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  • What If...

    Watching Game of Thrones tonight, i was struck by the potential: What if [instead of spending the last year and a half trying to polish the turd that is the world map?], PG had been putting together a collaboration with GoT? Dany's three dragons slot easily into the three classes, and i couldn't help but think while watching tonight how damn similar it was, and how delicious it could have been.

    If only.

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    Hi Rod,

    First of all, happy to see a post from you. I missyou! Hi!

    I also think it would be kinda cool. Unfortunately, my understanding is Game of Thrones already has a game studio associated with their IP.


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      Wouldn't there be a small problem of trademark infringement?


      • laserlight
        laserlight commented
        Editing a comment's called a partnership. But, if CampusLifer is right and they signed an exclusive agreement, then it can't be done.