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Elemental Ember Weekend

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  • Elemental Ember Weekend

    A step in the right direction at least to address the serious shortage of embers compared to fire and ice shards - could I ask PGJared or Echo if possible to clarify whether as well as the increased AMOUNT in a chest drop, there will also be an increased DROP RATE of embers too?

    Reason for asking is that currently the drop rate is exceedingly low as a percentage of other items dropped (for me anyway) and the in-game advert doesn't state whether or not the rate will change.


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    That's how they work don't you realize it? Waiting for everyone to spend all their embers and open chests to find more ember for the fire flak... Then suddenly announce it very last minute to encourage people to spend more 🤷*♂️ and without revealing the drop rate of the boosted item (remember double sigils week?).
    So yeah, continue spending people 😂🤣


    • Flames0
      Flames0 commented
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      Oh, absolutely, I learnt a while back that information is selectively omitted to encourage the lemming-dive into the big spending abyss, hence my question here, posted more out of principle and to expose the cunning methods rather than anticipation of an answer that would encourage me to spend anything.

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    WTF no this is not cool at all they did this after everyone spent rubies and chests to get more $??


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      The chance of dropping, and the drop rate have both been increased.


      • Dakhunter
        Dakhunter commented
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        What's the % do you know of hand? Per say if I open 10 gold, what is the chance of getting one epic drop of ember?
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      • Argonaut
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      • Jeff8682
        Jeff8682 commented
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        During normal fort drop rate, it is right under 2% when I have done the numbers off my pulls. They always refuse to give the rates though because they know most wouldn't even bother at that point.

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      i already send this to support too... but its ridiculous to do this now...
      almost everyone is already done with the build event, build events prime time is the first day then basically everyone has run out of speed ups. so everyone has opened their reward chests and used he rewarded rubies already, and NOW you guys put in that ember bonus. Support told me the height of this event is the weekend, but its not.
      im sorry but this is just stupid and a way to get more money out of everyone.


      • CaptainC
        CaptainC commented
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        But this is how they ALWAYS work. Never forget to follow the money!

        What they want is for you to use up all your stock of everything. Then you have to buy rubies to get more. If you're not a spender or have already spent all you can afford they don't care. They only care about how to separate the ones who do still have money from it.

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      I think lots of people (even some whale spenders) complain that the gold chests gave terrible payout in this event.
      I think PG simply reduce the good payout in gold chests before weekend and then raise them to normal or slightly higher in the weekend.
      Good strategy!!


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        btw if anyone is curious, I opened 40 gold chests and got about 5k elemental embers.