seasons... yes there are plenty of things to improve but overall it´s fun.

    What I do NOT like is being flooded with new Dragons. This is only a disctraction from the fact that following lineage Dragon is broken.
    Imagine a world without Event Dragons: hardly anyone of us would have Dragons to feed once you are in sapphire Tier. Dragons are usually expert before new one even hatches.
    We had 7 Dragons this season alone, that this is too much imo.

    So: I remember that basically everyone one of us has a "favorite" Dragon from the past. Is it Droy for you? Dima for her or Nightshade for him? Problem is we loved those Dragons but don´t use them anymore since they are stuck in a lower Tier.

    The idea is quiet simply: make one branch where you DO NOT obtain a new Dragon, but a universal evolution stones Platinum/Sapphire/Garnett/Emerald/Obsidian for an existing Dragon (of your choice)

    Of course details need to be discussed: Is this possible only for the generation of divine Dragons using evoltion Stones or those before? Might this system only work for divines or even for lineage dragons (I remember some people wanting Hauhset in a higher Tier... this might be the solutíon)

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    Hau was a great dragon, but over powered. Allowing that dragon to be made a higher tier would be disastrous. Maybe if they were universal Divine stones... Not many of the divines were over powered, at least not to the extent that Hau is. Plus i would like an obsidian Loch... i liked that dragon.


    • Indi123
      Indi123 commented
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      Mike NOOOOO. I usually agree with you but Hauh is only the best lead against max bases when it is a skilled flier. Defended, unless the flier is extremely advanced, he goes down like a sack of shit. Noc on the other hand... well I do love him but he is an iWin dragon which takes zero skill.

      I'd love to see a new Hauh... aka a lead hunter which takes skill to fly. And his skillset was unique and he was, and still is extremely fun to fly. And it's a joy watching the best fliers pilot him. I don't think he would be any more overpowered than Noc, but he would still require timing and good aim compared to Noc where you can just shoot your vines and grab and insta-win.

    • MikeGoN2GetU
      MikeGoN2GetU commented
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      haha Sorry indi its just how i feel about Hau. Maybe its just my jealousy coming out as i never bothered to learn to fly Hau as i kept thinking he was about to be obsolete and i got it late. I wont deny i like that Hau requires skill.. I just can't get behind a dragon that is that powerful when 3 tiers behind. I hated every Garnet because in comparison to HAU they were all garbage. Even the main line emeralds can't compare as a lead dragon. But there are other dragons that require skill. Morph was/is a great dragon for that. watching Caf fly that thing was a thing of Beauty. Your right about Noc though, Noc is the new Nightshade (hunter for dummies). My kind of hunter lol

      Yes i would like to see a complex hunter that is hard to fly but effective when you can, like Hau. Maybe just toned down a bit. I dont want Hau to be made an obsidian though. Perhaps PG will actually think about some dragons in the future and supply us with such a creature.

    • Kittens
      Kittens commented
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      Hau is op in the sense that it can punch above its weight class, but it also lets people still be relevant in diamond without spending 5 digits. Without it, 90% of diamond, other than the top 2 teams, would be interchangeable with lv 1 players against max bases. Die in one hit against a tower, let the big guy kill the whole base, and that's your war hit. At least with hau around, ordinary people can do something.

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    Don´t think only of Hauhset... that for sure is a Special case.
    Nightshade, Tarand, Skarr, Ebon, Sage, Phasmos, Morphos, Algor ... those are the ones I can think from the topps of my head!


    the old Divines like Droy, Dima, Lochsvur, Omarr, Bixi etc.


    Imagine in fact bringing a lineage Dragon you liked from the past to another Tier: Whale or Kelvin in Emerald Tier?


    • Rakic
      Rakic commented
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      I'd take an emerald or obsidian dima

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    i think an extra line of progressively more egg tokens would be fantastic. I'd be 100% ok with not getting another new divine and instead a crap ton of egg tokens.


    • Sparkneo
      Sparkneo commented
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      Haha, totally agree! Maybe all the prizes on the branch should be tokens and mystic frags. And timers

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    I was thinking of a Hau 2.0! It has a spell called Time Capture, which allows Hau 2.0 to travel back in time to aquire a spell from the past. In the beginning of the used Crumble To Dust (example), it costed 2 rage and was red spell. Then, you tap Time Capture again and you are back to the point where you first casted the spell. The time Capture spell slot is now a white crumble to dust that costs 0 rage. (Can use the spell that you pick up 2 times) This would also work with equipped spells. If this were to be in the game, I'd say 3 rage to use 😎.

    Spells: Time Capture, Noxious Vines, Crumble and Galvanic Overload
    IDK if this would be a good idea for a fun dragon that takes skill to fly. Just a thought...☺
    Maybe change Vines into Sand.


    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      You enjoy OP dragons don't you?
      Very strong combination of spells for sure

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    I'm going to throw my personal opinion out here, i'm sure a lot of spenders will disagree and i'm sure a lot of non-spenders will also disagree. So take from it what you will.

    I think that divine dragons have become way too much of a focus in the game, now that we are starting to have more divine dragons than standard dragons in our roster a lot of people are simply getting a dragon to level 8/12/16 and then benching him. They focus on what the absolute lowest cost/fastest way to get any of the next tier dragons for the sole purpose of leveling up their divine dragons, not so that they can enjoy a new tier but simply to be able to increase their divines. How is this fun anymore to progress through a breeding path when you simply DGAF which dragons you get because you have never ran them through a real base, only XP bases to train them to a non-useful level?

    Lowering the cost of tier dragons across the board will simply just allow players to get these divines faster (say a 50% decrease in frag cost per sapphire dragon, etc that is being discussed). I have wavered back and forth on this a few times now and now i'm sure of my answer. I think that we still need to breed a few legendary and one mythic dragon at full cost which is the key to unlocking these divine dragons to their next power level. After say 3-4 legendary and 1 mythic are bred then i think the cost should be reduced substantially by offering a variety of backbreed options such as Red has posted. I haven't dived into exactly which combinations make sense and their costing, but at least something along those lines is what makes sense to me.

    Now to get back on topic, I agree i think there needs to be less dragon focus and more on something else. The dragons offered (small amount) need to be equal or slightly higher in power to their tier dragon and should be dialed back in their level requirements so that you need more of the full tier in order to unleash their power. This could be by having the levels scale differently so that they are underpowered for the first ~5 levels of a tier they were evolved to and then once you breed 4 of the dragons they increase in power, or it could simply be a level requirement of the tier dragon (AKA you need a level 10 sapphire to level your sapphire divine to level X (divine underpowered until this point), then level 20 will unlock this next stage (divine same power as a level 20 tier drag), then level 30/expert would unlock the dragons full power (divine would now be more powerful since you have done the work to expert a tier dragon). This would help people get back on the topic of actually leveling their dragons to unlock power instead of throwing them to the wayside and having them be utterly useless.

    A few dragons for the winter season is always nice, but having a few variety branches such as PURE EGG TOKENS instead of dragons (5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, etc) would help players catch up, and players would actually spend money to obtain these prizes alongside a dragon of obsidian quality. The branches could actually have that 20% increase in cost if you only offered 2 dragons up for grabs, making it a tougher choice for free players if they wanted egg tokens or just another dragon in their roster. Another branch could contain fragments for these old divine dragons for collectors, it would have to be cheaper or start off by offering Lyth for the first drag, Ladon for the second, etc until the older divines were offered. I'm not talking about old season dragons, just the collector edition items that were before the Sigurd era. Players could then have their choice between old divines for collection sake, one quality dragon to obsidian, or a bunch of egg tokens to help get through these higher tier walls.

    Anyways i think i have said my peace on this topic, always appreciate comments/criticism and feedback on this. I'm sure there may be a backlash on some of the items so leave CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and we can possibly work out a better offering since i've probably missed a few sticking points while on this "rant"



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      SuperSax I like your idea
      Personally I would like three main seasonal dragons every season, for nonspenders to choose from and plus one extra to reward the spenders. New dragons are exciting if they are achievable.
      Bonus line can be replaced with your idea. it will be interesting to see the old folks.


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        Fewer dragons. Less money.


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          This is a cool post, that has a lot of time to prepare for...a whole entire season. I think maybe instead of releasing the same boring divines. Lvl 10 and 13 gain new spells, always evolve to highest tier and always have similar spells! Maybe they should release a divine dragon in the normal tiers (not divine then) but seasonal. Red tier will have one - evolves to blue at MAX, Orange Tier will have one - evolves to gold at MAX, Platinum will have one - evolves to Emerald at Max and Obsidian should have their own. This will probably get a lot of criticism and complaints but this will not only allow new dragons to be in the normal tiers, it will also allow new players to get special season dragons.

          I suggest that you can breed these dragons with tokens, but get the stones in the seasonal branches. And as most people want, more egg tokens. So most of the prizes in the branch will be tokens.


          • Sparkneo
            Sparkneo commented
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            Kind of off topic, but will the tiers ever end? PG keeps introducing new tiers and every single tier stays. Same thing with divines, does anyone know of a solution that could stop the over populated dragons?

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          Divine dragons used to be special and rare. If you were lucky they released one every 4-6 months.

          Then they hey figured out that people would PAY MONEY to get more dragons, especially very powerful ones. So they started releasing them monthly. After a while we complained and asked them to slow down the pace of new dragon releases. They promised they would...

          The game as it is now...

          Their answer was "Seasons". Now instead of a new dragon every month they release 4-6 in a 3 month "season". Instead of slowing down they actually increased the release of new dragons. Why you may ask? Because there are some fools out there that will throw ridiculous amounts of money out the window to own every new dragon in the game.

          Let me briefly explain the fools remark. You don't actually own anything in the game. If you read the agreements and all the fine print PG owns it all and can at any time for any reason they decide is a good one and without notice take it all away from you. All you own for all that money is use of the game content you paid for, for as long as they decide they want to let you use it.

          Bottom line is this. As long as there are people playing this game with more money than common sense they will not stop releasing new dragons. They also will not stop doing weekly events or adding more useless junk to the game. They are after all in business to make money, and there's nothing wrong with that. So pull out those credit cards boys and girls because that's all they care about.
          Last edited by CaptainC; 08-26-2017, 07:57 AM.
          What, me worry?


          • CaptainC
            CaptainC commented
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            This season we have Kinnarus, Borgian, Zamrok, Merkt, Drakius, and the final insult Nydryr. A total of 6. Most seasons we have 4. One from each class and a mythic. So I stand by my math. LOL

          • Dakhunter
            Dakhunter commented
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            oops. Misread that line. My bad . But yeah. it's too much for nonspender and moderate spenders to get even two full dragon

          • Sparkneo
            Sparkneo commented
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            Now that I think of it, we had 6 divines!! Way to many! They should remove the bonus and Nydryr. If this continues for a year, we would have 24 divines. Imagine how crowded the divines would be. Divines should be rarer than normal dragons but it's the opposite.

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          If you missed out on a dragon it should just be bad luck, move on.

          I do agree with all those who think there should be less dragons available.

          Gone are the days when divines were a special thing to work for. Now they are the main line in the game.
          But fear not, at some point we will all be sailing boats and all these dragons we've worked for will be close to being completely irrelevant!
          As CaptainC points out, PG has every right to take it all away from us and give us something completely different.