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    Any news or idea in regards to revamping reseach trees, which pretty much dead or underutilize. Majorty of new accounts are unable to catch up on green/gold eggs for research. Would like to know if it's possible to revamp it so tiers unlock by levels/build times...

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    being unable to catch up is part of the game i think, you gotta make a choice between breeding new dragons or getting eggs for research. to me this seems fine


    • Blah765
      Blah765 commented
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      Which is why research is pretty much dead as OP stated. When getting dragons is measured in months because of the Sapphire+ breeding paths, no one is going to pause that already slow progress to get a bunch of token expensive eggs for research.

    • AaronNewb
      AaronNewb commented
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      i did last breed event, got chompa to get my first garnet next breed event. and spend remaining tokens to get green eggs so i could do some research again. if everyone can complete every research without trouble there would be no real benefit to researching, since everyone would have the same buffs.
      now you gotta pick and work to get some really powerful boosts along the way