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statistics of players in the game.

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  • statistics of players in the game.

    Ok so obviously we have all noticed the cost for EVERYTHING is rising. I mean sigils, dragons, timers for building, runes, gold chests drop less of items (healing potions, etc) and this tug of war event ARE YOU KIDDING? this event sucked BEFORE you took away valor and bonus meter, now its unbearable. Speaking of valor, where are my 10% valor, did pg make them disappear ? I asked support, still no answer.

    So here's my question/request to PG. in in effort to ease players minds. would you release stats on the game to us? I mean currently with the recent event changes I feel its time for a lot of us to decide if we even want to play this game anymore, let alone spend money on it.

    I would love to know, has revenue increased month by month? amount of player increased? amount of in game packs increased? etc etc

    or, are we increasing prices to keep revenue the same? and eventually we will cut employees etc, until the game is no longer worthwhile. then all our investment will be worthless? I mean its not far fetched to say you're releasing dragons at a rapid rate to gather as much cash as you can before you close this game. Pg released Obsidian tier in the middle of a season, effectively making 4/5 season dragons inferior to me, DURING THE SEASON. I still have merkt though (waste of sigils). why the rush for obsidian? it makes no sense.

    Then we have the refusal to fix runes. we haven't had new runes since gold tier? besides the ones we pay dearly for in the season prizes ( they seem to make those pretty fast also! must not be that complicated.) We have asked for ways to back breed green eggs for research, not a priority. Asked for updates on research, not a priority. We have asked for new events, besides the at best laughable boats, nothing. We have asked for less items in gold chests, OBVIOUSLY not a priority.

    In short PG, at the moment. I sincerely believe you're trying to make a quick buck before you disappoint us all. please post otherwise, solid stats.
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    and before someone argues, they are giving us new towers! they care! well.... they cost elem frags, which are rare, and drop low amounts. why not pump a bunch of dragons out, pump some new buildings that take expensive shards out, and squeeze the last bit of profit we can before we close the game? I mean all the signs are here....

    I just want to know if PG is doing this because people will/are paying it OR are they milking the cow until she dies?


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      They are milking the cow even though it is already dead... it died two years ago.


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        I love how the 10% valor would drop from chests and now have basically disappeared. What a scam. Maybe tomorrow they will feel that they should replace energy packs with stamina packs just to make people who store energy packs pay more.


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          Players have gone up and people prepared to pay more has also gone up.

          On one of my farms I earn one point to see how many players participate in events. Currently around 50k people do something in the event. This up from one year ago when it was 36k people.

          CL says the number is much higher than this but since your individual ranking is unique I disagree.


          • laserlight
            laserlight commented
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            They probably mean total amount of installs, which IMO doesn't count as users.

          • gaza8143
            gaza8143 commented
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            Probably, total installs over 1mm

            Not sure how that compares to other games. But I guess world of warcraft had somewhere around 15mm users at the peak and now less than 4mm I heard.

            I guess lots of games get you to install a game for free to earn bonus gems so maybe lots of downloads are people getting freebies in their main game.

          • Indi123
            Indi123 commented
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            I think the number of new accounts being installed is partly irrelevant since many of them are used as alts, to gain referrals or as dummy accounts for third party selling of in game gifts from for people trying to avoid the ban hammer on their own account.

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          Spend also up. $200 2 years ago would put you in top 50 for the event, last year the top 500 and this year the top 750.

          By all accounts more spenders in general, more people spending larger sums and more active accounts.

          Every game has an iceberg phase and WD still seems to be in growth phase.


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            That's because they're competing with more hackers and many haven't realised it yet so keep spending more to compete with those who 'take' it for free.