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Reinstalling the game

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  • Reinstalling the game

    Hey there,

    I have a question for mates with iOS. I need to reboot the game from the scratch, and I have been given an advice to delete the app from iCloud.

    I went to settings, deleted it from iCloud (all data should be gone then).. and nothing happened. I was told, that when I delete the app from cloud, the game will be ready to download from scratch as it was the first time.. so I could fill in my Pocket ID etc.

    So I went to App store, I wanted to download the game again, but there it is again, the little cloud icon as if the app was still saved there. When I downloaded it, the application obviously kept all the previous data...

    Does anyone have the same experience? Or can anyone tell me how stupid I am because I missed a step in the process and give me advice how to do it right?

    Thanks folks!


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    turn icloud off for a moment before you redownload the game maybe? i use iOS but never use icloud tbh


    • Maleficent
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      I don't use Cloud either, so I am clueless here.. thanks for the tip, gonna try that one

      ---- nope, not working either. iCloud matrix is wicked...
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