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  • Spells

    hey can anyone tell me what's going on with spells as if it's not bad enough we are getting blue spells cast with blue mages stood there now we are getting red spells cast by kinarus up on red mages and towers under its protection and they are being destroyed what's the point in bulibing a base with mages on if they keep bringing ou dragons that are able to negate them with the same colour spells and destroy them as if they are using white spells

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    I think the issue as far as Kinnarus is concerned is that the dodo manages to kill the red mage tower a split second before the earthquake spell hits. I've cast it while the red mage was up before due to crappy planning on my part. Sometimes it bounces off, other times, it manages to land, but I think that happens because the red mage is dead. The dodo does seem to prioritize killing blue mages, then red mages.

    There are already lots of posts asking for the issue with blue mage towers on the front row of the long islands needing some sort of adjustment so that dragons with thunderstorm—like sage—can't take advantage of the split second you have to cast the spell before the blue mage prevents it. Sometimes I've managed to pull it off. Other times it takes the 2 rage and does the cool down/usage timer but no lightning falls to do damage to towers. Which leaves sage as a sitting duck in that situation lol.


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      Some red spells act like slow projectiles, earthquake as an example. If the red mage dies before it registers on the ground, it won't be blocked.


      • AaronNewb
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        i assume you mean reverse projectiles? thats a red spell that ALWAYS works in red mage aura, but the projectiles that bounce back dont deal damage to towers inside the aura.

      • elements1
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        No, he means it has travel time. The spell could take 0.5s-1s before it "hits" the tower if the red is down by then it doesnt get blocked

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      Dodo (unlike red summon warrior) is a yellow spell so he can smash both mage towers. Earthquake takes a good second to cast and work and in that time the red mage is normally gone.

      Kinnarus is certainly OP though out performs everything else on my roster by a good 100 levels!
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      • laserlight
        laserlight commented
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        Don't say it's OP, PG might castrate it then. Kinnarus is still vulnerable to the right layout and/or if it loses all of its rage. Then it's a flying duck (duck and a half?), like warriors.

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      Kinnarus is op as hell and I hope PG rebalance it very soon. When lvl 5/6 dragon can take down a lvl 60 base with ease then there is a problem. I though sage was powerful but he doesn't compare to kinnarus. My lvl 9 sage on paper statistically looks stronger than my lvl 6 kinnarus but in reality they are the same. Kinnarus needs a nerf or in her first lot of training before the green orb.


      what are your thoughts? ​​​​​​
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      • Dakhunter
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        Omg man. You are not even in the 100+ level yet and you complain kinnarus is overpowered. try to level him up to 14 then we'll talk again
        laserlight, he's only in the 60s level so for him, kinnarus is very strong 😂

      • Mer1in
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        Which bit of REBALANCE did all you guys miss? I said that it is too powerful before its first ord!

      • laserlight
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        "first ord"? Which part of you're playing against weak players who don't build good bases with high-level mage towers are you confused about? Earthquake is very powerful when the dodo can take down any low-level red mage towers. Thunderstorm does slightly more damage but takes longer to hit 5+ towers, if you pre-cast Earthquake. Did I mention you can't pre-cast Thunderstorm? Thunderstorm doesn't prevent damage either. Warriors do less damage in mass compared to sorcerers...

        Base level doesn't matter, tower level and composition does. You haven't demonstrated you're attacking difficult bases. There are level 200 players who have crappy bases I can solo with my platinum Kinnarus, that doesn't make Kinnarus OP it means the players invested in their bases poorly.

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      Thanks guys


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        Kinnarus may be very strong, but so were/are Skarr and Nightshade from last year. It's unlikely that we'll do any nerfs to Kinnarus in the near-term. No one likes to see their favorite dragon to fly get brought down a notch. Hopefully, future improvements to base defenses will offset that balance.