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New update 😳

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  • New update 😳

    We saw dragon riders and 3 new mythical dragons on someone's account.
    what is it?
    new update which accidentally became able for some ppl,or beta test?😳
    Can you comment it ,please?
    EggToken PGJared
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    First one
    Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.


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      So it looks like every dragon can have a rider, and every rider have something special ... Maybe healing, boosting and so on ?


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        Hi. I'm not sure what you're referring to. Where did you see this?


        • Itsmexoxo(Darina)
          Itsmexoxo(Darina) commented
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          One guy have it .
          And after this glitch he lost Merkuis (it disappeared even from his breeding castle) also he can't buy packs and his game freezing time to time....
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        • Itsmexoxo(Darina)
          Itsmexoxo(Darina) commented
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          Can you help the owner of this account(who found all this things) please!🙏🏻
          He have a huge list of glitches because of this

          He haven't forum account so he ask me to help

          "1. It crash all the time
          2. When i use kinnarus, dodo freeze. ( alot of times he die )
          3. I cant join diffends or attacks in war because it says i am on a new version
          4. I can see all the new obsidian dragons
          5. I can see the riders
          6. Merkt disapear from my devines
          7.runes dissapear ( everything called leathal barrier ) the one on sage just dissapear
          8. I can only buy 2 packs ; a 5$ (625 rubies) and a 100$(17.500 rubies)
          9. I cant do egg runs for kinnarus because it freeze
          And its been almost 48 hrs that pg dont reply to my messages


          Thank you in advice!🤗
          I wrote here because he send the ticket over then 48 hours ago and still haven't any answers.
          He worried about loosing progress in event and game.

        • Suma
          Suma commented
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          I dont see the Problem into disappearing Merkt?
          He wasnt worth my money.
          He should be thankful. There are better Dragons to do your Runs.

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        Thanks for catching this. Checking up on what's going on here now.


        • Dravoz
          Dravoz commented
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          5 hours later...

        • Dakhunter
          Dakhunter commented
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          8 hours later *in the pirate's voice in Spongebob Squarepant*

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        I feel like this is just more money they increase in gameplay...


        • gaza8143
          gaza8143 commented
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          EggToken I think we all realise that you need to protect and grow your market share. ( If you dont then other companies will swoop in )

          However you also dont have to monetize every new feature. You can add 'free' content from time to time.

          I think Panda has a valid point, all of the features that have been implemented lately have had a high cost, so I can see where he is coming from

          - New Leagues reduced most teams ability to earn rewards. The top 10,000 players were in Sapphire earning decent prizes now 1/3rd of the palyers are there. Thr other 2/3 are fighting for scraps in Platinum and Gold.

          -Then you increased the costs of the season event prizes by 25% and nerfed many of the contents, i.e less gold chests, less frags etc. Cost has increased every season!

          -Never mind CHOOSING to make the new fire flak tower use embers which ppl have very few of instead of fire shards.

          - Then making new currencies for perches that dilute other currencies with tiny drops of pearls that award less points than fire / ice in fort events

          - Then nerf gold chest contents. 90 health pots in a gold used to be the case then reduced to 60 then 30 then 25 and now 20. Eggs were 5k a pop now they are 3k for legendary. Etc etc etc.

          - Then you nerf event prizes. My 2nd ever event the middle prize had 1000 rubies and 15 energy packs. Most energy events don't have this many energy packs in an entire prize structure these days and that was the 5th or 6th prize to collect!!

          - Then a year ago you told us you would stop doing divine dragons and every month you said there would be no more divine dragons and here we are with holy shit 7.

          - add in Sapphire and above breeding walls, charging us 5k rubies for last season super sigil chest when you said it would be 4k? Gouging us 10k runies for super rune chests.

          - level 60 towers , no new timers to build them.

          And you ask us why we are upset?

          Let me re phrase it , you get married are happy for 2 years and then you find out that your partner has shagged half the street and mortgaged your house to fuel his/her gambling addiction and then asks you whats wrong babe why are you so angry and cynical?

        • kenshiki
          kenshiki commented
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          - New Leagues reduced most teams ability to earn rewards. The top 10,000 players were in Sapphire earning decent prizes now 1/3rd of the players are there. Thr other 2/3 are fighting for scraps in Platinum and Gold.

          pretty sure almost everyone wanted this to be implemented. The only thing that wasn't implemented was the event rewards adjusting the leagues that you are in.

        • gaza8143
          gaza8143 commented
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          kenshiki I agree I think the majority of payers wanted this implemented, myself included.

          The original concept I saw didn't reduce 90% of thr players rewards.

          The rolled old version basically halved the majority of team loot received by most of the players. Which is fine if everything else is adjusted down but everything became more expensive.

          I guess the jury is out until it is 100% implemented but my initial thoughts are this is not a win for the majority of players.

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        Judging from the FB live and FB posts, this is happening, soon.....


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          What has PG done for players(customers) lately?


          • War fan
            War fan commented
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          EggToken I wouldn't say every post is negative. I am just telling you how I, and probably others feel. Maybe try doing things that DON'T make us feel that way? I understand fully it is a business but all players are looking for is VALUE. Instead, the idea seems to be to try and force people to spend while playing off their need to compete which can only go so far.

          What as the last truly new event? Everything is based on increasing inner fire and energy.
          You ran the Assault Event ONE TIME before you tried to monetize it to be about spending.
          The feeding is a major event? All it is...a way to gem dragons and burn food packs.
          You do nothing but increase build times and have done NOTHING about the amount or the duration of timers. When builds took 10d we had 12 hour clocks. Now things take 60-122d and guess what....almost the same number of clocks.
          Dragons take more and more food and xp, yet have farms gone up in level to allow for more food production to scale with this?
          You added the in-game gifting option which has done nothing but give rise to people who sell packs using either currency manipulation, stolen credit cards, or hacked accounts. You condemn it, yet...before this option existed, did you even hear about people selling packs?

          All I am saying is this: What was the last addition to the game designed to give players true VALUE and not try and squeeze them for money? Any changes in innovative gameplay or interaction? No, just new levels/towers or some kind of consumable so you can further dilute gold chests with items people don't need. Trust me, every time you do something I keep hoping you are going to do something that makes people WANT to play more and want to spend money in a meaningful way but instead in almost every instance it moves in the exact opposite manner. If you want me to just tell you that I agree with it, that isn't ever going to happen. You have managed to alienate almost every long time player to the level that the only thing holding them in is their bond with other people and teams. So for that, I commend you for sure. If someone else made a game with this level of teamwork and social interaction and wasn't a company focused on driving profit while ignoring player sentiment, I think a lot of people would be gone. So far, no dice, so in that regard you have created something highly addictive that most other companies have not been able to create.

          Even prizes, they used to be done in a way that if a player committed themselves to it they could come out ahead. Now, you almost have to choose between screwing your team, struggling to barely get the personal achievement done, or just throwing a bunch of money at the game. I get P&L but...what happened to strategy, teamwork, the grind on some level? You are even attempting to sabotage teamwork but making it all about PERSONAL spending.

          I am sure the response is going to be...we are working on it but after watching the same slide for over two years...I am not sure what you expect?
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          • Panda
            Panda commented
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            Well yes and an app it is as far down the top games chart as I have seen it for a while. I can't speak for all but I know since I realized that I was competing against people who hack, cheat, buy accounts, buy dodgy packs and whatever else I haven't as much and at least pushed for others to do so too. Perhaps the increase in rabid focus on profit comes from people leaving the game and doing just that and it is causing a loss of revenue? Just a theory.

          • Owlrager
            Owlrager commented
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            It could well be, admittedly I dont follow where wd is on the charts so perhaps revenue is down atm. I got the feeling people were spending as much as ever based on how many high lvl obsidians I see everyday among other things. I do agree with your post, it just seems like trying to change things via this forum amounts to pissing in the wind anymore.

          • Panda
            Panda commented
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            Oh it most likely is...but then I also see a ton of people get banned as its hard to say how many there really are.

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          Hi. I actually don't understand the feedback in this thread. As far as I know, we're discussing a feature which isn't formally announced. I see a couple of blurry pictures --- what is the negative feedback referring to? Can someone post a link to the thing which is generating this feedback?


          • Dravoz
            Dravoz commented
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            We are all assuming this new feature will be a blatant money grab. Why? Because that's what history tells us. Then Eggtoken complains that Panda is being too cynical. Look at his last post then tell me why his cynicism is unjustified.
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          > All I am saying is this: What was the last addition
          > to the game designed to give players true VALUE
          > and not try and squeeze them for money? Any
          > changes in innovative gameplay or interaction? No,
          > just new levels/towers or some kind of consumable
          > so you can further dilute gold chests with items
          > people don't need.

          Hi panda. We've worked pretty hard on the worldmap and made a bunch of interation on the gameplay based on player feedback (much of it, specifically from you).

          doesn't it have pretty different gameplay? If anything it might have gone too far. It's hard to argue weren't not doing anything on the innovation front. Yes, it's not fully released to everyone yet, but that's because doing new innovative things is hard and it takes a bunch of iteration to get to something decent. Yes, it's not awesome yet and still has a bunch of problems --- but we've been working hard and long on it and changing it based on player feedback. It might not be on the mark yet, but isn't this a proof point that we're investing resources in attempting to do exactly what you're saying?
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          • Dravoz
            Dravoz commented
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            Of course you ignore all the actual points he raises. But World Map - yay!

          • odie1993
            odie1993 commented
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            The player base does not want the world map. you are talking about a new game not an addition to this game.

          • War fan
            War fan commented
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            The world map, IF it ever gets implemented, has been a YEAR in "beta".

            Yes, you want this right, BUT… The initial portion could have been released 6 months ago. THEN you could have had a second version that you work on with new beta players,

            Have you guys done this? No.

            The Salvage shop has been in existence for at least 5 months. Where is it? It too should have been released 3 months ago, when you decided that it was working as advertised. Tweaking the contents could have come later.

            Also no new update as to its status or release date, either.

            Have you guys done this? No.

            So please excuse us long-timers for being cynical.

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          Dravoz: how does my response ignore his points? My read of his post is that he feels we haven't been working on anything new/innovative. The worldmap is the top thing we've been doing in that area. If you don't consider that new/different from the existing game, I'm not sure what would fit the bill.


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            So when is all this innovation going to be seen by the majority of the player base?
            Apart from content which seems to leak out inappropriately from your new game, we haven't seen any changes to the game which we play.

            We are bored with the repetition of the current game, same events, new tiers, higher tower levels, all getting further and further out of our reach.
            But we haven't seen any innovative changes from where we play.
            You haven't even managed to release the Salvage Shop to the rest of us yet, the original post started out with someone asking about what they had seen. Now we are asking when will we all be seeing something new.

          • Marvin Lamb
            Marvin Lamb commented
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            You have not even attempted to fix wars in ages, bugs with them, the idiotic defenses and the way the do not truly represent how a team is doing. I view this game as about DRAGONS and WARS. The events are more of a break from wars, too bad the events all suck so bad.

            In fact thinking about it, events are SERIOUSLY becoming pay-to-play in and of themselves with their own premium currency (inners and energy).

          • VirNinja
            VirNinja commented
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            Has anything from beta actually been released in the game? So 80-90% of your player base has seen nothing new. You've had beta for over a year and we have seen nothing from it. Maybe if you focused on pleasing the 80-90 percent instead of the 10-20 you guys wouldn't have so many pissed off players posting on the forums or quitting the game. Just a thought.

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          Originally posted by CampusLifer View Post
          Dravoz: how does my response ignore his points? My read of his post is that he feels we haven't been working on anything new/innovative. The worldmap is the top thing we've been doing in that area. If you don't consider that new/different from the existing game, I'm not sure what would fit the bill.
          Nobody gives a crap nor likes Beta. This where the main problem lays. You guys are blinded by the Beta that only YOU care about. Meanwhile the rest of the entire game has been suffering for months.

          You are one poke away from killing the game. Forget about Beta already.


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            Pg needs to give up on the beta, it is trash..


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              I agree with the points he raised. Maybe these problems don't belong to this thread, but that does not invalidate those points. Not at all.

              Gaming industry have grown and we do have to realize what type of game this is.

              Candy crush is a silly game in my eyes. I'm sure it's very fun in many other peoples eyes. They have found a way to generate top revenue with very little here and there purchases.

              i do understand that a deeply strategic game as War Dragons, on a mobile platform, is destined to have less players than those games as angry birds or candy crush. And this the revenue generating model must be a little different too.

              no matter what you do, there will always be people to top the base tower level, have a maxed base, breed all the dragons. So if not getting to the end game is a goal, I'm seeing a decent amount of players who do get to the end game very soon after the release. So regardless of how much they spend, end game is still reachable and are reached fast.

              If not getting to the end game is a goal, make it near impossible, so all can struggle.

              if end game is reachable, a decent number of people who got there fast, shouldn't be the reason why the cost needs to be increased - we can't be screwed with other people spending. If we are screwed by ourselves not able to spend as much, that's fine. But again, we shouldn't be screwed due to a few who always spend. A point here is assuming that the data you use to increase costs are based on how fast and how many are reaching the end game, and in turn push the end game further.

              The reason why for this is:

              a base full of lvl 60s aren't meant for emeralds. Some can still get decent 5 flames, but that's huge waves in order to get no defenders and even then it could be difficult.

              When a team have multiple maxed bases, huge waves are the almost the only way to win, to get an undefended attack.

              then, tower levels equivalent to dragon tiers. Get obsidian or emerald at least, to even scratch those bases.

              diamond is getting 1k+ tokens per day, which is great. I don't need tokens personally, but for those who are trying to move up as a team, how much do they have to spend to move up in this fierce competition? They get 250 tokens a day, like they're punished pretty hard for being what, weak? diamond could potentially earn even more tokens a day, but increase token availability for all so those who don't see hope, can see some hope.

              We arent talking about big success like starting up a company like Amazon. It's a strategy game, winning in a strategy game is fun. Now the strategy part is being diluted by what spending can do and what not spending can't do. That's the point. Please do read and consider the feedbacks.

              It's a very fun game. Hope War Dragons stay around forever and stay as fun as it has always been.

              CampusLiferPanda ​​​​​​
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              • PernDragon
                PernDragon commented
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                I completely agree with you Tony. It seems to me like the new way the league changes are done is creating a barrier between the upper leagues and the lower ones. And for a strategy game, they have now made it impossible to estabish alliances. As for what they are doing to the is literally killing the game. Tug of War was ridiculous. Every round became a case of who wanted to spend the most to win it. They took away the bonus meter and valor boosts that helped the players who do not spend that much, and gave us the megacoin which let players that do spend literally obliterate the competition in the last minutes of the round, with no way to beat that, except to spend yourself. The rune chests are a complete joke. They gave us Nydryr, with a lower level spell set, and only two weeks to get everything for it...complete money grab, with not even a decent dragon to show for it. I know many teams and many leaders and what I see happening is they are putting so much pressure on the players that do spend, to spend even more...usually that is leaders and officers. And those leaders and officers are getting fed up and quitting the game altogether. I see it happening all over, but especially in platinum. PG is pushing out their mid level player base...the players that spent on a regular basis, but only reasonable amounts, like $99 a month. I used to spend $99 a month on this game. Now it takes me $500 to get the same results, and more than that at the beginning and end of new seasons to get the stuff I want. I got all the event dragons for the last year...until this season. This season, I gave up trying...the cost was just too much. And you know me Tony...I am a dragon whore...I have to have them for me to not get an event dragon...that says a lot since I have thousands of dollars invested in this game. I am even more dissapointed with PG's customer service. For the amount of money I spend on this game, I don't think it is too much to ask to have customer service people who at least know how the game works. They don't! I have to explain in detail every issue I report to them over numerous entries in the log, before they understand. I asked a simple question what level do each of the towers unlock? CS tried to tell me I should be able to build a dark flak tower at level 4...they insisted that was the case! I just could not even believe it. I ended up creating a new account so I could get the information on my own to put in one of our wiki documents. PG needs to find a balance so they do not lose their main player base...which I already see happening. I am all for spending money on this game, but there needs to be a reasonable payback for that money...and it needs to allow for those who cannot afford to spend as much, but still want to do well in the game. The way I see it, it should be possible for a player over level 75 to get everything for one event dragon per season if they work hard at the events. Anything more than that should require a monetary amount to achieve it. There has to be an incentive for players who cannot spend much to play...and their needs to be incentive for the players who do spend, to keep spending...and that is by not asking us to progressively spend more each season to get the same result. For example...all the event dragons for Winter 2016 probably cost me $500 to get, with me doing very well in the events and clearing at least 2/3rds of the prizes every time. Last season cost me proably $1000 to get the same result. This season I have spent at least $1000 and I am going to be lucky if I get everything for 2 dragons. And stop teasing us with new things that never get world map and salvage shop. And listen to your players...Pixxel says it all the time on her videos...the most requested thing is for the old event dragons to be brought back....SO DO IT ALREADY! I will not be spending any more for new event dragons I do not need at this point. But I loved Sigurd, and Skarr...I would pay to get the rest of their stones, if it were only possible! PG I implore you...bring some sanity back to this game!
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