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Flying Hauheset, what tactics do you use?

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  • Flying Hauheset, what tactics do you use?

    Just got him today finally, I am told he is one of the best and takes lots of skill to fly properly, so looking for pointers please.

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    I've only had him a month or so and he's been expert a week after I got him. Rage rage and more rage helps him tremendously. Couple pointers ...

    1. Watch out for blue mages. Take these out as fast as you can or sand them if needed. Once you've gone in to timeshift if there is a blue mage ahead it's possible to sand it but it's not the easiest thing in the world.

    2. There are times when sandin everything works better than using crumble twice and vice versa. The more you fly the better you'll learn when are where to do both.

    3. Sand the high level defenses and leave weak defenses unsanded. Pick your targets carefully. Once you pull back from timeshift you can pick off the targets you did not sand and go slowly through the sanded targets. Wait until you are almost passed a sanded defense and pick it off (similar to cloaking almost passed a defense).

    4. Just because you've initiated timeshift does not mean you have to pull yourself back. You can use it as a cloak like spell (no rage) and then fire right away or wait a second and then fire.

    5. When traveling through an island of sanded defenses do not be afraid to sand another defense that is already sanded. It can do some good damage and help when you need to rejuvenate your ammo.

    6. Similar to three. If you sand a low level defense it will kill it right away. Sanding a higher level will give you time to build rage.

    7. You can sand a front flak off the turn before it fires. Similar to this you can destroy a blue mage and initiate timeshift before that flak fires.

    8. Sometimes you may need to preload sand or crumble before you start the turn allowing you to build even more rage. And sometimes it's better to fire all your ammo away and then timeshift comin off a turn. It depends on the defenses you will face and how fast you need to enter timeshift.

    9. If you fire crumble off a turn to soon it will misfire and not land. It's not like a fireball or freeze or your normal ammo that you can begin using during the turning process.

    10. Do NOT be afraid to leave sanded defenses behind. Hauheset is a beast and can solo well above his AP. But sometimes it's just too much and better left for a second dragon to clean up what he's left behind than to tackle too much and leave half a base that isn't set up for a second dragon.

    11. Firing your ammo out of timeshift brings a cool down before you can use again. If you run into a blue mage while timeshifted you can initiate again immediately once you take the blue mage out. Say you missed the blue mage up ahead with sand ... then wait until it cancels out timeshift, fire and kill and renter timeshift. If you fire and kill the blue mage before it cancels you out you will have a cool down to use again. And most of the time you will be under heavy fire.

    12. Try to make sure you sand one of the last defenses on a Long Island. You can crumble the middle half and depending on rage regen fire off one more sand on a last defense. Pull yourself back and use that last sanded defense to help regen as much rage as possible.

    13. I love him. I have a teammate who hates him. I would say I'm okay to good with him. He's not very good with him (yet). He puts a whole new angle on bases and if you learn to fly him I promise you will love him. Stick with it. Try bases with little to no blue mages and try bases loaded with blue mages. Every base is possible with him, some are just easier than others.

    14. Fly, fly, fly and fly again. Fail, fail, fail, and fail again. No matter what I or someone else tells or shows you in a video actually flying him and trying him out is what will help the most. So stop reading (and probably not remembering half of this) and go fly him.


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      I posted the following to my team long ago, hope it helps.

      First, understand how time shift works. It is a complicated, three part spell.
      1) Invoking TS places you into a cloaked state where you can fire spells but cannot use normal hunter shots. You can fire spells until you encounter a blue, you fire a normal shot, or the timer runs out.

      2) Now the overrated part. Twice during each run, if you invoke TS again while TS is still active, it rewinds your position back to where you first activated it. You can now go through and kill all those towers you sanded the first time through. Generally speaking, don't do this until you're a full expert. And never do it twice.

      3) If you die while TS is active and you haven't rewound time twice, you get a second or two of overtime mega-shots similar to Havoc. During this time, Hau can do massive damage - but only if you have the shots!

      Point 3 is big. You want Hau to die! But you want Hau to die with a full load of shots. So when you get close to death, you must stop shooting. Wait to die, then blast away. You have to suppress your instinct to go down fighting. Wait for death! Hau embraces it!

      One thing about the sand spell - it is slow and blocks other shots or spells while travelling, so avoid firing it long distances.

      So, on to flying. First, Hau is a great lead dragon against big bases, but it requires a backer. It doesn't kill much, it just sands it. Once a tower is sanded, it is your backer's problem, don't hit it and just move on. Your goal is to fly the whole base, sanding all blues and as many other towers as you can. Make sure you know what your backer wants neutralized and hit those. You want to die on the last significant island of the base and use your overtime shots to kill a large portion of it.

      I basically use one of two approaches on each island

      1) On the first long, you might be able to lock the first two towers. At that point your progress is slowed and you can sand or blast your way through in relative safety. Don't try this with a pile of 50s though.

      2) On other islands, sand any blues and then invoke TS. While cloaked, sand anything dangerous, focussing on the back of the island as that is where you'll be when the timer runs out. As you get to the end of the island, blast down to take out towers from above (standard cloaking attack).

      In truth, most bases are not this convenient, but some combination of these can work. The big thing I watch for is blue mages on the back half of the Long Island. Know where they are so you can hit them from as far away as possible. You can hit them before they hit you, but it can be tight.


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        Cool thanx for the tips, having a blast with her! She is the exiting toy that has prety much salvaged the game for me for now!


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          Just sand shit


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            I try not to die. It usually doesn't work very well but it's a sound strategy.


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              I can just image how OP Hau must have been when he first came out. Back then the max tower level was what, 40? (50=emerald, 45=garnet, 40=sapphire?)


              • EmrahT
                EmrahT commented
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                And imagine that there was no flak or probably totem.... depend on situation he was a beast....
                And he still is... A Hauhaset at obsidian tier would let all be outclassed probably Because of sand and timeshift.

                But surely runes and skill is as important as dragon

              • War fan
                War fan commented
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                There was no flak, but there were totems.