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Why was I banned ??

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  • Why was I banned ??

    so this morning I go to log on and I get a message stating my account has been banned. I would like to know what I did since as far as I know I have done nothing. First off. I have a bit of $$ invested and would not risk it for something stupid. #2. I got better things to do with my time then cheat in an online game. I know that this ban is a mistake and I want my account back. I would like someone to contact me ASAP.

    My in game user name is xKurabDurbosx. Thank you.

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    Paging CampusLifer


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      You'll have to file a ticket with helpshift. PG doesn't discuss reasons for banning publicly unless you give them permissions to do so.
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        Hello kurab

        I don't currently have access to a computer (at the airport) but
        ill start looking into it as soon as I can.

        the specific ban reason was complicated and I need to do a bunch of research to determine what was going on.


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          CampusLifer Would you be able to review mine, as well? ign: Abbigayle. Just like Kurab, my account was suddenly suspended out of nowhere...for seemingly no reason, as I've done nothing wrong. I submitted a ticket last night and I haven't gotten a response yet. Would greatly appreciate your help with this!


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            I have seen a lot of line conversations today about banning of players who have allegedly done nothing wrong... what's going on?


            • hostage67
              hostage67 commented
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              My guess... a bunch of big fat liars lol.

              They were likely abusing a mechanic that they knew they shouldn't have (like changing the time on your phone or device) and they finally got caught doing it. Now they are trying to claim innocence even though they clearly knew what they were doing as something like this can't be "accidentally" done.

              While its possible there could have been a mistake, its pretty unlikely, for more info we'll have to wait for CampusLifer's breakdown of what happened. Either way CampusLifer will get to the bottom of it and take care of the issue.

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            Commend my persistence ^.^


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              I was also banned without cause yesterday. I submitted two tickets yesterday, one via Zendesk, one via helpshift, and have not received a reply. I submitted another one to helpshift today.


              • PGJared
                PGJared commented
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                You might want to include your in-game name.

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              Come back and tell us when you find out.


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                What would changing the time on your device accomplish? Only asking cause u stated that could be why they got banned....


                • TheRedDelilah
                  TheRedDelilah commented
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                  1. Get forged items immediately for free
                  2. Level up towers without clocks
                  3. Re-Set multis

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                danmc1xx: you can read more details on clock cheating at the following link. i suggest you don't try it -- our system will block you from doing it and flag your account for cheating.

                cromagnon / AR / turab: sorry, still don't have access to a computer. i can't personally look into your cases right now. please continue talking to our representatives on helpshift in the meantime.

                Pain: i haven't yet looked into Kurab or any of these cases, but something was different last night than most of the nights when I ban cheaters. a very old server validator which checks the usage of the bounty harbor fired off flagging a bunch of people. The validator claims that these players were tapping on the the bounty harbor to collect rewards and the awards they gained were things which the server believes the bounty harbor shouldn't be giving you unless you've hacked your operating system or game to rig it to give you inappropriate rewards. E.g. It claims players were tapping on the bounty harbor and gaining 4000 wood packs in one tap --- which the validator says no one should be able to get from this action. its possible there was a bug or some sort. I didn't write the validator in question and it hasn't fired off in a long time. I need to dig through the code and figure it out to verify whether these bans were appropriate or not. the bounty harbor involves random drops so i need to read through all the code and do a bunch of math to verify whether things are possible or not


                • SuavGlav
                  SuavGlav commented
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                  and now we all have a slightly better understanding of how much being a game dev can suck.

                  good luck CampusLifer, interested to see how this pans out.

                • Lx460
                  Lx460 commented
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                  I can say that after having not used an alt account for a long time, upon logging in and hitting the bounty harbor I have received several thousand rubies, egg tokens, food packs, etc.

                  Just hitting it once after a long absence.

                • laserlight
                  laserlight commented
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                  Lx460, really? Does the bounty hunter rewards accrue?

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                • Jeff8682
                  Jeff8682 commented
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                  Note to self - find some old alt accounts to log in lol. While I have never noticed anything near that nice as a reward, I have noticed less used accounts receiving better than usual rewards on the first click.

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                This just happens to be one I successfully screen captured.


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                  LX: thanks for the info. I don't have any accounts which I ever let go to low activity 😉


                  • castix
                    castix commented
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                    Off topic but are Riders going to be exclusive to World Map users during the beta? That's a bit of an unfair advantage

                  • Shenanigans
                    Shenanigans commented
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                    Castix - a known hacker speaking about unfair advantage. Now that is funny lmfao

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                  I would never cheat. Though some think anyone that attacks a minute before start should be banned..... can u guys just announce that it's part of the game and it's not a cheat or an exploit. Just say it was intended for those that like to organize a pre emptive strike.... here's what I've found. If u decide not to use. It's used against you. If u do use. Your a cheat ... so a gamewide mail sent that it's possible would solve all this.... that way everyone knows it's available .... just a thought


                  • FoxMcFoxington
                    FoxMcFoxington commented
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                    While i agree it's a good tactic, if it was an intended feature why would they have attempted a patch for it in the last update? Short answer is it was not an intended function, especially considering defense points are a tiebreaker and war is 24 hours to accommodate all time zones. Honestly, if it's okay to have defenses not count due to prewar attacks, then airplane mode should also be okay since you can't defend those at all. Maybe prewar attacks are a crutch that camouflages poor flying and an inability to get the job done with active defenders when it's supposed to count.

                  • laserlight
                    laserlight commented
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                    Nice hijacking of the forum post for your soap box.

                  • Texreb
                    Texreb commented
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                    If the defends would count as defense points I wouldn't mind it.. but till then still a cheap move