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Fire flak - huge disappointment...

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  • Fire flak - huge disappointment...

    EggToken PGJared Echo Are the new towers nerfed or is that all they can do? They do NOTHING against Noc and I wasted also blindly all my timers on building one of those flaks. The explosion doesn't even touch the obsidians...

    all in all just 🤦🏻*♂️

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    Thank you for this info


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      Those towers can do some damage only if you are killing them in super short distance (right above them)
      if you are flying in some distance their explosion won't do anything.
      might be ok against some warriors or low tier hunters.
      but definitely not against Noc
      Im not saying that this towers are bad,but I can't see big difference between dark and fire flak


      • EmrahT
        EmrahT commented
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        I still havent one, but the distance is something people need to look for. If its build behind some places it wont help yes.
        What i was wondering that some flaks was at same island part, anyway the fireflak is decreasing damage and the darkflak stunning.

        Actually the other weapons cant take Noc so easy out too... so i guess people expected a lot..

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      Have to agree so far. Expert apophet and level 35 kin have both walked right through max fire flaks. It could have been a placement issue, but even the decrease of dragon attack didn't seem too significant. Maybe it's a whole lot better with active defenders so they can sort of time it's supershot with the dark flak supershot. Add in a strong storm and ice turret and it might be deadly enough for the cost.


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        These towers do more damage and have more HP than every other attacking tower in the game besides dark flak towers, or perhaps a entire island full of lightning towers doing synchronized lighting strikes. Keep in mind that right now the max level towers in the game are 50, meanwhile the appropriately balanced towers meant to counter obsidian dragons are level 60. New tower levels will be coming out soon now that players have had the ability to get obsidian.


        • Azure
          Azure commented
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          You haven't stated anything clearly. Damage per tower HP? The closer the range the more damage?

          Tower level 60 just to counter obsidian sounds reasonable if you think about what a good flyer can do with Noc but have you thought about the excessive requirements it is going to take to get a base maxed with level 60 towers? Full base with each tower needing 10 levels each just to counter a tier that is out already?

          I've heard from Kaly over LC. Have a good vacation
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        • Cameron90
          Cameron90 commented
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          Echo says they're stronger so it must be true 🙄. What a fucking joke. And now instead of having to increase towers 5 levels, we need to increase them 10 levels...again, what a fucking joke.

        • A1R
          A1R commented
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          Exactly what we need.
          A level 60 tower that will take 17 months to build with you dropping 7 hours worth of timers in a 1000 chests.

          This game is really going to shit hardcore.

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        Echo, "Keep in mind that right now the max level towers in the game are 50, meanwhile the appropriately balanced towers meant to counter obsidian dragons are level 60." Is this an admittance that Obsidian dragons were released too early? Wouldn't it have been fairer if Obsidian was released along with the tower level being raised to 55, in the name of balance?

        "Although if you have 2-3 on your base that are all stronger than the previous towers they replaced it will be a quite considerable upgrade." Is "stronger" a reflection on the tower level or the overall power difference between elemental towers and wood only towers?

        It's clear to anyone who's played War Dragons with a strategic eye towards base defense, that there's a three tier system being developed in regards to towers. You have the original wood only towers, the soft-premium ice and fire shard towers and the new hard-premium element ember towers. Does PG plan to update their UI to make it more readily obvious to players?

        "These towers do more damage and have more HP than every other attacking tower in the game besides dark flak towers, or perhaps a entire island full of lightning towers doing synchronized lighting strikes." Thank you for making it clear that wood only towers are being made completely redundant and replaced by their newer elemental variants. Now that the dark flak and fire flak have respectfully replaced trebuchet and archer towers. Will the new ice flak replace the cannon tower and can you confirm or deny that a new flak tower/tesla coil will replace lightning towers next year? Also, do you have plans to create superior mage towers with shards or embers?

        Final question: If the fire flak does as much damage as four lightning towers(normal attack, not special attack), will we see a buff to wood only towers or an admittance of the death of balance to War Dragons/towers?



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          So just build 2-3 level 60 fire flaks to see a noticeable difference in base power? Sounds quite reasonable.


          • YellowMonkey
            YellowMonkey commented
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            For a max base and after new tower levels, yes. But I assume Echo also means if you have an all level 20 tower base, that 2-3 fire flaks at same level will also make a noticeable difference.

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          We did some testing on the range and the attack rate of the Fire Flak last night (level 50) and I have to say I was disappointed as well. The range is okay, the attack rate is disappointing, and the damage is disappointing. I think the attack rate needs to be increased significantly to balance them out.
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            You lost me at level 60 towers. Lemme guess to reach that it'll take 75 days to go from 59 to 60.

            nothing more exciting than an upgrade that takes nearly 1/5th of a year to do. And by then we'll have level 90 towers!


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              The length of tower upgrades are already ridiculous. Keep adding new towers and levels and you will just chase away the the base that us still hanging around. WD death is coming...


              • laserlight
                laserlight commented
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                Winter is coming?!?!?

              • MareZ
                MareZ commented
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                Winter is already here. You know nothing, laserlight Snow.

              • gaza8143
                gaza8143 commented
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                Shame they dont have a smoking hot cast of guys and girls to make the painsakingly slow drawn out plot more entertaining!

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              Compared to Dark Flak cannons these things are a joke.

              I cant imagine many people using up their embers on Fire Flak over Dark Flak.


              • Echo
                Echo commented
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                Dark flak cannons aren't nearly that useful far back due to their short range. therefore they are really only very effective right around the corners on the first slot on a base. Any other position that you have a cannon, or archer, or fire turret etc... you are much better off in my opinion with this fire flak as it is strictly higher damage and HP.

              • gaza8143
                gaza8143 commented
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                Echo I think you miss the point that they both use embers. Why would anyone build a fire flak when they can have 1 dark flak per island?

                Embers are very scare and now you are telling us towers will soon be 60. We need to save embers for our dark flak towers.

                You guys should of made Ice and Fire Flak towers use Ice and Fire shards

              • GodofNoobz
                GodofNoobz commented
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                ☝️ What he said, 99% of players don't have a maxed out dark Flak in front slot of each island.

                It's a way better idea to spend your embers and have a maxed out dark flak cannon in front slot of each island before even starting a fire flak.

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              All the other tiers in the game have gone by increments of 5 tower lvls. Golds for lvl 30s, plats for lvl 35s, sapphire for lvl 40s, garnets for lvl 45s and emeralds for lvl 50s. Echo are you sure its not supposed to be lvl 55s for obsidians?
              Or Are we really getting 10 whole new lvls all at once in the near future? That seems quite excessive if so.
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                Owlrager I think the developer behind tower development thought we were done releasing dragons for the year...Or we've found the second paywall after Sapphire Dragons.

                Tower Power Ranges:

                Dragon Power Ranges:


                • laserlight
                  laserlight commented
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                  Owlrager The tower power levels stop rising steadily like the dragon power levels. For some reason starting at level 46, they slow down...

                • gaza8143
                  gaza8143 commented
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                  Thay aint a paywall thats bigger than Everest!

                • laserlight
                  laserlight commented
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                  Hahaha. It keeps rising and rising and...

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                You mean the last two weeks I spent begging to make the tower relevant in actual gameplay was wasted? Can't imagine...


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                  Echo Is this what you mean for higher attack and higher HP?
                  OK, Fire flak has higher attack speed, and the attack means damage per shot? that's partially acceptable. Then what about higher HP

                  Lvl DarkFlak_Attack FireFlak_Attack DarkFlak_Special FireFlak_Special DarkFlak_HP FireFlak_HP
                  5 12,727 7,420 14,636 7,420 17,106 15,994
                  10 41,642 24,276 47,888 24,276 36,644 34,262
                  15 71,576 41,727 82,312 41,727 63,030 58,934
                  20 136,206 79,404 156,637 79,404 119,980 112,181
                  25 304,481 177,503 350,153 177,503 268,283 250,845
                  30 666,347 388,459 766,299 388,459 587,244 549,073
                  35 1,091,760 636,460 1,255,524 636,460 962,250 899,704
                  40 1,788,855 1,042,847 2,057,183 1,042,847 1,576,745 1,474,256
                  45 2,931,093 1,708,738 3,370,757 1,708,738 2,583,660 2,415,722
                  50 4,802,803 2,799,883 5,524,364 2,799,883 4,233,606 3,958,422

                  We need either longer shot range or higher attack speed, please....
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                  • laserlight
                    laserlight commented
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                    I'm pretty sure attack is just raw damage, not damage per second. Also, they have two different ranges values as well. The fire flak can fire farther back than the dark flak.

                    EDIT: Dark Flak has APS at 0.555 and Range at 50. Fire Flak has APS at 0.7 and Range at 70. APS = Attacks Per Second.
                    Last edited by laserlight; 08-12-2017, 08:07 PM.

                  • ToNyRen
                    ToNyRen commented
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                    I have a fire flak at lvl 50 and it shows a different stats than what was shown on war dragons official website. The 2.7M attack damage is actually the special attack for fire flak. Regular attack for fire flak is 1.81M. Special attack is 2.79M. I can provide screenshot if you need. @echo
                    Also, I think they said more health was comparing fire flak to towers like archers and cannons. Not dark flak. Dark flak is actually worthy of its price most of the time.

                    In any case, fire flak works more like a dark flak add on, not so much as a elemental ember super tower like dark flak, which is the main source of the difference between what I was excepting and what it actually came out to be.
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                  • PGJared
                    PGJared commented
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                    "These towers do more damage and have more HP than every other attacking tower in the game besides dark flak tower..." I wouldn't be comparing them to the thing that Echo specifically said was better than them.