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Egg Missions During Breeding Event

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  • Egg Missions During Breeding Event

    Just wanted to say that eggs missions during breeding event are pretty much useless. If you're in platinum tier or higher, once you use all the tokens you have been saving during the month, you're pretty much done with the event in just a couple of minutes. All that left is doing repetitive missions for an amount of 300-500 tokens per day, which is equal to 15-25 points per day (when you need +1k points in between achievements)

    What about increasing the tokens amount considerably during breeding event (x4, x5) and decreasing the cooldown between missions?

    I think that would make this event more enjoyable and fun, instead of only going to the game, doing all your egg missions in 2 minutes, and then waiting hours for the next missions to be available. For the cooldown, just think about it... ---> 20 Hours cooldown for the 180+180 mission = 360 egg tokens = 18 points... <---- you see it? don't tell me you don't see it!

    I'm sure that if people don't have to wait that ridiculous amount of time for the only mission that worths your time (picking the best of the worst), this event would be more fun and more active than what actually is now. Think about waiting like 1 hour for the 360 tokens mission for example... ---> 1 hour cooldown for 360 tokens = lets say someone enters the game only 4 times a day between each hour = 720 tokens = 36 points <----... as you can see, still useless even if you drop the cooldown by 19 hours! That's why I suggest to increase considerably the amount of tokens earned during this event!

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    PGJared You said you're looking at increasing tokens to make it easier to move through tiers of dragons.

    Here's a good place to start! And don't just make it a special weekend thing. Increase the token payout x5 during this event, then when you reduce it make x3 the norm. That's how you can increase token availability.


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      They already offered u double token from extra reward tiers of divine dragons for past 2 seasons. They just increased egg tokens u get daily by double or more.

      Do u just want PG to put 1,000,000 tokens in ur account??? Will that make u happy??? Probably not


      • Drexion
        Drexion commented
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        He didn't say that but considering the obscene cost of dragons these days a x5 on the egg missions wouldn't hurt at all

      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        Daily token increase only helps if you're not losing wars.
        As for PG giving us all 1m tokens! Yep, sounds like a good deal right now! :-p

      • Isaiah264
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        It would make me pretty damn happy

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      You can speed up these missions with rubies right? That is what a bunch of our team members do. Here are the rules of thumb:

      20hr: Never speed up until they are under 4hr. When they are under 4hr they are better value than the 1hr missions
      4hr: Never speed up until they are under 2hr. When they are under 2hr they are better value than the 1hr missions
      1hr: Feel free to speed up at any time

      That gives the best value of tokens/ruby spent. Im currently doing a graph for proof of concept for these hour amounts listed above. I'll post when complete


      • Sabin76
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        Be sure to compare these to the absolutely hilarious exchange rate of rubies for tokens (pure).

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      Data points taken directly from in game users (me & my team). Much thanks to everyone who helped me gather data points instead of making me wait 20hrs.
      Data points were also taken during times of DOUBLE TOKENS. If you don't have double tokens, scale the Y axis up by a factor of 2 for all data points, it does NOT change any data trending or any of the points made here. It is still cheaper to speed up missions than purchasing tokens with rubies even if you don't have double tokens.

      Should also mention since i was a terrible engineer and didn't label the axis in the picture:
      X axis is time in hours
      Y axis is Ruby/Token

      Graph1: Overall Standardized Cost (Ruby/Token)
      This is the only time you will actually see the cost to purchase tokens outright without any effort. As you can see it is many times worse than speeding up even the longest missions and should NEVER be used

      Graph2: Scaled Y Axis Down
      To give you a better perspective with numbers over the whole 20hr time frame and give you numbers as to where rubies can be exchanged for tokens at a rate of 1:1 or lower

      Graph3: Zoomed in further
      This will give you a better idea of exactly where we are trying to optimize which missions to speed up and when. Clean graph in case you want to make your own notes/conclusions

      Graph4: Break Even Points
      Here is the breakdown:
      - The break even point will be speeding up a 1hr mission immediately after completing it. This can ALWAYS be done and this is the maximum cost we are shooting for
      - Follow this break even point across the whole graph and you can determine where this intersects the 4hr and 20hr mission lines. I have marked these on the graph
      - Speed up the 4hr and 20hr mission lines when they become a better VALUE (Ruby/token) than immediately speeding up the 1hr missions
      - Whenever i speed up a 4hr or 20hr mission, i immediately also speed up the 1hr at the same time. This way i can complete more missions with the same runs

      Tips for speeding up missions:
      - Have 1 dragon on your roster. I prefer Ember level 1 due to his healing time (20s) combined with his amount of damage he can deal with death Gaze
      - If you are purposely speed leveling a dragon, feel free to use him as well, just know that this will cost quite a few healing potions depending on how long you go for
      - Use appropriate mission bases:
      ..........Defeat X Bases - Use bases with no towers and no farms (will cost zero heals with red tier dragons)
      ..........Deal X Damage with _____ - Use base with high level farms only (this is where ember comes in handy vs other red tier dragons)
      ..........Defeat X _______ towers - Use an appropriate base with all level 1 towers (will cost zero heals with ember)
      ..........Loot X _____ - Swap out your ember dragon for a main raiding dragon, defeat the mission (will cost 1 heal)

      Following the steps above it is very time and cost effective to get the best bang for your buck in terms of tokens for your rubies on hand.

      Any questions feel free to let me know,

      Last edited by Mechengg; 07-28-2017, 10:44 AM.


      • DirtBanga
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        Yep - very nicely done, thanks Mechengg

      • Fenris
        Fenris commented
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        I don't have Ember. Do you have any other suggestion on wich dragons to use. I'm using Hext atm.

      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        My suggestion is to spend the 160 tokens and get ember and leave him at level 1.

        After that any red tier dragon will help with a lot of missions but for damage missions you might need to equip a death gaze add on spell when you hit ashzy

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      Take a look here.


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        What are some bases that have no towers? I found one before but now it is gone. Or a base with only farms? Also I cant find a base with all lvl 1 towers.


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          I think they might have reduced the number of different missions available all round. I feel like I haven't gone a day all week where I haven't had to do at least one "Destroy X Trebuchet" missions.
          It gets very annoying when you get the same mission over and over again, when not very many people have a large number of trebuchet on their bases.


          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            For what it's worth, I'm almost tempted to say that the missions of that style are based on the towers you currently have out in your base. I haven't had a treb out on my base in 10 months and have never gotten a treb mission. I get dark flak, ice, fire, Archer and lightning and those are the only towers I have. I have also never gotten a ballista mission, nor a cannon. So just something to possibly think about.

            I also heard about a similar thing one day randomly from one old teammate, that if you wanted certain style missions it was best to send your RSS to your team then store your entire base of all the towers you can to cut down on the RNG when doing many many missions in a row.

            Don't quote me on exactly how accurate this information is but it seems like there is a good chance it could have a smidge of validity.....

          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            I've done base and dragon reductions in the past in order to get lower missions.

            I don't have a base full of trebs, so I should also be seeing fire, ice, lightning, canon etc missions if your other theory works. Worth considering though.

          • Napk1n
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            I never had a treb or ballista in my base even from a lower level, and I have never seen a mission where I have to kill x number of trebs or ballistas. Until I read this I thought those missions just didn't exist at all, so yea I think your assumption is right.

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          Bumping up for new players to see for event coming up next week