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where's the increase in value pack contents?

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  • where's the increase in value pack contents?

    weren't we told previously that as new towers, new tower levels, and new tiers of dragons are released that PG increases the quantity of items in the value packs accordingly?

    of course other payouts should increase as well, such as daily league payouts, egg token missions, personal and team prizes, etc

    it just seems like they keep introducing new content that costs more and more yet they give us less and less...

    and by "seems like" I mean it's proven with data and screenshots comparing what stuff costs previously and the prizes and chest contents being nerfed.

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    But then PG couldn't us as hard. 🙄
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      And when has PG ever kept to their word? When they released the garnet tier 3 months after sapphire, PGJared said it was too soon. He also said that they would look into not doing it again. Now they release obsidian 3 months after emerald and they are defending the hell out of it. So why should they ever keep to their word?

      CampusLifer EggToken


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        Do not blame PG. They are doing what the market supports. Blame the whales for ridiculous unlimited spending.


        • Goober
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          I blame them all. Including the hackers for inflating the numbers.

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        PGJared said that value pack contents would increase each season. They did last season but not this season


        • Goober
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          Jared also has no actual power on what is decided. Too many times admins have said something that ended up being totally false in the end. Like when we were told that releasing garnet so soon after sapphire was a mistake and they would work on it not happening again. Now there's obsidian tier only 3 months after garnet.

        • ITIL
          ITIL commented
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          You're pretty much shooting the messenger; he leads PX. It could easily be that the game lead decided to pivot, or for all we know, TenCent squashed a bunch of plans. I'd doubt PG employees would be at liberty to confirm anyway :P

        • Dravoz
          Dravoz commented
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          It's his responsibility to get the necessary approvals and buy-in before he makes promises to the community. If things change, it's his responsibility to provide clear and timely communication to us.

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        A US$100 pack gets me f all at my level (256). $100 is still a good amount of money as far as I'm concerned, but we're getting nowhere near $100 in value. Opening chests with the rubies that buys might get me enough timers for two or three building upgrades, enough tokens for maybe 1/5 of a garnet dragon, and enough sigils for one or two additional steps on my current season line. 100 levels ago, quite a different story. PGJared do you really think that 'value packs' represent good value for players over level 200?


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          Hi. I wasn't involved in said announcement or honestly remember it.

          fwiw, if you look at the posts I make, I am extremely careful about making commitments of anything unless I'm 99.9% sure we can deliver on. e.g., I'll never say we'll do something until I'm sure it's pretty much almost already live. I personally try to make a point of never guaranteeing something will/won't happen far in the future --- it's really hard to commit to what is going to happen far from now when different sets of people are making decisions. This may make me come off as a difficult person --- it's much easier to say "oh yes, we're going to do the thing which makes you happy". But I personally try very hard never to put myself in a place where I've lied. I try to underpromise and overdeliver.

          e.g., last night when we had a bug I respond people's posts by saying "we released something which intends to fix the problem" as opposed to "we just rolled out a fix". because i really really think it will work (i tried the fix on my own game), but i'm not 100% certain it fixed the problem for everyone.

          On the specific subject -- I don't think very hard about value pack contents. Speaking from a completely personal standpoint without putting much thought into it, I don't believe the contents should be better over time. We (and I personally) spent literally years tuning how the game economy works for new players -- I wouldn't want to mess with it unless it's done super carefully. Doing it super carefully is a hard project requiring lots of manhours --- feels like the wrong place to be putting our energy.
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          • Mechengg
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            Shut up Gaza and don't give them any ideas on how to pillage us for more money!! What are you even thinking?!

            Also $25k USD, not everybody (or anybody in their right mind for that matter) has the ability or desire to spend that on a game. Keep it in your pants with the measuring contest btw.

            Sorry if i come across as excitable right now, but the thought of someone who has spent $25k on a game trying to suggest "fair game play" has got me worried here. A lot.

          • Jeff8682
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            This is a person who doesn't have to spend on the game as they work there and who has a vested interest in the game making more as they write their pay checks. Did anyone actually expect a different answer? Lol.

          • gaza8143
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            Mechengg they are not pillaging us - this game is pretty fair compared to others. We pay to be entertained no different that the movies or anything else you chose to spend your entertainment dollars on.

            One guy on my GoW team was the 5th player in the world to spend 1 MM USD on a computer game now that is out of control.

            While I regret spending that much in 6 months I do think a nice holiday with the family for 25k would of been all over in 4 weeks. So I guess 6 months of entertainment vs 1 month probably isnt terrible.

            Lucky for me most of this money is from my Ethereum mining rigs so its 'funny' money anyway. If you want to generate a slush fund I recomend jumping on board thr crypto currency band wagon.

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          Im not spending another dime on this game again untill i see some scaling, especialy for tokens and mystics! Im even hoarding gold chests now, they are just junk that gets mkre and more useless.


          • Frequincy
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            Great idea!!! I will follow suit

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          Originally posted by CampusLifer View Post
          We (and I personally) spent literally years tuning how the game economy works for new players -- I wouldn't want to mess with it unless it's done super carefully. Doing it super carefully is a hard project requiring lots of manhours --- feels like the wrong place to be putting our energy.
          I can believe that you did spend a significant amount of time tuning the economy FOR NEW PLAYERS - but what we're talking about here is level 200+ players, of which there are rapidly growing numbers, and I'm certain that levels that high were not considered much at all when the packs were introduced. Same as the way the RSS transfer cap of 229k is reached at level 180 or thereabouts, but players at 200+ can easily have storage approaching 1.5 million, and dragons needing almost that much food.

          Also, no, it's not really that hard of a project requiring tons of energy to achieve, it's a simple case of small non-game-breaking tweaks one step at a time. If lumber and food can be scaled then so can other items in packs and chests, I'm sure. Just try, for example, adding a few tens of extra egg tokens first, see what happens. If PG HQ explodes in a fireball then it obviously didn't work, but as that's unlikely, why not give it a go?