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  • Event dragon locked

    I have Zamrok at level 25..He evolves at level 29. Game will not let me level him to that point with xp and food..I dont even care if i dont have the next evolve stone, but i would like to at lease get him to that stage..After hitting the train button, is says i need to breed another legendary Platinum drag in order to evolve him. I dont want to evolve,,just level him to that point. Why cant i go past 25?

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    Even to train them to certain levels you have to have certain types of their regular tier counterparts.

    For example, my Drakius is level 48(Emerald). However, I can't level him more until I have a Mythic Emerald from the regular line.


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      It told you to breed a second platinum legendary dragon so my gut feeling is to tell you to breed a secondary legendary dragon. Just my initial hunch though.

      I'm not sure if it is obtain the egg or full hatching is required, I've never been capped by dragon tier level :/


      • Dakhunter
        Dakhunter commented
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        You have to fully hatch it. Getting an egg wont count. Trust me 😂. I had to unlock the garnet gate after taking out frostbiter

      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        hmmm, you think?
        I mean it could only be saying to breed a legendary Platinum for the fun of it, that could have absolutely nothing to do with why the player is stuck!

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      The text is misleading it shouldnt say to evolve, it should say to level. It is confusing as every divine seems to have different sub caps within tiers.


      • War fan
        War fan commented
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        In the past, you had to hatch the dragon for it to count.

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      Ok,,I found out by Hatching the drag...If you have the required drag in incubator,,,just hatch it...You dont have to breed and hatch..


      • Lutrus
        Lutrus commented
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        No way.... if you already bred the required dragon, you only need to hatch it... who'd a thunk it?