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    Why did you guys possibly think this is a good idea? It's horrendous, and I have zero motivation to actually play this event anymore.


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      This is seriously painful. 262 points per hit using 1 inner fire on a regular attack against the highest level bases in a team. I see the logic behind the mega attacks, but a whole team's work over the course of a round can be undone in the last 30 minutes by a couple of whales with bottomless pockets (or cheaters). It basically makes pretty much any scoring other than that via mega attacks irrelevant. The bonus metre was tedious and annoying but at least we could score a good bit. Could PG not have met us half way and increased the base points per hit even by 25%?

      Also, yeah awesome we got a free mega coin. As someone pointed out, what about the regular valors we paid for and lost? We should be compensated for those.

      There's nothing mega about this new set up.
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      • Indi123
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        Thanks Excesseus, edited. I did mean points. 262 energy would be insane even by PG's standards.

      • Excesseus
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        No worries MrsGeordie 😘

      • Spooky
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        Came here to post my feedback on these changes but thankfully you beat me to it and much more eloquently than I was planning to do (e.g., this sucks, the prize tiers were designed by de Sade, etc.)

        So I wish you a pleasant day and hope Echo goes back to the drawing board with your assessment in hand.

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      Here is some brutally honest feedback:

      I spend a LOT of time ingame. And I mean a LOT. Hours a day, which is a lot for an app game.

      Have I spent a small fortune? Sure. Does that entitle me to an easy button and automatically get top event prizes? Nope.

      Over the course of the last few months, I've squirreled away a pretty sizeable stockpile of energy packs with these PVP events in mind. Those packs should have been more than sufficient to carry me through at least the rest of this season's PVP events, probably halfway through the fall season, and get somewhere around 500 sigils in personal rewards for the PVP events.

      I just did the math. It would take EVERY energy pack I have, and then some, to get to the 500 Sigil prize this event alone. And I'm already halfway there!

      Something needs to change, either the requirements for the prizes need to be halved, the points per base attacked need to be doubled, or the bonus meter needs to be reintroduced. Honestly, I'd go with option 3, the bonus meter, as it actually encourages players to stay ingame, thus increasing the chances of a casual player spending money and also giving a casual player a chance at making headway in the event.

      I get that Mega and Super attacks are for the whales, more power to them. The more they spend, the more money PG supposedly has to improve War Dragons. Milk them dry for all I care. But as a casual spender, I have 0 chance of making it to 500 sigils this event, which I used to typically be able to do within the first 48 hours of a PVP event, as a casual spending player (granted, that spends an assload of time ingame).

      Sorry for the long and rambling post, I'm just highly annoyed at these "great" changes as they screwed the casual spenders......


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        PG don't seem to care except, I can only imagine that their new owners are bleeding them dry of cash, but here's another voice.

        So positives first: I like the new interface. Having the basic attack, super attack, and mega attack displayed the way they are now improves clarity. I also wasn't a fan of the bonus meter, glad its gone.

        Negatives: No real scaling of the prize tiers to take account of the lack of bonus.
        I've seen people's calculations, and while I may take small issue with the assumptions some have made, their basic message is sound. It is now even harder to reach prize tiers. Yes, the prizes per tier seem better, but since I now can't reach most of them I don't care. I'd love a PG representative go over these calculations and explain why they think they are wrong. Better yet, show me calculations that prove we are reaching at least the same prize tiers as before. Because it looks like the system is skewed ever further to energy pack use. Come on, prove us wrong. Its this cynical, soulless money grab disguised as improvements that makes many of us angry.
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          Echo EggToken PGDave PGJared

          Your silence is deafening.
          Other than Echo's completely inadequate response informing us that 28 > 25
          (thanks for the math lesson kid)
          you guys haven't said a GD thing.


          • Owlrager
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            Not sure what they would even say...they probably would like to say "yeah we know it sucks that things got harder, it but it was our boss's decision." But I doubt they would be permitted to say that in a public forum.
            They could come on and say "we are taking your feedback into account." But we all know thats not really true, though Im sure they are reading all of this.

          • Argonaut
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            I'm not sure how others feel, my personal opinion is that even if I don't like the content of a response it's better than complete radio silence. At least then we know we're being heard and can at least attempt a conversation. There have been times, albeit rare, that when players have made a coherent enough argument they have listened.

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          I am happy and relieved the bonus meter is gone! After participating in nearly every event this past year, it is no longer fun being tied down to a 30 minute bonus meter so often. Now I have more freedom to attack whenever I want and not worry about missing out on bonus points or the game interfering with my other daily activities (including sleep). This was necessary considering how often events occur.

          Regarding the new Mega attack option, as long as regular attacks and super attacks remain then I don't see a problem. Big spenders with busy lives will appreciate this new feature.

          The only real problem is prize tier costs were clearly not reduced enough to compensate for the bonus meter removal. Please be fair here!


          • Lutrus
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            Well said.

          • wardragonslayne
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            Saying.. it's great, it's great, it's great

            Oh, one little thing is kinda bad.....

            Really fucks up the message. The only real problem is the largest thing that can be a problem. You thinking having to be on a certain times before was bad.. now it's 10x more grinding needed to get decent rewards.. that or 10x the spending

          • MrJonesy
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            I think you are missing what REALLY happened.

            Yes, the bonus meter, which gave you more points per attack, was removed. But so were the valors that also gave you more points per attack. What didn't increase was the base numbers awarded per attack.

            Basically, you have to do 2-3 times the number of attacks than before to get the same rewards.

            So, getting your rewards cut by up to a third was worth not being "tied" to a bonus meter?

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          Are some people only just realising PG's true colours ? 😂 🤦🏻*♂️

          Irony in some comments.

          Door mat anyone ? 👁👁

          Commend my persistence ^.^


          • Dravoz
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            True colour. Just the one. Green.

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          This is exactly why I play this game less and less these days and rarely come to the forums now a days.

          Greed has taken over this game and they will do anything to suck up as much money as they can while people are willing to pay.

          PG look at my spending habits from last season to this season, I have the same IGN. You slowly had me hooked and I was spending more and more each month, but then you got greedy AF and then this season all you got is $4.99 for Elite.

          You guys are THE WORST game developers when it comes to balanced game growth between free to play, moderate spenders and heavy spenders.

          Whoever was in charge from Red Tier to Platinum Tier had the right idea of balance, then Sapphire hits and all goes out the window. Then shortly after your storage goes from 14 day build to 42 lol, seriously where is progression in that. It's the same thing your doing now, first asking for $10 then for $100,00, no balanced progression.


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            Could you have at least increased base points per round based upon team ranking? Seems to work just fine in other pvp events. Since you've removed any type of bonus other than inner fire, without reducing points needed to attain rewards tiers, there's simply no point. In Diamond league you're getting 131 points max as base point for taking down lvl 400-500 bases. In gold II, where my alt is, it's 118 points max on a lvl 80 base. Which of those options seems like a better use of my energy packs and inner fire, knowing that I can simply transfer to another league for the event without costing my team war points? If this is your idea for the current iteration of this event, at least scale points by league, or add some points per round to at least give some incentive to participate in this event beyond the first 30 minutes of Round 1/15.


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              PG's crew are completely absent in this forum, even tho many players had tagged them a few times lol...

              I have to say, removing the bonus meter was in fact a good idea because of how time consuming was and how you were tied by it during events. The freedom feels good, I admit it. But... having so much freedom and knowing that you have to burn more resources for achieving less, that just prevents you from grabing your cellphone and play, there's no motivation to it. Only 220 points for attacking someone that is +50 to +100 levels higher than me?? And the only way to make that attack worth something is by using 3 inners per attack + boosts and spells if the base is being defended?? No thank you... let the whales spend money between themselves while I take a break and save those resources for the next pvp (unless PG decides to do another crazy change like this one)


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                Not that it'll make a shit of difference but from a player whose into the 200's level and spent moderately, here's what this season has meant to me.

                season we had skarr etc I spent moderately and got two drags from that season, almost the third and felt that it was money well spent, next season I spent a similar amount and just about got to two drags complete. This season with the changes to branches etc I've not even completed one yet! Does that encourage me to spend more? Hell no!!!. I've realised that without a SIGNIFICANT increase to what I spend in game I will not get two dragons complete so there is zero incentive for me to spend a little above what I would have usually spent to get further.

                This coupled with the constant issues and crappy rewards/reworking of events is actually pushing me further and further away from the game.


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                  Totally agree about the bonus meter being gone, it took the fun out of the event


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                    This event is painful without the bonuses....


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                      I know many people didn't like having to save up energy and do marathon runs, but I actually enjoyed it. The family would go to bed and I would grind it out and put up solid points for my team and get some good loot.

                      This has to now be the most boring event on the docket...and I thought breeding events were bad. At least when you spend your tokens your done.

                      Oh yeah I opened ten gold chests and got ZERO inner fires. NICE!


                      • Brigitte25
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                        Plus no inner fires in the value pack.

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                      Echo I take back what I told Joseph. This is currently the most out of touch pg has been with its player base. Your comment shows 0 relation to the player base. Your comment 28>25 literally made me want to quit the game after 3 years. I know pg always cares first about profit than everything else but did not respond to any concerns the player base had. Making prize costs the same and reducing the payout of points by 2.6 it's frankly ridiculous. So just to be clear:

                      old event:
                      normal attack (4 energy) & 3 inner fire= ~1300 points
                      super attack (20 energy) & 3 inner fire= ~2600 points

                      current event:
                      normal attack (4 energy) & 3 inner fire = ~500 points
                      super attack (20 energy) & 3 inner fire = ~1000 points
                      mega attack (100 energy) & 28 inner fire = ~4300 points (28 inner fires since u need 25 innerfires for mega coin)

                      so if we scale down the mega attack points to the old version's super attack points (2600), u would need 60 energy and 17 energy if using the quickest method to obtain points. So while increasing resource cost (energy by 3x and inner fire by 5.67x) you kept the reward tiers relatively the same. So someone has to spend more than 3x the original amount to receive the same rewards (first 25) as the old event.

                      so please explain mathematically how this new event point system makes sense. If I see anywhere 28>25 I will assume that pg needs to implement a new hiring process.


                      • JennyD
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                        Very well said. This is the main point of why people are so upset. Our ability to reach those original 25 tiers has been greatly reduced by the removal of the bonus meter and valor and very little scaling was done to fix that. It feels like a huge slap in the face.