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Runic Chests - GazaStyle

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  • Runic Chests - GazaStyle

    As a 'light to medium' spender I couldn't purchase a runic chest and my main issue was when I looked at the contents they just did not stack up very well vs Gold chests which to me are runic chests direct competition for rubies spent.

    What I dont like about Runic Chests :
    - With the exeception of divines there are only spells for my red to green dragons. Nothing for my golds, platinums or sapphires.
    - Even if I was lucky and earned a rage rune my dragon is likely to be benched after 4-8 weeks as I have to keep pace with new dragon releases.

    8k for runes I mostly cant use or for runes I will use for a month or two? No thanks!! Ill take my 25 gold chests every day of the week.

    What would get Gaza to spend? Easy - give me some value for money, Gaza loves a good deal!!!

    Gaza's Runic Chests ( pack of 10 buy ):

    6x Gold Chests
    4x Rune Chests

    Price : 5k ( 1k premium on gold chests )

    Gold Chests
    - 1x guaranteed drop of Sigils
    - 1x guaranteed current event item
    - 4x random drops

    of the 6 drops 4 are epic and 2 are legendary. (Guaranteed)

    No base boosts in the drops please.

    Rune Chests
    - 1x guaranted Rage Rune
    - 3x random runes

    - All runes to be valid to my current tier. I.e if I am on Sapphire dragons no wind wall, fireball etc.

    - 3 of 4 to be epic. 1 of 4 to be Legendary (80% chance ) or Mythic (20% chance )

    i.e I should see a mythic Rune every 5th pull.

    This proposal is at the right price point and if I get 4 shite runes at least the gold chests should cheer me up or vice versa a mythic useful rune makes up for 6 poor gold drops.

    Event Drop :
    Pvp Event - Energy Pack or Inner Fire
    Fort - Timers or Wood
    Breed - Eggs

    I think Free players, light to medium players would find this of some value. Whales probably dont want sigils so maybe if a whale has unlocked all sigil items on all branches it grants a free gold chest. ( so whale can use it as and when needed. )


    I'm likely to be the only person that likes this idea and will get flamed alive so with that ill adorn my flame retardent suit and brace for impact!!

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    The appropriate price levels for the items probably will be a big discussion. But I agree with you that runic chests doesn't worth it.

    personally I think they worth only 4K rubies.

    as for the content, I won't keep any hope for guaranteed drop. I just think why couldn't they just keep things simple and limit the rune types to the following.

    1. Strikers and frenzies for each tower type.
    2. Rage and wisdom.
    3. Increase damage, duration, or heal of spell that. Applies to any spell.
    4. Resists for each tower.

    I'm pretty sure there will be less complains with this and there will be no need to develop new runes every time new spells are introduced.


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      Yes yes yes yes yes - I would throw my rubies at this
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        This seems too good to be true, considering all of the times I have purchased any types of chests with rubies. If they implement your idea, I'd be more than happy to load them packs up!
        great suggestion!