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In regards to Mega Attacks

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    Such imbalance scoring system was the worst I seen and only favour the bigger spenders.
    Is not a fair game anymore where each and everyone using same instrument though tactics can differ.
    Basically I called it "shortcut to win a battle" by purchasing MEGA COIN. So it's not interesting at all, let it die from natural death.

    Their intent clearly demonstrated.


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      Appreciate that PG has taken the time to put together a post on the logic behind the mega attacks. However, I do have to disagree on some points. Mega attacks simply are NOT available to everyone. They are available to anyone willing and able to put a lot of money into the event which is fine, but at the current rate it wrecks the game balance. I spend. I used some mega attacks at the end of rounds. But trying to look at it from the perspective of your free to play or casual player, I would have been extremely demotivated to even open War Dragons last weekend. My paltry score and the knowledge I couldn't do anything about it would have made me feel useless and stressed out. Many teams in lower leagues have a bunch of f2p players with 1 big spender (or cheater... sorry I had to mention it) and that player can wipe out the work of the whole opposing team in a few minutes if they don't have a similarly big spender on board. If that spender has Noctua, there is pretty much no point even trying to defend the attacks.

      I am absolutely not someone who thinks that low spenders should have everything the same as big spenders. Far from it. But I empathise with them over the ever increasing gap in every aspect of the game plus the move away from teamwork in favour of individualism. It isn't just affecting the non spenders or low spenders either. If you continue creating new things (mega coins, flaks which only use embers) that only pander to whales and cheats, you will burn out your high activity, genuine players, even those who spend 4 figures a month on the game.

      I really hated the bonus metre and was glad to see it gone. However you have taken away the only method a lot of players had to make even a slight dent in the milestones. I've said in a few threads on this topic, but I really hope next time PG would increase the base points per hit. To add insult to injury, you didn't compensate us for the rare valors. They weren't gifts. We got them in chests and as a result of getting them in chests, we didn't get a different item we could have put to good use. Therefore we deserve to be compensated for them.

      Sidenote: If you're going to create new items like this, the gold chests seriously need a revamp. Not only were there no inner fires included as standard with the value packs, the drops were utterly dreadful in gold chests. A guaranteed drop of 20 inners and 15 energy packs per 10 gold chests should be standard. All I seemed to get where those godforsaken dragon boosts and useless shards.


      • Spooky
        Spooky commented
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        All of this. On this current trajectory, I wouldn't be surprised to see ApplePay flaks requiring a thumbprint payment to activate supershots. And yeah, I spend here and there but seeing gold chests festooned with dragon/base boosts, black pearls and fire and ice shards motivates homicidal thoughts moreso than an impetus to spend more.

      • Indi123
        Indi123 commented
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        😂😂😂 Spooky wonder will the ApplePay flaks shoot apples? Or maybe $100 bills?

      • Spooky
        Spooky commented
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        Well, I'm imagining they'd shoot 24-karat gold apples, only the finest will do when it comes to shooting dragons out of the sky in style and luxury. A premium price demands a premium product, after all.

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      Dragon Punch Thank you for the post, any level of transparency is greatly appreciated,

      I don't have a huge problem with the changes per se (others have made great arguments against mega attacks that I won't add to). What I and many others are upset about is that the prize tiers were made harder to attain. This has discouraged many of our lower level players, and frustrated the higher level members, and I can see why. We were told that the prizes per tier were increased, and in general they were, but that still means that I am at a clear deficit in terms of sigils because of the tiers. Fix this.


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        I like the idea behind Mega Attacks, but it also means that higher spenders will perform even better in this event. As others have already asked, please include Mega Coins in gold chests. You removed the Valors completely, and since we cannot get any of this type of boosts any longer, there needs to be something obtainable for low and moderate spenders. Another solution could be to increase the drop rate of energy packs and inner fires, which I found to be very low this event.


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          Thanks for the explanation. I can see where you guys are coming from on all accounts, the only thing left to discuss (albeit in a different thread) is how the prize tiers shifted and where they should realistically be. I hope that you can use the numbers/figures that you extracted from this event (minus any cheaters) to align the prize tier scaling accordingly to how you would like to see prizes distributed. This can probably be extrapolated to effects of the removal of the bonus meter and frequency of mega attacks for other events in which you plan on switching to this method.

          Events are definitely going to start to swing towards the groups with higher whales/paying members rather than the strictly organized and efficient groups, i'm definitely sad about that because i feel i'm letting my team down if i can't do my best to help the overall direction of the team out, but as a free player that is something i'm going to have to deal with.


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            I like the addition of the Mega Coins. However, they should be included in gold chests even if their drop rate is low.

            I'm fine with removing the bonus, however, PG did not accurately adjust the prize tiers. As a player who would always use the bonus meter, my prize progression dropped dramatically in this event. It dropped so dramatically that if the prize progression tiers aren't properly addressed, I can easily see myself losing interest and quitting the game altogether.

            Also, we better get compensation for the loss of valors. This just seems like common sense...


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              I understand the logic used in developing the mega coin; however I agree with then player that posted that this coin goes against the concept of team play, and tilts the game to the casual player and big spenders. One poster stated that he/she used several in the event. That person had to pay to get the rubies to buy those coins. Mega coins are very expensive to get, and you can't get enough rubies through achievement levels to get them. The developer stated that if one team uses them, it is available to all teams to use, and thus it is fair to all. It's only fair to all if you have players that are willing to spend large dollars to get them. My experience in the event is that we worked hard as a team to win a flag only to be defeated by a mega coin. The only strategy that will work to defeat mega coins is to buy mega coins to counter the other teams advantagebin using them. Maybe someone can explain a strategy to counter the use of mega coins that doesn't require the other team from using them. I would like to hear it so our team can use it. I think that the mega coin is way too powerful, the points that it gives should be scaled way back. If you scale the points back to a level where another active team could win if they all worked together without having to use a mega coin then you have achieved the correct balance. Right now, your team is required to use mega coins to win if the other team uses them. It was also suggested that the new strategy might require gaining more than the 1000 point spread to win a flag. So how much is enough to counter the use of a mega coin? Since a mega coin can give up to 4200 points do we need to gain a 6000 point lead or a 8000 point lead to ensure that even if 1 or 2 mega coins are used you can still take the lead. Do you know how much effort it takes to get an 6k or 8k spread. Now think that you have 24 teams in the event, and you have 15 rounds!

              My my recommendation is that you greatly reduce the points gained from using a mega coin.


              • Mechengg
                Mechengg commented
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                "If you scale the points back to a level where another active team could win if they all worked together without having to use a mega coin then you have achieved the correct balance."

                This is the exact definition of a super attack haha.

              • awboj
                awboj commented
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                I used several and I did not buy them with rubies, I bought them with energy packs (that I got free from the game) and inner fires (from chests). I am free-to-play except for elite. All the rubies I earn in the game I spend on gold chests. That's it! Mega coins aren't just for whales they're for everyday players that don't want to spend hours grinding attacks. I don't understand how these are too expensive, they don't cost me a cent.

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              "There is a number of points in this game that need discussion, such as energy events in general / gold chests / prize tiers / etc,."

              Can we discuss these other points now please?


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                Dragon Punch So...what was the point of making a thread to get told, nobody likes this? Did you really make a thread just to kind of just say "Fuck You" to pretty much everyone who was going to respond? Just trying to see?


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                  Dragon Punch The reasoning is valid but flawed as many have pointed out. I do like the fact that I can just stop playing for a while whenever I feel like it as bonus meter is gone...

                  However, do you know decent teams have event minimums every member has to achieve without getting kicked? With valor and some inner fire equipped, it felt like a chore already here and there in the past... yet, it was achievable. Sometimes, there was an incentive to go beyond.

                  Taking bonus meter and valor away effective points per energy spent have dropped drastically, with energy pack/inner fire/time consumption going through the roof for same rewards/points resulting therefrom.

                  The message I am getting here is... Wanna stay on your competitive team? Easy. As we care about your well-being so much we have introduced mega coins enabling you to hit target in little time. All you need is to spend and if that isn't for you, fun can also be found in plat or gold.


                  • SuavGlav
                    SuavGlav commented
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                    This post is only detailing the finer points of what the megacoin is and why it was implemented.

                    PGJared has stated in another thread that he will be putting a post together regarding the removal of the regular valors and the points mishaps from the first megacoin event.

                    I'd say you can expect to hear from someone in two-to-three business months.

                    IF we actually get a response on it at all...