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Perch and Rune Chest Questions

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  • Perch and Rune Chest Questions

    Hello, and sorry if this has been answered already elsewhere- please simply send reference.

    1) Perch: Im upgrading mine and wondering which dragon to put there. The special abilities of the dragon classes and rarities are clear to me. What's unclear to me is: is a mythic expert Sapphire dragon better then a legendary Garnett dragon? Does an expert dragon on perch deal more damage then a non-expert? Or does Level of dragon have no influence at all?

    2) with those new runic chests I've noticed a lot of new rune types entering the game (for example fire turret runes). Are those new runes exclusive for these new rune chest types or will they be available in regular rune chests as well (simply lower probability of getting it)?

    if not, what value do the "old silver rune chests" actually have???

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    the higher lvl the dragon you put on the perch the higher the damage, this also increases by upgrading the perch. so between the sapphire and garnet dragon it all depends on lvl, also the type of dragon matters... sorcerer gives you supershot bonus, hunter gives you perch attack bonus, warrior gives you tower health bonus. i always prefer sorcerers on there. and i know mythic sapphires to also give extra bonuses, Apophet for example gives supershout discount, 25% chance of not using a supershot ammo. just compare them on the perch, see which dragon is stronger on there and put whatever you like most, but on same tier expert has more damage than non expert, every dragon/perch lvl up increases the dragons damage

    and so far it looks like these new runes will only be in runic but im unsure on that


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      Short versions first:
      1) Pure DPS, yes, level does matter and legendary garnet should be able to overtake an expert sapphire at higher levels.
      2) No responses yet, and silver chests are still garbage, but you can get them as drops, so I guess that's a bonus?
      Just for other peoples' reference, the perch blog post contains details on what each rarity, epic and above, of dragon does. The mythic expert sapphire vs legendary garnet depends upon what you're after (pure damage vs utility of epics and above); it's possible that the garnet can overtake the sapphire but most likely not a L1 garnet. In terms of pure damage, level does matter; some examples are L9 Sapphires get 85.5k perch attack (3.7M actual) vs L19 Plat 108k (2.9M actual) vs L20 gold Sage 105k. It's easier to just check this on the perch in assign dragon and check ineligible.

      There are two related threads for the second one, but we've gotten no responses to various questions, yet - runic chests questions or PGJared's pulls. Old silver chests never really had any value to begin with; they're typically just garbage epic runes, though it's better than the iteration before that. Glyphs were removed from them late last year or so.
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        Another thing to point out, the spells on the dragon don't matter, so if a dragon is a waste of space because its skills suck, that's the one you want on the perch. Element also matters (it gives a slight resist, like totems).