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Group Chat Control

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  • Group Chat Control

    Currently anyone that creates a Group Chat Controls who is invited or kicked out. This is fine until that person leaves the game or the chat. Then someone is randomly given the control. Is it possible to add a feature to the group chat so several players have the rights to administer? Or at least a promotion option to turn control over?

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    It's not random, by the way. Control goes to the person who joined the room first.

    Just create a new group 🤷*♀️
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    • Thatguy472
      Thatguy472 commented
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      Creating a new group sounds like a great idea, until you have 5 GCs and 50 players to re-add to 5 new ones. Even just 2 is annoying.

    • TheRedDelilah
      TheRedDelilah commented
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      Sounds like a team thing going in that situation, Thatguy472 . If people are making GC for team goings on, just make sure you invite the officers first and don't invite any members until the officers join. That way if the leader quits the GC for whatever reason, an officer will have control.

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    I would do the same as Red. If the office or leader sets the chat up this issue should happen less. If your getting that many people leave to keep changing the chat something ain't quite right.


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      Agree this functionality would be good. It's on our backlog, but not near the top (because people don't ask for it as often as other things like fixing airplane-mode exploits)


      • LORE7087
        LORE7087 commented
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        I understand that the loopholes and security risks be addressed first. I am glad that you all take that approach also. Thanks for making having this issue on the list.