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Suggestion for an upgraded elite account

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  • Suggestion for an upgraded elite account

    This is my first post here, I'm sorry if this has been discussed in the past.

    I'm proposing this idea, hoping that PG still value low spenders, including myself. Recent changes including this weeks tug of war alteration and inflating seasonal dragons seems like PG is focusing effort trying to squeeze money out of big spenders, but why not try to get little more from mass of the players?

    I'm in for supporting the game through buying elite account since it is lot more user friendly way compared to other smartphone games forcing you to buy rubies or the game is totally not fun.

    I don't mind paying 5 more dollar per month. But it's just that 600 rubies don't worth anything.

    So I finally came to my point, but if you could give us a better account that will make the game play more comfortable I'm pretty sure that many people will consider buying them.

    Here will be my proposal for additional features of new account. (In addition to current elite account features)
    • Additionally doubled egg token gain on missions
    • Salvage systems without daily shop. Please make all items available every time, including 12hr speed up timer.
    • Ability to make food/lumber packs. Maximum 1000*your level per day sounds good for me.
    • Ability to make glyphs out of normal runes. Two same runes + some fine dust sounds good for me.

    Well, at least I will pay additional 5 dollars per month for this.

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    you are funny man.
    Btw, the premium account has already been suggested by TheRedDelilah. She can point you to where it is for sure
    and those extra features you were asking, the response from PG will be a big NO NO since those had been asked before


    • Makotora
      Makotora commented
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      Thanks for replying. I've just started following forums since summer season preview, so I didn't have a track on what has been asked before.
      (And I lacked patience to go through numbers of threads)
      Well at least I couldn't think of any better features which will be worth paying for me...

    • TheRedDelilah
      TheRedDelilah commented
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    Not gonna happen. Seeing as how PG's greed continues to skyrocket I will be one of hundreds more players who will not renew their Elite status once it expires... and will definitely be quitting the game. It has become too much of a grind and even the social aspect is suffering, as well-established teams are breaking up left and right... the fun is gone, it has been replaced with a sense of futility because of the whale-promoting and general customer dissatisfaction .


    • Dravoz
      Dravoz commented
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      I share that sentiment entirely. I have ceased all spending except for Elite. I'd like to think PG will wake up, but I don't expect they will. The game is dying.

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    I also posted a VIP elite concept 18 months ago. Safe to say this isnt on the short term road map


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      Thank you for the replies. I've read the proposal by Red, which was very well thought out. But seems like not much is happening

      I do think that it is a way that could mutually benefit both PG and mass of the players, but it's kind of sad that even a proposal from players to pay more for the game isn't really a consideration

      and in addition, another frustrating announcement that fire flacks require elemental ember to build


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        The idea for this isn't something we've forgotten about. There are some more impactful priorities that we want to complete before trying to do too many things at once. It's safe to say there's never a shortage of ideas!


        • Makotora
          Makotora commented
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          Thank you for the positive comment. I guess I should discuss preferred content within the post by Red, which probably will be more constructive.