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Communication - again

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  • Communication - again

    I'm making this it's own thread instead of tacking it onto page 3 of some other thread because I continue to believe this issue is at the heart of many other issues and deserves front-and-center attention.

    PGJared Echo @DragonPunch your communication is starting to suck ass again. CL seems to be the only one who gets it, and to his/her credit we have probably been given more details regarding code dev and banning efforts than we deserve.

    That said, PGJared in particular has admitted that the level of negativity on these forums is troubling. Guess what Jar-bear: when we ask questions/suggest feedback/bring gameplay issues to your attention and don't hear from you, or worse, hear from you on minor issues while major ones are skirted around, we feel ignored and we get pissed. This is business relations 101.


    We don't care if there's no details apart from 'we recognize that players aren't pleased with the way this is working, and while we can't reasonably change it right this second, we're going to tweak it so that it's better next time'.

    If you're having a hard time coming up with a response, go read some of CL's posts and use that as a starting point, because he/she is the only one of you who doesn't completely suck at this right now. If you don't have time to come up with a response, maybe find a volunteer. You're based in SF. I'll bet you my entire paycheck you could literally walk out onto the street and find no less than six tech students who could use some work study course credits.

    The current system clearly isn't working, and it makes you all look completely incompetent.


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    TL;DR: Finding and training people to communicate is a lot harder than it looks at first blush. It's a lot of work -- more than capacity of what can be done in a day. Our current team prioritizes processing helpshift tickets over responding to the latest forum thread. I think that's probably the right priority.

    A couple of things
    • I'm glad you like my posts. thanks
    • Grabbing random people off the street and asking them to do communication is not right (it's also kinda rude to imply that it is). The job is actually pretty hard. War Dragons is a very vast product with a lot to understand, with an active community full of different diverse requests and opinions, also under very active development with a very big team making active changes all the time. It takes a lot of skill, hard work and training to learn the product, keep abreast of everything going on and proper ways to respond to the community. I've been working on war dragons since 2012 and I don't feel qualified to give the answer to a good portion of the questions on this forum. People on this forum love to make fun of bad responses found in Helpshift --- it's because we're trying to grow the team of people responding to customers but it takes a long time to train, learn everything and give proper responses. Taking random people off the street is almost certain to fail -- you have to really want to learn a huge amount of things about the game/community/development in order to really get good at it. Most random people off the street won't do it. Since War Dragons has grown so much, there's now many many people working on improving the product. This means there's huge amount of changes happening all the time and lots of work to stay abreast of everything that's happening -- a huge portion of their job is staying on top of everything that's going on. I know I personally can't keep up with all the meetings and emails to know everything while also doing my normal job (securing the game). I know people like PGJared / Echo / EggToken / DragonPunch aren't going to stick up for themselves here so I will do it for them: They definitely work very hard and their jobs aren't easy. Please don't imply that random people off the street can do it.
    • Even assuming we have a ton more people working on responding to players, it's not totally clear that spending their time working on the forums is the right place to be putting those resources. Obviously both you & I like using the forums and enjoy using it as a communication channel, but realistically a very tiny percentage of our playerbase even reads the forums, let alone writes any posts on the forums. In contrast, we have a huge and ever growing pile of tickets in our helpshift support system (which is used by a much larger portion of our playerbase). Which one is higher value to respond to: The servicing the backlog of helpshift tickets from players saying they're locked out the game and don't know why -- or the latest post on the forums? As much as I personally enjoy reading/writing on these forums, I also recognize that I would prioritize improving the service of the helpshift tickets backlog. A lot of why you don't see PGJared/EggToken/DragonPunch responding to the latest forum thread is because they're focusing on improving our helpshift ticket processing. On this vein, our team has made huge progress improving out service on helpshift ticketing --- we've made big steps on response time and quality of response. This isn't easy -- you need to find and train a team of people to do it (see previous paragraph -- it's definitely not easy to build such a team). Even with that team in place, it actually takes a ton of work to respond to a ticket properly --- need to know enough about the product to know how what they're talking about, do a bunch of research to figure out how to fix their problem, and then work with the R&D team to execute the fix. Concrete example: If we had another fully trained person right now, I personally wouldn't prioritize putting them on this forum --- I'd personally prioritize them towards working on our helpshift tickets helping process people appealing bans, knowing enough about the system to give good reasons why they were banned, and knowing enough to say when a ban was inappropriate and knowing how to take the steps to unban and give proper restitution.
    • I don't want to make it sound like we don't care about this forum at all -- we do. A good portion of the R&D team reads the latest posts on the forum on a daily basis. We definitely take the temperature on the forum as one of our datapoints to measure for how we're doing. But putting in the work to respond properly is another matter --- addressed by the previous two points.