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Tug of war - new system

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  • Tug of war - new system

    Hello community.... hey PG ... Dragon Punch PGDave PGJared EggToken Echo CampusLifer

    So you increased the max points about the double "229k", and add new mythic rune and some other items.....
    But at same time you took away 100% valor and bonusmeter....

    So you clearly took away the chance for us to get much better points with effort and activity ... and brought something stupid as mega attack to squeeze it out of us....

    A mega attack just give 66% of what it would be if you do it one by one....

    And when i checked that "max points" from highest enemy was 123 points... it was like... do you want rob us ?
    For 100 energy it means 25 attack... if you calculate that you cant play everywhere for 123 points... lets say at average 120... it means 3k points.....
    With old bonus and valor system we would get much more, am i wrong ? And i didnt read about "reattack"

    Are you people kidding with us ??? If i use 600 energy from buying with energy packs... is the only thing i can get 18k - 20k points. ????
    How dumb is that please ??

    You made that sick megacoin attack , and calculate all with it... while you took things who gave players better points away ....

    I know summertime less activity compared to cold days... but it cant be that you are so ruthless to the players here...

    BTW... even with old system it was very hard to get good sigils.... now you cut the old advantage away and expect good feedback ?

    From the start of this season thing... until now... you increased just what people need for stuff... you decreased stuff, you ruined special chests , you ruined pointtier...

    I asked often, and i ask again... WHO have the RESPONSIBILTY inside PG for that ??
    Good advises always get ignored and you try to sell your failures out...

    At the end you made it again just much harder for people in this "shit event" ... stressful nonstop playing one....... Money is important... but i guess customers arent...

    Before i forgett.... Obsidian dragons are cool... :/
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    I think you have missed the fact that the top prize tier is higher because we added several new prizes, its more than before.

    We now have 28 prizes, with the final 3 prizes being all extra value vs previous iterations. You still only need to get the first 25 to get all the value you did in previous events.

    The first 25 prize thresholds requirements have also all been reduced from what they used to be to account for removing Valor/Bonus meter.

    So the net of it is... we added more prizes at the top, and reduced the requirements for all other prizes which previously existed.

    28 Prizes > 25 Prizes.


    • hostage67
      hostage67 commented
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      Your logic is basically the same as if you asked me for change for $100 dollars, and I gave you back 150 pennies. 150 pennies is certainly more in quantity than $100 dollars, but it is significantly less in value. It is this sort of double dealing crap that has so many of your players upset with you.

      I'm not sure if you guys really think everyone is just that stupid, or if you literally need to go back through some basic math courses. Lets put this another way. This is the same as your boss giving you a $1 dollar raise an hour, then telling you that they are no longer going to cover your Medical, Dental, Vision, Retirement or 401k. You just got screwed over by your boss, but they continue to insist that it is much better for you because they are now paying you an extra $1 dollar an hour. Just the health care alone is going to cost you more than your raise, and that's not even counting all of the extra benefits you lost.

      This is the same argument you just made with us. But... But... we're giving you extra prizes that 99% of you will never see because the cost of entry is now way too high.

    • EmrahT
      EmrahT commented
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      With the add mythic runes and some items i targeted your "3" adds ....

      Before that the totall tier was about 114k , and it was very hard "with" 100% valor+bonusmeter...

      Now you took this 100% valor and bonusmeter "away"... i hope you see that we win much less then before ... Isnt so hard...
      Please dont defend nonsense... Its very clear that its double hard for us...

      Anything to say at this part that you took valor and bonusmeter which gave a "exta" before to us ???? And do not try to defend that absurd megaattack...
      You PG made a BIG MISTAKE..... as told here... you robbed half of the value of our energy packs with this change...

      I really miss solidarity... honest talk from you guys from PG... If you remember too... Joseph or Hydron admitted aswell when it was obvisious a failure here in community... so please see the points...

      Its logical!!!
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    • YellowMonkey
      YellowMonkey commented
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      Have the first 25 prizes points needed been reduced by ~150% though(because full bonus meter + highest valor was +150%)? I don't think so.

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    I have been trying to restrain myself but Echo are you serious? I did the quick math and I will get approximately 40% of what I used to get because I almost exclusively waited for the 50% bonus meter and would use 100% Valor.

    I thought well you know if they really drop prize tiers this could work and I'd appreciate not having to do these marathon runs. Unfortunately, I saw the prize tiers were basically the same. ​​​​​​Instead of hitting the 40s or higher I will be stuck in the teens. Please show me that my math is wrong, but when you take away 150% bonus and don't change the other side of the equation (lower cost prize tiers) then you come up short.

    I just started ​​​​​​two weeks before the end of the winter season and the only thing I have seen that was actually an improvement from a player perspective was the sigil chests 2.0 version.

    These changes making it harder to progress ​​are not motivators to spend money. It is actually quite the opposite. I think that at any moment changes will be made there are adverse to to my gaming experience . why invest in that? We know that if the bottom line is not affected, then nothing will change. I fully expect there will be changes so thanks for the extra tiers that the average player will never see. The whales appreciate it.


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      It does look like a light spender, buying 100 energy each day, will be lucky to get 20K points, unless they hit the lotto with IF. Previously in months past someone spending that amount of energy could get the "half way 450" sigil prize


      • Marvin Lamb
        Marvin Lamb commented
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        Agreed. And frankly it is not helping my attitude with the game as a whole. I considered strongly spending a couple of hundred during the last breeding event but i could not justify it with how the game seems to be progressing. Now this event comes out and if what is said above is correct, i am once again disappointed.

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      Mega attack only 3k points this is really bad lol and I actually supported the concept.

      Old method, valor and BM it was 600 per attack or 1200 super attack. 5x super attacks was 6k points Mega attack is pretty ordinary.


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        I appreciate that changes are made!

        Yet it seems obvious that changes are made for big spenders! How many people do actually have obsidian dragons?

        And this one: mega attack is awesome for those sitting on thousands of energy and IF.

        Changes affect 100% of players but 1% profits from it!

        Also: why does PG keep changing this we DID NOT ask for but ignore those things which need attention (like fixing bugs)???


        • Kittens
          Kittens commented
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          There aren't that many, even in diamond. When I was a noob, it was pretty much universal for the #25 team to universally be within the top 2 tiers. Everyone, except low level alts to fill space.

          2 teams in the entire game are like that now.

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        New system SUCKS. Yeah ok, mega attack can potentially reduce time needed, less of a grind, etc., but only if your wallet's big enough, and mine ain't.

        And without a big wallet, this system just TRIPLED the amount of grinding needed to achieve the same prizes.
        Last edited by Flames0; 08-03-2017, 03:18 AM.


        • EmrahT
          EmrahT commented
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          Yea that sucks really Flames0
          Before we safed our energy and bought before the roundreset 100 energy, and in next round 100-200 energy ... so + 16 we started play and fastly fill the bonusmeter, while we activated 100% valor before...
          With that we was able to get near 2,5X points of what we are able now i guess.

          Now we are not... they reduced the points we can get per energy... and try to celebrate it like a nice big new improvement...
          Sadly some of PG still arent standing on our side about that...

          So if i was able to get my 60k before... now probably with same effort i will be able to get about 25k... and that is f..... sad. :/

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        I would like to see ANYONE from PG team to give us the math/charts/logic behind all this, supporting that the mega attack was in fact a "great idea". Show us with precision why replacing Valor and bonus meter with the Mega attack was really an improvement to the experience of the player's gameplay. I'm inviting anyone from PG to give us some light in all of this nonsense, because of what I have seen... NO ONE APPROVES THIS! and I'm aware of the politic of "people usually don't like changes, but they end liking it at the end" and all that stuff in a development team, but really... there's no benefit from this at all.


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          Im all for the removal of bonus meter and valors. It makes chests less diluted (if they are removed from chests, which apparently they weren't) and gives us more freedom to attack when its more convenient (no bonus meter tie downs).
          BUT those are both if and only if prizes tiers are scaled to correctly balance their removal, and i havent been on since it started but its pretty clear from the community that they were not. Seems they were scaled back a little while our ability to earn points was scaled back a lot.
          Not surprised at all. Used to it. I bet their revenue is up from heavy slenders plowing through mega attacks. So nothing will change.
          Be a big spender or be happy getting small prizes for free. Anyone in between is in trouble.


          • gaza8143
            gaza8143 commented
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            Bonus meter tie down was draining and forced us to do marathon sessions. Glad to see that go but not convinced new points system is any good.

          • Kittens
            Kittens commented
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            This is the way it always is. Improvement are used as a means to nerf everything around it, in a way that there's a net loss to the player. Always.

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          Yep well i tried to give them a chance, i hated the meter and valor in this event in particular.
          But here we are again where PG math is Time + inflation - Fun = Profits > Satisfaction.
          They never actually make things better for the common player, for every thing they add they take something away or increase costs.
          I don't need some worthless annoying event interrupting token farming that is required to progress nowadays...
          Good news is im gona play some different games this weekend
          Last edited by Chromat1; 08-03-2017, 06:24 AM.


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            No one from PG has appeared to show us why this was an improvement to the game... 9 hours has passed and nothing. I hope they are working on the "compensation" gift for this nonsense lol


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              Take a look at my estimation on how much you need to spend (either time or packs). It's horrible...

              Copy &paste the table from another post here, based on 120 base points.
              Prize_tier Total_Sigils Points No.Attacks Normal_Attack_Costs No.MegaAttacks Mega_Attack_Costs
              300 sigils 1450 34,000 284 60packs + 130IFs + 7.5h 9.44 90packs + 180IFs + 30min
              400 sigils 1850 62,000 517 120packs + 210IFs + 15h 17.22 170packs + 340IFs + 50min
              500 sigils 2350 85,000 709 160packs + 309IFs + 20h 23.61 230packs + 460IFs + 70min
              600 sigils 2950 114,000 950 220packs + 400IFs + 27.5h 31.67 310packs + 620IFs + 1.5h
              750 sigils 3700 139,000 1159 260packs + 509IFs + 32.5h 38.61 380packs + 760IFs + 2h
              MythicRune 3700 179,000 1492 340packs + 642IFs + 42.5h 49.72 500packs + 1000IFs + 2.5h
              1000 sigils 4700 229,000 1909 420packs + 859IFs + 52.5h 63.61 630packs + 1260IFs + 3.2h
              Last edited by DracolichKing; 08-03-2017, 02:32 PM.


              • EmrahT
                EmrahT commented
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                Be careful when you write packs... i know you mean 10 packs = 100 energy. But after bought once its going to be 19 energy packs for 100 energy.
                Maybe packs better should changed as energy.

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              There is no event this week. There are two stores though, one to purchase game stuff with money and an island where you buy game stuff with some new big coins.


              • laserlight
                laserlight commented
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                Hmm, that's a really interesting way to put it. +1

              • MareZ
                MareZ commented
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                So true.

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              Due to the fact that most employees don't have the balls to actually defend their lunacy, save Echo, I want to address these complaints on behalf of the staff in the fashion that we are accustomed to hearing. For the sake of full transparency, I am merely paraphrasing the various comments I have read in the last month of threads.

              PG-- We think its a great new feature and I am concerned about the complaints.......[awkward silence].........We are currently working on improving the beta.......Tell me something constructive, stop trolling me.

              CampusLifer-- We have instituted many changes over the life of the game and have lost many players. But that doesn't matter because new players come to the game that don't know any better, so we will continue with our vision and your complaints are invalid.

              Echo-- You guys failed to notice that previously we gave you one large, hot, steamy turd, and now we give you two large, hot, steamy turds and we only reduced your toilet paper usage to one sheet from the regular seven. This is a far more efficient way for us to deliver turds with reduced toiletry costs and, did I mention, you get more turds!!!!?

              Yeah, sorry Echo, you were immediately available and the opportunity was too good to pass up.

              I have made a special request to my team that they not use or purchase any Mega Attack Coin that was not freely given to them. I don't want my team quitting because the odds are against them. I just told them that we don't need to try to dominate this event and when the devs pull their heads out from between their butt cheeks we will get back to the game we used to love. For now, it's better to stand in resistance than accept the lunacy that now controls our favorite game.

              For those of you out there reading this, I fully support your complaints and strongly urge you to continue issuing them. We will lose the battle, ultimately, because they DGAF, but, if it all does come crashing down one day, we at least get the satisfaction of knowing that we told them so.

              DarthKRAHL, pay-to-play veteran of dozen of now extinct and greedy games, still refusing to buy into this one further


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                Im fine with the mega attacks and the new gui looks good, also the event seems to be much faster with loadings! They just simply messed up the scoring...
                I remeber the first run of this event when it had no bonus meter or valor, i workd fairly hard to get the epic rage glyph at 21k points.
                All the bonus meter did is inflate scoring and force you to play in one intense sitting.