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    It is taking forever to get prizes without bonuses. And I won't Pay on a conquering event. Is is sad that hard work doesn't get rewarded, but just spending. Oh, well. Falling behind 3 tiers now, just giving up. The value pack doesn't even help, I can spend the money on the house. Given that we have to buy 5 for our family.


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      So as i thought i got less points....

      I had 2 Megacoins, 1 was the great valor... bought 300 extra energy, and used that 2 Megacoins with gave each 3,6k points nearly... Beside the free energy i used over 60 inner fire, couldnt count during getting and using them, probably over 70 aswell...

      So my score after that was 26k points, which gave me 1100 sigil in totall.... Beside that i opened 250 bronze and 21 goldchests ( normally after using a valor, from gold the next would come too!)

      With the effort and using energy + inner fire i did until now... i got in past 1750 sigils .....My finaltarget will be 350 more sigils during this event ... so i can come at least at 34k points.

      Dragon Punch PGJared EggToken Echo CampusLifer PGDave

      Your changed system without adjusting rank points down or base points up brought a big disaster !!!
      The FEEDBACK from the threads here is very clear....
      Beside that in exchange to great valor you didnt offer that Megacoin as item in goldchest too.... Even if at a full grinding the old system brought even better points, it would be a bit ...
      Instead of it you offer it to buy with huge amount of rubins... 6000 rubies alone fore inner fires...

      Do you think i told you for fun to decrease the point tier greatly, or otherwise you rob from majority of the player ? After seeing some comments, specially from Echo who thankfully answered here and there, i can easily say that you havent understood it as PG!

      Before that bonusmeter and valor was added... the 450 sigil line ( 1750 sigil until that) was at 27k points... later it got up to arround 30-34k points after this "adds"... after that over 40-50k points.
      I talked to old admin "Joseph" , who admit lately that and "once" took the pricetier from over 40k down again too 34k...
      But after that it never happened again... Now after you "took away" the adds... you have to go down to the old pointtiers ...

      You people from PG, you biggest failure is that you cant communicate here the teamdecisions in a helpful way, and most sad is... you cant even say " well the customers are right, we need change it"... instead of it you are like scared and better quiet, before someone is mad of you in california from your team...
      Being honest , isnt selling the team out...
      Go and discuss with your team... And you will see what i told before was right...
      We had that situation in past too... there Hydron promised many changes and with Joseph that events will bring with effort much to customers... Today it is gone, and all depend on more money... more money...

      Say PG... is it just that you change the "names" here as people with responsibility , to change and change as you like ?
      Its still not too late.....

      --- Go and make a "compensation pack" , for this 1st testrun ... So people get something like a teamprice overall... as excuse that it was harder then tought "by your side"...

      From my side... i tell you often before events, during and after what has to change... you better listen... Dont ruin it for people... many is giving up these days...
      And i understand them very well... there is no point in spending if player get less... and less and less while you cant make a "fair" agreement with us about "fair" event
      ... not even in minievent you was able for.... but that is a different case....

      ... for future... dont forgett that you arent higher as team as many here in understanding... thats why we are looking and talking directly about , and tell you ... and hope that you move yourself to do better!


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        you hit the nail right on the head EmrahT, the 229k points for last achievement is waaaay out of my reach, normally i can get relatively close to the bottom of that list... like 85%+ through the achievements (at least the legendary glyph). this time ill be lucky if i can even make it to the 62k points achievement.

        sure there has to be a challenge, thats what makes it fun... but impossible does the opposite, it kills every bit of fun there is.

        i ran my ass off yesterday, and today so far... up to 23k points, AKA almost nothing.


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          On top of all the nerfing due to removing bonuses you should not forget that there is also less time to score points.
          The event will end on monday which means less free energy and less resets of energy costs.
          Well played.
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            To be fair, I think it would be good that there was a PVP event that favored more frequent small attacks, and another event that favors less frequent but more intense battle periods. The attack bonus meter and valor both favored the latter style of play.

            It's jarring to go from an event where I'd set aside several hours to all out attack, to the same event where I'm more or less forced to make a handful of attacks several times a day.
            Lead Pyroclast - Built2Burn


            • AaronNewb
              AaronNewb commented
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              even with bonus and valor every event is the same thing, single attacks are always more efficient, in the end using super/mega is a waste of energy. but single attacks are time consuming and take a lot of heals/boosts

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            Pg are still counting the cash. They'll be back when funds are low. Hold tight dragon lords
            Commend my persistence ^.^


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              The 1 last event that I still enjoyed and was looking forward to, you ruined it.
              I liked valor and the bonus meter. I did not mind the grind. And this was an event I would spend money in. NOT ANYMORE.
              I have played this game for a little over a year. When the new system of event dragons was introduced, I was still a noob. (I got Grumble and Sigurd but couldn't tell you how or why I got them).
              First season, I got Skarr and all stones, got NS but no stones. After seeing what a beast NS was, I increased my spending during events, especially PvP ones such as flag event.
              Next season got Algor and all stones.
              Last season , got Morphos and all stones.
              This season , I refuse to fund your highway robbery. Nerfing event dragons, nerfing runes and glyphs I worked hard and spent money for, increasing cost for events, suddenly changing sigil costs, prizing that just blows,... I am left feeling unsatisfied and think to myself , I must've been an Asshat to spend that much money previously. I have better things to do with my money than continue to give it to PG and left feeling like a dumbass for spending anything on this game.
              I have gone almost completely free to play, with the exception of elite and when they get super stingy with healing potions and I have to buy them.
              Keep up what you have been doing PG and you will lose this player as well.
              I already play another game that as every day goes by, I enjoy more and more over war dragons. But, I guess you all will justify that by saying more and more people are downloading your game, lol. It won't last if the average life span of a player dwindles down more and more each month.
              I'm at the point where I feel , what is the point in trying for this seasons dragons.. Obsidian tier already has these event dragons outdated and irrelevant.
              Lucky for you PG , this game has lots of social outlets such as Line, this forum and the in game chats. If it weren't for these things , I would've quit playing at end of last season.
              I would say fix this , but I know it won't be fixed. This is the new reality of this event and I will probably sit it out from now on. At least I'm on a team whose main focus is war and not events.
              Sorry so long and if I got off topic , but damn I'm so disappointed in these changes for this event. I probably won't even use the mega coin because I can't get 20+ innerfire and I won't give them a dime for this event.


              • Hieronymus
                Hieronymus commented
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                If you mean the free coin they gave out, you might as well use it, it's truly free. Subsequent coins cost the 100 energy and 20 IF.

                Love the avatar, BTW.

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              I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts into something constructive because this one has me kind of upset. I’m not sure why I care so much about a stupid game, but I guess when you spend so much of your time (and yes, money) on something, it ends up being pretty important to you. I think I am one of the few people who actually liked this event. For once it felt like my crazy high activity level could really pay off for my team. I’d get the valor and bonus meter going and feel like I was really making some progress both on my individual prizes and on stealing flags.
              I can understand that many people (ok, most) felt the event was too tedious so you felt that adding mega attacks would help to alleviate that. I think we were all hoping for a raid button to be honest. Lol But of course that wouldn’t have reduced the return we got on our energy and inner fire the way the mega attacks do, so it wasn’t an attractive option for PG. OK. I get that you need to make money. So you’re adding a new option for those who don’t have the time and can afford it. It makes things a little less fun for me because I can’t compete as well, but if you had left the valor and bonus meter then I wouldn’t have minded as much.

              But the big issue here is the fact that there was very little scaling of the prize tiers to make up for the fact that the valor and bonus meter were taken away. This isn’t a small thing. As I mentioned above, I used to do the majority of my attacks in these massive 5-6 hr long sessions with 2 valor going (10% + 100%) and the bonus meter (50%) maximized. Even when I was using free energy, I always activated a 10% valor and ran 4 attacks at once because I had so many 10% valors (almost 100 saved up if I remember correctly). To be fair, I would guess that I averaged 125% over all on my hits throughout the event. Again, I’m not talking about reaching the top of the tiers. I never reached that before and I understand that you added to them (which is great for the top spenders- I have no problem with that). The issue I have is that the 15-20 tiers that I used to be able to reach are no longer within reach. Not by a long shot. I’ve been working my butt off EVERY round so far this event – instead of just a couple of rounds a day. And I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

              To summarize:

              -In the old event we had valor and a bonus meter, I used to average around 125% across the event.

              -It appears that the prize tiers 1-25 may have been reduced by at most 25% to account for removing valor and the bonus meter.

              -So if I understand the math correctly, this leaves a difference of 100% or in other words the prizes are TWICE as hard to reach.

              All the other issues about the event can be debated, pros/cons, gameplay, etc… But the scaling of the prizes is robbery and that’s where the players want an answer. I’ve stayed silent on all the “inflation” that has occurred in other areas through dilution of chests, reduction in prizes, increase in sigils required, etc… but this is literal halving of prizes or worse. I know I sound like everyone else but that’s the point. How many posts does it take before you will respond?


              • MrJonesy
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                Wow, spoken so eloquently and professionally and spot on! Dunno who you are, but I'd buy you a beer!

              • Dakhunter
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                One thing you might be mistaken that is having both valor bonuses on. They didn't stack. I think you were thinking about the siege weapons, which allowed us to stack all 3.

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              Mega attacks would be fine in other events but are way to swingy in tug, they should be scaled down a bit regardles. The event was extra grindy with valor meter who never worked correctly with super attacks, i usually like to do a mix.

              PG just once again cant get the scoring correct as they have done many many times, unapologetically. No one would be complaining if the first 75% of prizes were easier to obtain. Things have mostly been ok for a while but i remember the Grumble and Sigurd era this was happening a lot and the forum has not been so outraged since.

              I loved this event when it first ran, and i would have been exited for this incarnation if not for it being the worst EV for average players in a long time!

              Meanwhile diamond whales max the event in the first round! Just make vastly vastly more enticing global prizes or a repeatable final tier for them to out spend each other to Oblivion. There is absolutely no reason PG cant make all types of players happy, its just incompetence...
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              • Kittens
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                This. The top tiers are unreachable. They've always been, and so I ignore them. PG can add all the tiers on top they want, but don't mess with the lower ones. Their way of doing it seems to be that if the top tier is $10k and a whale or two spends $15k, multiply all tiers by 1.5. They make most of their money from whales competing with each other. This'll happen whether they screw over the little guys or not. They need to try NOT screwing over the little guys for once.

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              It is taking forever to get prizes. Meanwhile the game shows 1 and 2 prizes when none are awarded. I have to earn 3 prizes to collect one. This event is completely ruined. Our team is winning by far, probably because no one else wants to play and we are very active. But the individual prizes areglitched. I have complained and been told it is a known issue. It isn't like ther conquering events where you would have to close the game to get a prize. Or 1prize would show when there were none. It appears that the first 2 prizes earned aren't awarded.


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                I believe the most infuriating thing about this is that PG crew is nowhere here to be seen. They keep commenting other topics but ignoring this one...


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                  Luis23 the Martin shkrelis of gaming world are waiting for new issues to arise. Then most of the sheep will forget about this and focus on new issues.

                  Classic move anyone ?
                  Commend my persistence ^.^


                  • Dakhunter
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                    thats what they have been doing every week. Tweak something, then break it, then wait for people to go complain on forum... And maybe make a drinking game out of it LOL.

                  • Ian
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                    Dakhunter, you sir are a legend ​​​​

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                  Bump. I would really like to see a response from PGJared Echo or someone at PG specifically on the lack of scaling that was promised on the first 1-25 prize tiers. I think this is the main reason for the "communication" threads that have popped up.


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                    Was there a response to this question? I also would like to know what this event will look like next time around. Please either scale the points down drastically or return to the prior set up.