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    Indi nailed it as per usual. Not that matters, but I basically confine my substantive feedback to the beta forums at this point. Why? Dave and other devs interact with us, explain decisions and actually change stuff at times based on our feedback. It's a much more rewarding experience than taking the time to put together a well reasoned and supported post in the main forums and see it fall into a black hole time and time again. CL does awesome, detailed posts (honestly didn't expect the LIBOR scandal to get name checked here) but mainly in the area of app security and cheating. Those discussions tend to get pretty technical and beyond my ability to contribute.

    Meanwhile, as Indi and so many others have noted, PG gets rid of valors and the bonus meter for this event and despite claiming that the prize tiers would be adjusted to compensate (the first 25, not the ones explicitly for the highest spenders), they got a very modest reduction compared to the 150% bonus points lost. I'm not a math maven but it was eminently predictable that it made getting decent points very hard for even moderate spenders let alone the f2p schlubs. It's actually a bad feeling to work hard in an event and get basically nowhere. So not surprisingly, it was a very popular forum topic. Many people made dispassionate posts pointing out this very basic problem that was easily foreseeable. And yes, a few people were very rude. It's a bit of a cop out in my opinion to write it all off with "but trolls!" when those posts are a distinct minority.

    Anyway, my suggestion fwiw is to start tracking high volume forum threads and commit to getting some sort of response up, even if it's "need to circle back with the team on this, will get an answer as soon as practicable" and then follow up. I get that the forum is but one avenue of feedback among many but your best customers are disproportionately represented here, and I know for a fact that information given here gets propagated quickly to Diamond and Sapphire teams at least through Line app groups. So you actually are reaching many/most of the customers you want to reach and in a fairly efficient way. If you respond to a ticket, I have no idea what the answer is whereas responses here reach a broader audience than you might expect by forum metrics alone. I think it's good business to respond to concerns made by high value customers (Pareto very much ruling the f2p space and all).
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      • Hi Indi.
      • I understand you want some sort of response about an event. I tried to explain the following in my prior posts.
      • I don't know how to get it across without coming off in a counter productive way, but...
      • I like to read the forums and give responses to things I already know the answer to
      • I don't personally work on events, dragons or spells. I get my information on how these work the same way you do -- playing the game and reading public announcements. I don't have any extra information or make any decisions around how events work.
      • I'm sorry, I can't commit to being the liaison for these issues. I already have too many time commitments to take that on.
      • I can see why it might be frustrating to see me post in some threads but not the ones you care about.
      • Unfortunately, the only realistic way to solve that problem is if I stop logging into my forum account and stop posting on any threads because I can't commit to being the liaison for all threads. That's what most corporate gaming companies would do -- they would tell all employees not to post on the forum because it sets an unrealistic expectation.
      • i think we agree that wouldn't be an improvement
      • i also wrote a ton of stuff in prior posts in this thread about reasons why our PX team prioritized its time towards helpshift over forum.
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        A realistic solution to the problem is to have staff that is involved in upcoming changes to chime in on the forums, even through a liaison. If a major change to events is happening one week, a representative from that team should respond to forum questions. That would be a basic UX improvement to release posts.

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        CampusLifer - I understand and I most certainly wasn't pointing the finger at you as an individual. I would echo what others have said in that you're one of the most open and responsive members of PG staff and the information you provide relating to securing the game is insightful and interesting.

        I was aiming my comments more at PG as a whole, and trying to put an example (the event) as a constructive way of demonstrating why we find it frustrating when we don't see high tension threads responded to. I know it wouldn't be you personally who responds on that kind of thread, but I would hope someone at PG would pick it up should it fall in their area if a lot of people are exceptionally upset about it (I note people commenting on those threads who aren't regular forum users for instance). Incidentally, I do believe PGJared has stated a post will be made regarding the event. I also do understand why helpshift would take priority, however was trying to highlight why we use this forum as our voice since if we submit feedback via helpshift (as opposed to raising a problem), we are told to come to the forum anyway. I will add that when raising a ticket with a problem of some sort, the guys dealing with helpshift are usually great. But I'm sure they don't want a bunch of angry tickets about why we don't like the new iteration of Capture the Flag, as opposed to an actual problem (e.g. my points aren't registering). If we come to the forum we can voice our concerns and get support for them, rather than a ticket being closed with thanks for your feedback, we've passed it on. 50 voices are better than 1 I think. I will use the Assault event - I think the forum has played a part in getting the skill aspect of the event back in the Assault, and PG has done a pretty good job of making the majority happy with it (no mean feat!).

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        CL, please continue to reply where you deem appropriate. A lot of us appreciate your efforts, even if we don't necessarily express it frequently enough (or others who don't have forum accounts and can't). Some of us nosy technical types also like the more detailed answers that Echo and you will sometimes go into

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      It seems to me that the overall sentiment from the people at PG is simple, complain away, post problems, post negative opinions, but if you cannot do it in a way that isn't being a dick, you'll lose the thread.
      I have wondered why, it seems, that so many threads contain so many personal attacks against people, I've never quite understood that. I get that certain aspects can be terribly frustrating, but being a prick never gets anyone anywhere, accept for Trump perhaps


      • laserlight
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        I think this is the most ironic example of cognitive dissonance. You started out consistent and positive...and then you finished with a negative (off-topic) opinion and a personal attack. Hahaha...Thanks for the laugh.

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        You can't get that since the dawn of time people have had varying opinions about things and have been killing each other for them ever since? It alludes you when almost every country has idealogical differences that split them into 2 and bring them to brink of..... or throw them off the cliff of civil war that people from all over the world might not be civil to each other? Doesn't surprise me a bit.