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    Just throw in this EPIC EMBER SUPER DROP WEEKEND from chests....opened 24 golds and got a whopping 300 embers. Gold chests still giving garbage prizes for the time and energy spent to accumulate them (or the rubies necessary).


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      Originally posted by Isaiah264 View Post
      Just throw in this EPIC EMBER SUPER DROP WEEKEND from chests....opened 24 golds and got a whopping 300 embers. Gold chests still giving garbage prizes for the time and energy spent to accumulate them (or the rubies necessary).
      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


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        EggToken Echo A huge issue I see is you release dragons you also have to release keep increasing the cost of towers needed to stop these dragons. The need for an increase in timers has been stated before but has ultimately been ignored. Unless your goal is the always increase cost at a steady rate with no relief to offest? Or what exactly is the plan here?


        • Rakic
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          To bleed your bank account dry would be my guess.

        • Spooky
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          Indeed. The price curve and release cadence is being set by the top .01 of spenders/hackers and the clock requirements for upper level towers are insane. Even the whales on my team (10k+, in some cases +++) are getting upset at the utter greed on display with the recent trends. Hopefully it won't be too late once you push them too far and they start leaving the game.

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        CampusLifer Hey, thanks for your responses. Your passion is appreciated.
        • FireFlak tower
        I'm still about 3-6 months to get my dark flak up to level 45. For me, the tower doesn't seem useful enough for the cost and time needed, at the moment.
        • Obsidian tier
        • Emerald Mythics ( Dissapate , Berserk, Elemental Shield)
        Mentioning the new tiers is just salt in an open wound. For us non-whales, we can talk about them in 2 years maybe?? Obsidian can't even be properly checked by max base's, a developer or management decision that leaves a mark on your team's reputation.
        • Mail UX improvements & threaded mail
        It's more useful than the old layout. I was expecting the ability to see all messages in a list and select them on my own. Having to scroll with arrow buttons thru a whole conversation is just slightly better than the old system. But, progress is appreciated.
        • Party Bonus
        Everyone was pretty happy with it when it was released, LC got pretty negative when the feeding event ended and the party xp was nerfed. Would love to hear a user analytics case for the nerf versus the user experience case for encouraging more attack assists.
        • @mentions in chat
        Useful, but it's annoying when people disable it and you don't have a way to ping them to get back on. Would be nice to see the permission system expanded.
        • Assault Event
        I like the Assault Event, don't have the dragons to finish the top bases. The update to the event was overshadowed by the Tug of War controversy. The prizes were really weak. Without the mythic rune for clearing all 50, I think people would have used minimal energy and then went back to saving. The process for dragon selection needs to be improved. Would be nice to have a list of dragons under 25% power in the event/base ui?, to reduce the amount of pen and paper or spreadsheet usage.


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          After reading feedback from players in this thread, I feel as if there is a huge disconnect between PG and the players. This happens with all games when the finish line begins to move faster and faster. Add spending bonuses ( bonus embers), after your players that have done their share of supporting your hard working developers, have already spent. Then when players in this thread provide feedback about their experience, they are met with what I consider to be unprofessional responses. It doesn't give the impression to those that contribute to your bottom line are valued.

          The ONE thing you should be doing to show that you value your players is provide a great experience. Original post hit the nail right on the head. It's getting boring.


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            Fire Flak= trash
            Obsidian=idk not there yet
            Mail= nice but could have done without
            Party bonus= nice add in
            @= good for team playing
            Emerald mystics= idk not there
            Assault event= has improved a lot and good addition( suggestion upping annihilation prizes)

            Beta is still boring.. I just left a beta team and only miss the stuff from merchants ( understand how it is still a work in progress, needs a lot of help before it will help the game)


            Have y'all thought about putting an island called treasure chest island? You go to this island to open chest.. it will have the normal bronze, silver, gold chest, but could have a kings chest ,with less junk like boost in them, that can be purchased when people spend money (kind of a turn off when you spend $50, $100, or more sometimes to open chest that you get a lot of boost in them, in my opinion boost are only worthy of bronze chest)
            For graphics you could have a lot of baby dragons looking like Raptors running around guarding a chest
            (This island would never leave but some content in it may have time of none use for the change of content in the chest)


            • SilentOne
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              They animated the chest opening screen once, we all got fed up with the same animation, making the actual activity of opening chests take longer because we had to wait for the dragon animation to finish first. So if they go with something like this, it better be well thought out and not be a watch our fancy graphics time waster.

            • Texreb
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              Oh no animation, that was lame.. the Raptor dragons I was talking about would be like the little people on the game sept just a little bigger

            • Texreb
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              PGJared CampusLifer EggToken Echo Just food for thought

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            I'd like a new dragon in diamond tier that is just a credit card with wings.


            • Lutrus
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              No the wings are credit cards. Get a sponsor from MasterCard and visa.

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            By something new perhaps we should be more specific and say War Dragons related. Any reference to the beta is nonsense - it has as much in common with War Dragons as Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, which btw are earning 18x and 7x the daily revenue respectively with only 50% more daily downloads. Why? Because they invest in improving relevant player experience AND understand micro-purchasing behaviours. If you want the big bucks pay bloody attention. Stop focusing on the wrong part of your player base and using them as guinea pigs. You have the single most sophisticated game of its kind. A potential behemoth. What a waste. Wish Blizzard owned it
            Last edited by DaBomb; 08-12-2017, 10:08 AM. Reason: Added shout out to Blizzard lol


            • DaBomb
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              Pun intended? lol

            • ITIL
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              So... instead of heal pots, pay $1 for each extra dragon? x.x

            • DaBomb
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              Not quite 😂 but there has to be better value and it needs to start lower in price. $1 packs, $3 packs and $5 packs that are enticing and advance parts of the game a fraction more than the current $5 pack. They're on the right track with the "randomly offered" $1 packs but they're a little too big for the price. Make the $1 pack slightly more than what the $5 pack sits at now and scale up from there. They'll fly off the shelves. Also, either boost the benefit of Elite, reduce its price, or offer a slightly more expensive 2nd tier (Elite / Premium) as someone suggested in another thread. Make it worth it though - don't "PG" it.

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            No matter what's said here, PG is still totally out of touch it seems.

            Im not going to lump others in here, just my own feelings.

            1) Boats, don't care, don't want them, totally not what I'm looking for in a War DRAGONS game! When the world map was first mentioned there was a huge amount of speculation on my team at the time. What we had hoped for was a variety of base layouts, something to add spice to the game. The boats were a huge disappointment. And from what I read in the beta part of the forum they still are. Most who I talk to outside of the forum say they only want the beta for the free stuff, they hate it.

            2) New tower types, I like this. As always some will live up to their promise and some won't. But it's cool seeing new stuff. The negative for me is there's getting to be to many currencies in the game. Lumber and food were the standard for ages. Now we need elemental embers, fire and ice shards, black pearls, evolution stones, and who can begin to guess what else in the future. Combine this with the fact that some people have way to many of some items, while others have a hard time getting enough. And there's not even a way to share or gift them with your teammates like you can lumber and food.

            3) New dragons, who cares! I'm not dumping tons of money into the game so I will never see most of them. It's been said and discussed many times that the rate that egg tokens are awarded needs to scale with player level. PG can figure out how to scale everything else, why not this? Heck they don't even give different level players the same amounts of lumber and food when they buy value packs. I'd love to see McDonalds try and get away with that one. "You only weigh 100 pounds, that's why your BigMac is half the size of that guy that weighs 250 pounds. Never mind that they are the exact same price."

            Bottom line, at this rate I'll never see these new dragons.

            So yes as Panda has said the game has gotten boring. I don't even enjoy flying most days anymore I mainly log in to chat with friends. And soon I won't even be doing that much.
            Last edited by CaptainC; 08-12-2017, 10:42 AM. Reason: Proof reading and editing...
            What, me worry?


            • Rakic
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              Hear hear....just had a long time friend and a player that is fairly well known on the forums quit just today. We can look forward to another wave of players quitting in the near future.

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            I'm also getting bored of this game too, being less active nowadays.

            Pvp events are getting tiring and efforts being put in are getting less rewarding.

            To get a new dragon I must wait at least two month.

            Not much motivation to raid for resources due to less new dragons and level cap by tiers. (Stalled at sapphire tier for half a year...)

            I've been trying to train my weaker dragons for training event, but that's just hitting farm over and over. Not much fun.

            Base level increase also slowed down a lot since after level 40, you need ridiculous amount of speed ups and you have taken away 12hr speed ups from salvage shops.

            Not much motivation for wars either, since if you go up too high, events get too tough.

            While I'm a low spender and may be there aren't so much incentive for you to support a player like me, I think you do need to keep an effort to make all the player base interested in the game. Or else you will lose your big spenders eventually, since the game will be less interesting if there are less players.


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              When I said something new I really didn't see more expensive dragons and towers as a positive 😂😂😂


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                PGJared Echo CampusLifer

                Arround March 2016 there was a healingfree week or weekend .... That was great so people was able to play and play with 1 dragon as long as they could, it was a nice XP, item and ressources hunt overall.

                I think you could look about some old good events as we have assault now....
                We had it in that days too , where it wasnt much necessary , just time and effort to win more.

                Give it a try and win peoples satisfaction back.
                For "new" kind of events there are probably much ideas, the thing is do you need them at least or not .

                But look back and take some cool features back in game ! You did it with 1st food event after long time ( 2nd was a disaster) , and the mini event aswell.
                So firstly....
                - give us a non healing time week again :P