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    I have to say, I think this is the worst value major I can remember. Im just using free energy.


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      Nvm, found my answer
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        Thank you PG!

        With this change you've given me more reason to play even less.
        I don't mean because the mega coins are a quick easy point scorer, it's because we can't get decent points in this event now so why waste time trying!

        Thanks PG, keep up the good work, at this rate I will have given up playing before the end of the year.


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          Already at this point. Haven't been as active as a lot on forums in my two years here but have now given up on the game and rarely play. Used to play 2-3 hours a day and now I can barely make myself get on for 10 minutes. It's a shame what theyve done to this wonderful game but I guess all good things end eventually.

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        Originally posted by JennyD View Post
        Now that I've taken a few minutes to think this over, I'm pretty bummed. As a spender but not a whale, I rely on high activity for a lot of my points. Unless the prizes are indeed greatly reduced to match the greatly reduced earning potential (now that the bonus meter and valor have been removed), I'm going to be screwed. I really wish I could use the Mega attacks, but those would just reduce the amount of points I get for my energy/inner fire. I understand why you did it. There were/are people who wanted this. But for me, the bonus meter and valor were at least ways that I could increase the amount of points I was getting and get more return for my time. Now I will be stuck slogging for minimal points for hours on end. Not looking forward to it, honestly.

        PS- Still not interested in the runic chests at those prices- if you're looking for feedback
        This is exactly how I feel. I hated this event with the changes. If you reduced the cost of the mega coin I might be okay with it, or if the first additional inner fire actually doubled the overall score instead of just adding to the base score. Ultimately, these changes give a huge advantage to players wiling to spend a bunch on mega coins, rather than to players who save up and grind an event. Another potentially good idea ruined by profit seeking.


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          Cliff notes version in comments cause yeah, I didn't mean to write a novel.

          I've been seeing a trend lately, bear with me, it may sound like I am wearing a tin foil hat, but connect the dots, and tell me what you think......

          First, there has been a lot of "high level" players either being banned or reset lately. Most of those high level players, I am assuming, PG thought were whales.

          Second, there seems to be a trend, as of late, of getting a lot less value for your money, meaning in order to place similarly in events to where you could a short while ago, you have to now spend a LOT more money.

          Now, there are also a lot of other things going on, but connecting just those two things leads me to believe that PG may have thought they were getting a LOT of their income from the supposed high level whales (the ones they banned). In an attempt to coax the REAL whales out, they adjusted the ingame economy slightly (in their eyes) to convince the real whales to spend spend spend to compensate for the whales that weren't.

          But, what has actually happened, at least in my eyes, is the majority, or at least a sizeable chunk, of the income PG has been seeing has been coming from Casual players and casual spenders (such as myself). Those same casual spenders have seen the ingame economy shift to where their money is nowhere near as valuable ingame as it once was, and are instead choosing not to spend, which has in turn caused PGs income models to slip.

          Now, I'm not saying people aren't spending, or even that their overall income has dipped. But it should be steadily growing if the playerbase is growing, which I think it is, but of course, we have no way of knowing if either are happening.

          Or, of course, I could be completely wrong. All I can speculate on is the information that I have available to me and that which I acquire from the forums and my teammates. What I do know is I considered myself a casual spender, typically at least a pretty sizable Pack a week. Now, I'm maybe buying a pack a month, if that, and a lot of it has to do with the ingame economy and event rewards vs the amount of real money it costs to get to the same point being so much higher.

          Anyway, just throwing an idea out there. I'm probably completely wrong, but I really hope PG doesn't completely alienate the casual spenders (such as myself) and their wallets. You can't expect to get top prizes in every event without spending some serious cash, however you should at least be able to place fairly high with a modest investment. I have always viewed IAP as a means to "keep the game going" while also giving myself a "little boost". That "little boost" did not exist during this event, at all. Even players that spent double what I normally would have only managed to do half as well as they typically would have done spending half as much. I won't lie, I spent $0, but I had a pretty sizeable stockpile of energy packs from previous events and expenditures that I was expecting to carry me into next season. Yeah, not so much, I'm almost completely depleted, and I managed to get half as much rewards as normal...........
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          • MrJonesy
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            Ok, summed up, as a consumer, while my casual spending still gets me the same items from the in game store, those items get me far less ingame than they used to.
            I sincerely hope PG is not intentionally trying to alienate the casual spenders that, I feel, make up far more of their paying playerbase than they realize.

          • GBill
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            I think its more that when Tencent bought a major part of PG, it was leveraged. Meaning, Tencent borrowed the money and are paying it back from PG profits. Obviously this means less money overall for PG, so they are trying to make up for it by squeezing us dry.

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          lol they have a post in the works...let me help:

          Dear all,

          We are being fucking greedy but you already know that. The fact you're surprised is on you.

          I don't think you need days to type that up lol