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Mega Attacks & Tug of War Updates

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  • Mega Attacks & Tug of War Updates

    Hi all,

    Just opening up the discussion thread on Mega Attacks and recent changes. Your feedback helps us improve on these features, so please let us know what you think below.
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    Mega attacks look interesting - does the price scale up on each purchase?

    It seems to be an unusal mechanic to get people to spend 'significantly' less time in the game?

    Runic chest is still out of my price range as someone who spends weekly on this game. A rune will go on a dragon which will be benched in 2 months, 8k seems steep. I dont even know if I would buy them at 5k.


    • Dragon Punch
      Dragon Punch commented
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      Inner Fires stay at 20, but energy scales as usual.

      Also this feature wasn't meant to get people to spend less time in the game, but rather to help people catch up if they missed some time on the weekend or help their team out.

      And thanks for the feedback on pricing. We received a lot of it when we debuted this feature, the team will take this into account.

    • gaza8143
      gaza8143 commented
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      Thanks Dragon Punch - Runes would be more valuable to me if they had more use on my base and dragons. With the exception of divines you guys have never added runes for the standard line past green dragons nor have you added base runes for towers past lightning.

      My concern is spending 8k for a bunch of runes that are nice for my red-green dragons but nothing for my sapphires.
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    Can you give us a list of the rune drops in the runic chests - or, at the very least, which new runes were added?

    It'll be interesting to see how the prizing works out...
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      Numbers! I love crunching numbers (as anyone who knows me can attest).

      1 Mega attack = 30 normal attacks

      100 energy = 25 normal attacks

      25 normal attacks + 20 Inner fires used = 45 normal attacks

      So if points are your goal then mega attacks (outside of any free ones) are not the best options (just like super attacks). You're much better off spending the 100 energy and 20 inner fires doing attacks as you can rather than blow them all at once (mega attack).

      Keep these numbers in mind when thinking about possibly getting a mega attack.


      • gaza8143
        gaza8143 commented
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        To be fair you also save 25-75 health pots, 0 - 225 dragon boosts and a good 1.5 hours of time. I think when those items and time are considered it probably isnt a bad trade off.

        (Numbers corrected as per Sabins post below )
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      • Sabin76
        Sabin76 commented
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        How do you get your numbers, gaza? 25 normal attacks with 3 dragons each starting with all dragons asleep is only 75 pots (150 boosts). You certainly don't need to add any more for IF use, because that should be folded in with your attacks. Presumably, you won't need to use all three dragons every time, certainly not after you've spent your 20 IFs (only need 70% for a "win"). I DEFINITELY agree about the time, though... and I think that's the biggest draw.

        You are getting 67% of the points of someone who actually makes the 25 attacks (Super Attacks are 80%). The question is, "Is my time worth more than 50% more points?" Remember that it's not just 67% of the points for trying to get that flag, but also 67% of the points to get your individual rewards.

        I am going to tentatively echo the sentiment here that getting rid of the bonus meter is probably a good thing for teamwork. Now, it won't matter if you attack when your team needs you to, or wait until you've saved up all of your energy for a last day marathon, so you might as well help your team. The bonus meter looked good on paper to reward those that put in the time vs. the spenders, but the incentive structure split the needs of the team and the individual. Now that it's gone, they are more aligned (there is still a disconnect when hitting low level teams late in the event gives good individual points, but no VP).
        The reason this stance is tentative is because I'm expecting a huge reduction in the points required for the prize tiers up to (and including) the 450 sigil prize. After that, you can go crazy and give the whales something to work towards (I always thought an infinitely claimable prize that was a couple gold chests and perhaps some rubies and other stuff was a good idea). I liked a comment further down that said you should peg the 450 sigil prize to getting (and using) 100 energy per day for the duration of the event. That seems fair. However, I'm not exactly holding my breath over here...
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      • gaza8143
        gaza8143 commented
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        Sabin76 My maths does look a bit out!! I agree with your starting numbers. I guess the rest depends on if you are hitting strong bases and your last 2 drags need to be healed or if you are hitting bases your leading dragon can solo and the next 2 get a free heal.

        Depending on your line up, the min/max of points and availabiliy of boosts this might be a different mix for each player but you are right ib that for the majority of players this would be on the lower end of the spectrum.

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      Dragon Punch , can you confirm whether or not prize tiers have been scaled to reflect the removal of valors and the bonus meter? And mega attacks sound like theyre for mega whales, which is fine i suppose. Certainly do appreciate the free mega token though 👍🏻
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      • Dragon Punch
        Dragon Punch commented
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        Yes, prize tiers have been scaled for this and to also add more prizes to reward those that are earning lots of points and for those that finding it too easy to collect all of these prizes.

        I'm glad to hear you like the free mega tokens, and mega attacks are not intentionally for whales. They're there as a new way for everyone that wants to help their team-- we've heard a lot of feedback from players wanting more raids incorporated, or a better opportunity to earn points faster/attacking targets that reward more points, etc. This is our first effort in implementing that feedback.

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      Dragon Punch Can you clarify this statement? "
      • Removing valor, and we will be crediting every player with great valor one mega coin. This will allow you to complete one mega attack free of charge. Additionally every player will receive a mega coin to commemorate mega attacks!
      We are receiving "great valor one mega coin"?? Is that supposed to just read "one mega coin"?? If so, why does it then say "Additionally, every player will receive a mega coin..."
      Does that mean we will get 2 mega coins in total?


      • Owlrager
        Owlrager commented
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        Pretend the first part says "we will be crediting one mega coin to every player with great valor."

      • Dragon Punch
        Dragon Punch commented
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        Sorry for the confusion, I've adjusted the wording in the announcement. Thanks for clarifying Owlrager!

        And yes, if you have a great valor, you will get 2 mega coins in total. If you don't own a great valor, you will get one.
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      • Drexion
        Drexion commented
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        So if u had multiple great valors u get multiple mega coins to start

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      Its just funny to watch pg trying to sell more stuff every event more and more. Im not extreem long ingame but ive seen already so many money eating bullshit from pg. Lets sum a few up that comes in mind right now:

      season extra dragon
      season extra bonus stuff
      season increase sigil prices
      increasing ios valuepack prices
      sigil super chests
      runic chests
      mega attacks in tug.....
      mini event best score.

      and this is only what ive seen the last 6/7 months.

      pg please stop fooling around with marketing and focus on making the game actually better like the graphics for android the balance between new dragons vs base defend lvls. Bug abuse in war. Same old none usable runes in silver chests for low dragons.

      i feel like your seeing your players base going down and you try to squish all the money whats left out of it and leave the game dying in 6-18 months from now.


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        Congratulations! You have turned a conquering event which was fun and fair into another whale feeding ground. The bonuses and valor were beneficial for average or non spenders. The mega attack and extra prizes are made perfectly for big spenders to get more. Whatever. WD is really 2, maybe 3, different games. People who use skill and teamwork to grow and people who spend thousands and use us for occasional feeding grounds. That's fine. For me the game stops at platinum. Our team will never consider going higher than that. Then the 2nd WD starts where people with low skills buy their egos a boost. Good for them. Just stay off my corner. And maybe the big spenders will keep PG from turning this into the asinine boat game.


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          Tug of War is one of my least favorite events because it doesn't matter how organized and well played throughout your team is, because the end is all that matters. All the flags you've been winning and losing mean absolutely nothing except at the end. Why don't we keep 50% of the VP for stealing a flag?

          Secondly, these Mega attacks have officially just screwed over even the most organized high league team. Our efforts can be completely destroyed by whales, just a handful at most even. The last few minutes are what counts in Sapphire 1 for this event, and now I know there is no point fighting against teams who have terrible organization but who spend.

          Thanks for teaching my team that no amount of organization, teamwork, or skill will helps us anymore.
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          • defpolak
            defpolak commented
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            This was my first thought. The last post I recall asking for a raid button on this event I argued against it for this reason. And now it's even faster to accumulate a last two minute effort against a team. 30 attacks worth of points in two minutes by a single person ... f'n ridiculous for the event.

          • DirtBanga
            DirtBanga commented
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            I thought this... but then really, I don't think it is a deal breaker. Whales normally use a heap of super attacks anyway, and can't really be competed against

          • PernDragon
            PernDragon commented
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            Red, you said it perfectly! I don't mind spending on this game...I spend probably 1k per month on it. But it is getting ridiculous now even for me, and I guess I am probably considered a whale. Where does it stop? It used to be I had to spend maybe once per it is every single event just to help my team get a decent score. And I don't mind that so much, but this Mega Attacks is in the world is my team of mostly non coiners supposed to compete now with teams that will spend anything to win? Before at least we could out-strategize them and outperform there is literally no hope of winning if we have a coining team in our league.

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          Now that I've taken a few minutes to think this over, I'm pretty bummed. As a spender but not a whale, I rely on high activity for a lot of my points. Unless the prizes are indeed greatly reduced to match the greatly reduced earning potential (now that the bonus meter and valor have been removed), I'm going to be screwed. I really wish I could use the Mega attacks, but those would just reduce the amount of points I get for my energy/inner fire. I understand why you did it. There were/are people who wanted this. But for me, the bonus meter and valor were at least ways that I could increase the amount of points I was getting and get more return for my time. Now I will be stuck slogging for minimal points for hours on end. Not looking forward to it, honestly.

          PS- Still not interested in the runic chests at those prices- if you're looking for feedback


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            It's way way worse than the bonus meter... But it does allow people to play less, so why not give both.

            1 attack is 4 energy and 1 inner fire gives you 100% bonus. So let's say 4 energy is 125 pts.. and 1 inner gives you 125, so 250 for the attack.

            So 80 energy (20 attacks) and 20 if with those would net you 5k pts. Essentially that is 40x a normal atk since a normal is 125 pts.

            ​​​​your mega is 100 energy and 20 if and gives 30x pts. So an extra 5 attacks worth of energy for 1250 pts less.

            now, the old super attacks were 5 atks of energy for 4 atks of pts... So 5 supers would be 100 energy, using 3 if per atk each uses would use 15 compared to your 20.

            With 100% valor, the old way would net 8750 pts with 100 energy and 15 if.. or 6850 if inner isn't doubling with the valor. Now you are giving us 3750 pts instead... That is ridiculous if that's the way it works because it's way worse than the old way.


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              Idk this all sounds ok to me, the game is full pay to win already, you are living a lie if u dont belive that. mega attacks look convenient and worth less then doing them normally. However in this particular event especialy it was often a game of inches and this just obliterates that... idk I was just happy they did away with bonus meter and valor, this was what destroyed the event in the first place.

              lol i would love to wager a lot of money that something will not work properly in the event some how, this is as sure as the sun with these bafoons.
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                If you do a normal attack you might win an additional bronze chest in the score screen, when you do a super attack quite often you get around 3 or 4 or even a gold chest. How does this new attack stack up I would be expecting 15-20 bronze chests on the score screen ( 5x super attacks ) is that a fair expectation?
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                  I guess 10%* valor just disappears? Kinda seems like they were forgotten?
                  also, seeing how I have obsidian dragons. Could you please let me know which dragon to equip evasion on? Or battle cry? Windwall ? Explosive shield? Fireball?
                  you want me to pay for runes, when you haven't even fixed the rune system? Maybe you should spend time fixing the game, instead of scamming players.

                  I foresee this event being a pile of junk. Full of glitches, prizes unobtainable.... Everything is back to normal!
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                  • Mechengg
                    Mechengg commented
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                    There wasn't a 50%, only 10% and 100%

                  • Dixwell
                    Dixwell commented
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                    Google kompu gacha...I already pay PG to gamble on getting things I can sometimes use, I don't plan to pay for crappy runes as well. Agree with this post. Fix the runes before you charge even more for them.

                  • laserlight
                    laserlight commented
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                    Mechengg, I think your both wrong. Screenshots on the support site show 25% and 100%.

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                  No thanks, I will stick with hustle and enjoy playing the game. This is just another money grab for PG lol