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    Good thing you didn't say final solution... But seriously, if you been around IT and gaming for more than a couple of years. You should know it's impossible to prevent all forms of cheating and exploits. A game is based on a series of rules and programmed mechanics...there will always be ways to bend or break the rules. It's almost impossible to create code free from bug/exploit(s), without doing a feature freeze and spending the rest of your life QA testing the code...

    Example: Code used for nuclear silos... :/
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      I'd love to get more help securing our system. The main bottleneck on that is recruting engineers with the proper skill set and convincing them to move to San Francisco and focus their energy working on war dragons security. It's not easy to get all the stars to line up. If you or anyone you know fits the bill, we'd love to talk to you. Apply here:


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        If you live in the USA and dont live in the SF bay area you are missing out! I couldent imagine living anywhere else in the country, just a recomendation hehe

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      CampusLifer you are my heroine (feminine hero not the drug). Not everyone who spends thousands of dollars are millionaires, half of my salary goes to my ex wife for child support for my 3 wonderful children, so giving PG as much of my remaining money is not a small thing, so please understand why I'm so frustrated.

      As as far as I know, my team does not have any cheaters but I'd gladly kick them to the curb if they are cheating.

      My my team has lost a lot of great players since we got squeezed out of Diamond 1 months ago, apparently due to the cheaters, and the core team is sticking together but it's been hard to convince players to stay. If the cheaters are all banned (hopefully in one fell swoop) then we will be able to climb our way back, but until then we are being held back despite the large amounts of money spent.

      We we just want this resolved so that we can compete once again in the top where we belong. Until then, we will continue to lose good players and continue to be frustrated by this.


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        I personally feel they are making great strides to get rid of the cheaters. I seriously doubt threatening lawsuits and/or continuously mentioning how much (or little, if we are being completely honest) you spend a month is going to make a difference on how your threats and allegations are received by not only the PG staff, but by us lowly players as well. If you can do better, then apply for their open job requisitions and accept a job with PG. I'd love to, but I'm just a novice programmer and California isn't my cup of tea. And it may SEEM like I'm following you around commenting on your threads and posts, but you have LITERALLY posted the same nonsense in EVERY thread you have commented on today, all the way down to accusing PG staff of trolling you on the forums, which is absolutely absurd, by the way. All I am trying to do is keep up with what is going on in the forums as there are a LOT of VERY good ideas in the forums, they just keep getting buried by nonsense rambling.