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    I swear I've read a couple things on the forums ranging from Defense Level to Runes and other things that help to increase the chance to activate the supershot of a specific defense when it's controlled by AI on an undefended base. I tried to search and found some topics but nothing that really discussed activation help (if possible). So, is there a way to increase the chance of activation or is it random?

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    It's random. No way to increase chances to activate to on specific towers.

    That is, ofcourse, unless say you want it activated on your Lightning towers. Then you places only Lightning towers at the start of your base. That will surely get the outcome you desire lol. But not everyone wants their lightning towers at the start of their base.


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      The tower you want to shoot first is probably the same tower the attacker wants destroyed first for the same reason - so that is also a problem, AI cant shoot if tower is demolished.


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        I figured as much but thank you confirming guys.